Meditation Third Eye

Meditation on the Third eye

1. Go through a relaxation of the body (see previous meditations) seating upright or cross-legged.

The Third Eye, Buddha statute

2. Imagine a large eye in your heart chakra, connect with and feel your soft smiling heart energy.

3. Raise the eye to the middle of your forehead inside your skull. Feel your soft smiling energy.

4. Extend your sensations to your body sitting there and to the layers of energy fields that surround you, whilst maintaining a focus on your third eye, and ‘see your body and energy fields’ with your imagination. The trick here is to allow your imagination ‘to see’ without your controlling the images.

5. Continue to expand with your senses to include your surroundings as far as you can imagine.

6. The aim of the exercise is to be ‘present’ in one’s body, to be connected with one’s heart as well as with one’s imagination and one’s surrounding. If you become aware of tensions within your body give the command to the relevant muscles “relax” and sense yourself letting go of the tension.

7. Whilst cultivating serenity and awareness of self and environment, there will be times when images, emotions, and or thoughts may surface, allow the images to express themselves, they don’t have to make sense. Resist none of your inner images, thoughts or emotions, for ‘what we resist persists’. The aim is to be a detached observer. These different states are all part of you, You are more than them.

8. You may choose to alternate your focus from ‘outside your body’ to ‘inside your body’, especially if you are aware of some organs or tissues not working properly or damaged in some way.

For example, let’s assume that you have leaky gut syndrome, and we will assume that it is food related, (although it could also be due to an ileo secal valve dysfunction, where the valve is stuck open and wrong bacteria is backwashing from the large intestine to the small intestine).

We will also assume you have already cut out all the damaging seed oils, lectins, or drugs that may have contributed to the initial damage, and bearing in mind that you are taking all the required vitamins and minerals to repair the intestinal wall.

Leaky-gut syndrome, epithelial damage

You will still have quite a few months for your body to repair the damage. So, bearing all this in mind….

9. Your focus goes inwards, your imagination sees the whole of your intestines, you narrow your focus to the damaged area (don’t have to be 100% specific) allow your imagination to display the present state of damage in your intestines as though you are looking at a building site within the tunnel.

Have the intention of repairing worker cells come from all parts of your body travelling to work via the bloodstream; with the workmen allow your imagination to give the workmen a shape with perhaps building hats. (They could have different colour hats/clothes according to their job skill. 

Imagine a large vat of nutrients at the building site, which are being mixed as a cement mixture. Some of the white cell workmen will remove and clear the damaged cells from the walls, others will hoover up the fallen debris for recycling so that the site is kept clean, then others will come in like bricklayers, and they will brick up the damaged areas with cells and nutrient cement. 

When the bricklayers are finished you could imagine some plasterers coming in with large tubs of loving /feeling /acceptance energy. See them; feel them plastering the inner walls of your intestines.

Give your imagination full reign, watch, FEEL and sense the movie.  In the end, acknowledge that the damage was caused by yourself through ignorance and henceforth you will treat your body more wisely and kindly. Feel grateful to your body for what it does for you.

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