Self-discovery retreats in 2025

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The structure of these retreats

In 2025 we will limit each group to 6/7 people.

They will come for one weekend a month for 6 months, and after two years of experience in the world, they will come back for another 3 weekends.

The initial commitment will be for 3 weekend retreats, assuming that the group has “jelled” and is collectively in agreement to carry on, there will be a further commitment for 3 more weekend retreats.

I need to emphasize that these retreats will only be suitable for participants who are free of ALL Western Medical drugs. Have not taken any antipsychotic drugs for at least 6 years And they do not engage in Recreational drugs. Ideally, they will be consuming a maximum of one glass of wine or beer a month, if any.

If you truly think that you are ready but, have some present physical problems, as a result of which, you experience yourself compelled to take Western medical drugs, then by all means get in touch. I do my best to keep my list of private clients manageable these days but WILL make an exception to help bring you back to a healthier state if that is going to be possible and you are truly ready.

Whilst humanity is riddled with deep suffering, only those who are committed to freeing themselves need to apply. ~Charley will be the final arbiter of who belongs in which group, if any. I don’t wish to sound harsh but to begin with, ‘We’, will focus on those who will have the will and fortitude, to walk through the desert and climb the mountain.

These people will become part of the beachhead of an expanding consciousness that in time will spread like wildfire through 2/3 of humanity.

Dates – 4 groups in 2025

  1. 1st weekend every month from January ’25 to June ’25
  2. 3rd weekend every month from January ’25 to June ’25
  3. 1st weekend every month from July ’25 to December ’25
  4. 3rd weekend every month from July ’25 to Nov’25 because of the festivities 2nd weekend in December ’25

The structure of the weekend

You may arrive anytime after 2 pm on Friday, we will commence at:

Friday 5 pm – 7 pm

Saturday 9 am to 6 pm.

Sunday 9 am -1 pm.

I have become aware that some of you will come from other countries, It will be possible for an extended stay with us, Please get in touch to discuss your requirements should that be your interest. We are in a lovely part of Scotland, close to the sea with forests behind the property as well as wild fields around.

I am interested and believe myself ready, what do I do?

Get in touch with me and we will arrange a 30-minute Zoom you can go to my contact page and from there you can either fill in the form or send me a message in telegram. I would not recommend waiting until the last minute to contact me. Do it now, and prepare yourself No serious athlete enters a competition without serious preparation beforehand.

The cost

If you are not an adult who takes responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and deeds, then you are not ready. Please be advised this is not a game for emotionally fickle people. The group will be relying on you as much as you on them. If you are accepted, and you commit, then you commit, not just for yourself but for the rest of the group.

£350 per weekend and you will be a guest in our home. A deposit of at least 3 months in advance of £350 with the remainder two months in advance. There will be no refunds. Unfortunately, the world can conspire and accidents will happen. In such a case, your payment will be deferred for the following year in a different group (in such a situation, should it arise, please note that you would need to pay the difference for any increases in fees.)

Health and Dietary requirements

Please make a list of your medical history and present level of health ready for our zoom meeting, also another list for your diet, what can you eat, what you will eat, and what you won’t, or can’t eat.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, bring loose clothing to relax in, and leave your expectations at the door.