Our future begins with our past 1

The Ancients

Or the True Humans had, themselves, been spliced by a previous race of wise and enlightened beings more than 76 billion years back in another galaxy over 195,000 light years away from ours.

They were impressive physical specimens, 8 feet high and wide of shoulders. Beautiful in their symmetrical body structure and appearance with a youthful look right up to the end of their long-lived lives, totally hairless, with what we would call a Mediterranean complexion.

 An extremely long-lived race of spiritually and technologically advanced people. With an average life span of 31,000 years, had, after 21 billion years stopped procreating.

They were dying out. Their Genetic DNA had been cultivated since time immemorial, and they were loathed to let such a vehicle for Soul experience in the physical world disappear.

They had found a suitable species that were humanoid. This humanoid race was also hairless, apart from a large mane of hair down the back of their necks and their tail. They had a distinctive characteristic of almond shape eyes and a slightly protruding face, allowing them for greater side vision.

Their Technological development by earth standards would be the Middle Ages.  They were gracious and gentle people who felt the reality of the one God and ITS love permeating to all.  With a life span of approx 150years and a world population of approx 45 million, they lived in harmony with all.

The Ancients made contact with this race, and they came to an agreement. For the next 2500 years, the Ancients Would Share their knowledge and understanding of the universe. In the process, they would splice their own DNA into all new babies for the next 150 years. The Ancients had with them non-biological sentient beings capable of feeling, empathy and like the Ancients capable of telepathic communication. These (robot)-beings would take on the task of tuition with all new children.

For the next 12,500, This new race of True humans evolved and physiologically changed to look more and more like the Ancients, apart from the height which remained at around 5’7” feet.

A Different, non-humanoid DNA had also developed 50 light years away from the True humans. These beings, with hard leathery skin and unblinking eyes we would describe as being closer to a reptilian and had recently gained the technology for space travel.

This reptilian race was warmongering, not particularly cruel but quite ruthless in their determination to rule all they were in contact with, for they saw themselves as the pinnacle of creation. It so happened that their exploring spacecraft had found their way to the True Human’s world.

The encounter between the two alien cultures was shocking for the reptilians as there was no language in common, the True Humans welcomed them telepathically. The shock and horror of such an intrusion into their secret thoughts were hard to accept. They pretended peacefulness and beguiling curiosity, imagining that they could compartmentalize their true ambitions, for this was a power-mad culture of Machiavellian plotting for advancement.

They made their excuses as soon as was practicable and headed back home. However, the True Humans were not deceived. They had seen to the very depths of this warrior culture, no thought had been missed, and filled with sadness they knew what must be done.

What they had witnessed in these reptilian minds was their incapacity to acknowledge that the True Humans, who were clearly their technological and mental superiors with their mind communicating abilities, were benign.

In their fear, this reptilian race was determined to eradicate each and every single one of them.  This course of action would be taken once they reported back to their home world.  The True Humans, had 31 years before the reptilian armada came towards their home world, blazing with every missile they could throw from a distance, to announce their approach.

Life had been good for the True humans in their paradise world, now they only had one choice, for ‘what we resist persists ‘. And the universe was more than big enough for the two races.

The True Humans metaphorically turned the other cheek, and for the next 30 years built spaceships large enough to contain their whole population in preparation for a Diaspora to another galaxy.

They were aided in this endeavour by a veritable army of non-organic sentient beings,  many of whom repositioned their processing brains to be the heart of each spacecraft.

The 30 years soon passed, and they were practically ready, their world population had remained steady at around 41 million and the 13 mother ships they had created would safely carry them all away from the approaching genocidal race.

Unbeknown to the reptilians, the greatest power of the True humans wasn’t their technology, but their minds and hearts. They could feel and with their minds see their approach from just over 2 light years away.  With not a moment to lose and without a backward glance, they were gone towards the chasm that separates the galaxies.

The reptilian armada, in their primordial fear and anxiety, let loose every weapon in their armoury that could be discharged from the greatest distance. These were world-destroying weapons that encountered no opposition.  As the reptilian horde approached, they felt complete satisfaction as they gazed at the wreckage of a world that no one could possibly have survived.

And so the true humans in ships the size of cities that were completely self-sufficient, raced across the void to reach our galaxy 992 years later, having travelled 195,000 light years. The life expectancy of these true humans had increased to approx 500 years, only their children, grandchildren and non-biological sentient beings got to experience the security of being amongst new stars.

  The Ancients had shared their method of creating food out of vats with specialized bacteria. With hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe and electricity, they could manipulate matter to create hydrocarbons to feed the bacteria. The end results were bars of energy that contained all the necessary nutrients, fats, and proteins to maintain a being in a state of health.

The downside?  Perhaps from our perspective. It is that their physiology was altering fast to reflect the Ancients.

They had no need of toilets, apart from passing water, their anus had shrivelled to nothing and the tube was practically shut. The eating of these energy bars left no residue to be excreted, and the bacteria used in the breakdown and transformation, when dead, were themselves broken down and reabsorbed with any fluids and salts in the first two parts of the ascending and transverse colon.

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