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I am the narrator,  a man, approaching my 70s, there is nothing special about me, apart from knowing that I will die in March 2046 in southern Spain, in the company of a few other enlightened souls. For this will be our final sacrifice on this Earth, for the benefit of 7000+ Souls who will wake up to their fate at their last moment.

I know this because I am in daily communication with an Intelligence that is within all of us.

Whilst this is on the surface. Perhaps a fictional story? You will decide for yourself if there is any truth to this. The present world population of 7.9 billion people will, within the next five years, stop growing, within 10 years it will be down to 7.1 billion and within 25 years it will have gone down to 6.3 billion.

And so, my Inner intelligence, some would call a Soul, has shared with me that I, amongst another 2119,  were chosen to be messengers, to help others to awake to the impending cataclysm that will destroy our world in March 2046.  And it is my calling to alert as many as will listen to how we need to prepare, for help is at hand.

It is unfortunate that many other messengers who awakened to the calling did so as channellers, mediums, or religious figures, and the information coming through them was tainted by their own belief systems. This has meant many false crying of “Wolf”  in the past 40 years or so.

You might say, what is different about you? Doesn’t your ego, and your belief systems, get in the way? Possibly, although, my method of communicating with my Soul is far more direct and immediate.  This has only been possible late in my life after I cleared my ego of most of my childhood traumas, and ‘it’ was relegated to its proper role of servant rather than master.

I could tell you that there are competing forces on this earth today. That there are forces that would keep us enslaved in fear,  determined to deny us our birthright as creative beings, capable of generating a beautiful and loving civilization. Through fear, we stop thinking clearly and we most definitely inhibit ourselves from feeling our connection to love and ultimately God beyond.

Apocalyptic destruction has been around the corner for centuries, I think it must be in our racial memory. I have already mentioned that at present there are supposed to be 2120 messengers on this planet, who are tasked with linking a cataclysm to come and the alien agenda.

Unfortunately, some of them have not made it to the party. 231 Souls from other planets, due to unforeseen circumstances, have not been born, and another 431 have yet to awaken to themselves and their mission.

Some of them have been in the Christian community, they talk of Ascension, end of the world stuff, going to Heaven, and only those who have taken God into their Hearts will be ascended. Others are mediums or channels, and they speak of changing Earth densities, such as moving from 3D to 4D or 5th-dimensional Density.

The problem as always is that information is interpreted according to the individual’s belief systems, and dare I say tainted by them.  So we end up with potentially true but distorted information. There is always catch-up, and we end up being disdainful of prophecies or if we take them seriously, then misguided, easily influenced, or tin foil hat crackpots.

It has taken a long time to move beyond the Christian 19th century vision, of humanity only having been around for 6000+ years, after the spare ribs debacle that has led to the present population explosion.  Despite the archaeological suppression that has been going on for so long, we are starting to appreciate that there were indeed previous civilizations and that some sort of cataclysm must have occurred.

Science is waking up, despite those attached to present theories about the nature of the universe. There is a much greater awareness of the cyclical nature of the Sun, and many more telescopes and satellites are explicitly directed at the Source of all life on this planet.

Rumblings are coming through, of periodical almost mathematical instabilities from the Sun that affect our weather, our magnetic field, and mini Nova burps with the devastating potential to extinguish life on Earth as we know it.

When I began to get information about a future impending Cataclysm from the Intelligence within, I sort of half believed it.  Was I deluding myself? I needed corroboration, so I asked others to be my guinea pigs in muscle testing them to ask their Intelligence Within for clarification. They all told me the same story.

There was one person that when I asked for permission I was told that this person was not ready and I had to desist. In hindsight, it became clear that one’s level of Soul integration is a very important barometer of receptivity. If the overall level of Soul integration is below 20 % there is too much inherent fear to go there.

There is no way to mince words and make them palatable. What I now share comes straight from the Source within Me and others, and there are very good reasons for what I am about to communicate.  In the year March 2046, there will be a solar outburst/magnetic reversal that will temporarily stop the spin of the Earth with huge tsunami waves that will create havoc approaching extinction levels on this Earth.

 This cataclysm that occurs with unending regularity just shy of every 13,000 years has been levelling civilizations and sending us back to the Stone Age forever. We know from geological records this has happened before, about 6 times in the last 150,000 years, but young people believe that death will never come, so we struggle with the idea that it will happen to us.

Right now as I write there are 167 spaceships,  4 are on the Venus surface, 119 are on the dark side of the Moon, 9 are behind Saturn, 4 are on a Saturn moon, 25 are inside Jupiter, and 6 are on a Jupiter Moon.

True Humans are here

Who are these alien beings? The ones that are here in the 167 spacecraft are genetically humanoid similar to us, some are similar in makeup to others but not all. They have assembled from 7 planets; the farthest has come from 2,714 light-years away. 

 This race, with an average lifespan of 460 years, spent 14.6 years to reach here with 156 spaceships; they have been waiting for the past 17 years for they know what is going to occur. You may well ask why they came 45 years before the party begins. When we consider the sheer distance and logistics of such a journey, it makes sense to me not to leave at the last minute!

Folks, this is Love on a scale beyond our egocentric imaginings. Half their world population is on those ships, to put it in our meagre perspective, it is a call with the same heroic determination and similarity but, on a much grander scale to the one in Dunkirk in WW2; where every boat that could cross the channel went to save the trapped soldiers on French soil. 

This self-sacrifice of almost 100 years, from start to finish, is of a scale and sentiment our little self-centred egos will struggle to appreciate.  For humanity is at best parochial, and we are not used to thinking beyond our little group. We don’t know this, but these races are our genetic kin.

Let me give you some figures to bring this home to you. Each of these spaceships is capable of holding 51 million beings, in a space that is 7 miles wide and just under 1 mile deep.  It requires 8.1 million beings to maintain and to be ready to guide and berth as efficiently as possible. The 38.5 million humans will need to be uplifted and manoeuvred as quickly as possible into their cabins on the spacecraft. The other 4.4 million is reserved for the Alien families, for they will be gone from their homes for far too long.

The quarters will be relatively cramped, but there is space in the ships, especially for parks. The walls will act as screens as and when required to either show the space beyond the spacecraft or images of one’s choice to create a sense of spaciousness.  Food is grown from bacteria but contains all the nutrients, -not tasty to our palates but nourishing, and will keep humans healthy. There will be much to learn, everyone will be provided with a personal sentient Artificial intelligence to aid in the learning.

Telepathic communication is preferred, and not impossible to acquire. In my case by focussing on love and appreciation for my wife as part of my last five minutes before sleep, I soon noted in our daily routines that my wife’s mind and mine were in sync and I pretty much knew what she would say before speaking. Love with an open heart allows us to vibrate or resonate in tandem with others. As I say, much to learn.

The ships have internal gravity. Whilst they do not ‘stop on a dime’ you will not sense the acceleration or deceleration within the ship. They also have sentient computers that control and navigate the ships; each mother ship is a sentient feeling computer also capable of telepathy and in tune with the wishes of the alien beings.

Their source of energy is electrons, these can be picked up from the emanations of planetary atmospheric interactions or even stellar bodies like the Sun, which their spacecraft can approach with impunity. Their spacecraft are like giant batteries, beyond our technological comprehension.

When you think of how far our technology has advanced in one hundred years, it is presently impossible for us to truly contemplate the nature of their technology, which is around 15,000 years ahead of ours.

There is no social hierarchical order, consensus when needed is quickly arrived at telepathically. For one thing, the quest for power is based on fear/insecurity and perceived survival threats.  When we perceive the world as reflections of ourselves we stretch out with love and kindness.

There are different life forms that consider them enemies, (these are neither humanoid nor reptilian) but this arises out of envy, for ‘our close to distant cousins’ have technology beyond their reach as well as life span.

Light and darkness is the inevitable nature of our universe, even at the level of stars and galaxies. With abundant Love comes abundant energy, for internal abundance is invariably reflected externally, and the desire of accumulating personal wealth is irrelevant. There are also, sentient non-biological and capable of feeling beings, ready to help as and when required. 

Love for family and love for all is there in equal measure. There is no need for the human social construct of this planet of masters and slaves. Our economies are geared to seduce others to spend their meagre resources, borrow beyond their means and descend to the level of economic slaves.  For in a world like ours without self-love, vampires, and prey are the norms.

These beings are not perfect, but to us, they may as well be, for they understand the power we hold in creating our realities, and, that the surrounding universe is always a reflection of ourselves. This is the real reason why they all come to help us, for in helping us, spiritually devolved descendants of once-great souls, they are helping a part of themselves.

And this is the very existential clue as to our ascension up the ladder of soul integration, as well as freedom from pain and suffering. Every person, animal as well as the environment that we inhabit, that we have a relationship with, however tenuous, will reflect back to us a part of our own psyche.

Surprisingly (to me), these beings have no ‘ego’.  I can only surmise that communicating via telepathy from the moment of birth pretty much obviates such a need. When our minds and feelings are available to all what is there to fear?

This is a very important point to accept and understand since we all create our immediate reality, and our perception of it is a reflection of our internal psychological, emotional, and feeling makeup; there is just no way that someone with a lot of trauma, that exists in a world of pain, fear and negativity, will ever be able to go into any of the spaceships, not because they would not be welcomed but because their perceptions of reality are mutually exclusive.

Another interesting fact, they do not have relationships like we do. They come together to raise a family, but once done they live by themselves, unlike human beings they are psychologically complete in themselves and they are invariably connected to the group.

They do not need to be loved. That well is full.  They feel deep love for themselves and the group, as well as for the whole of the human species. Connection to the ‘Maker of ALL’ is where their focus lies.

The Alien Beings from the nearest planet 26.6 light-years distant from our Earth arrived just over 2 years ago from the time I am writing these words, with 2 space ships. The Journey took them just over 40 days. 

They have an average life span of 556 years and they also have just fewer than 3.5 million crew + humanoid sentient ‘robots’. They come from a planet of approx. 460 million beings and they have room to comfortably accommodate approx. 1.5 billion more. Their procreation is very slow as they more or less have just one to two children each in their lifetime.

There are other spacecraft specially designed for the animal kingdom and birds, these will respond to telepathic communication to join them in the crafts a bit like Noah’s boat in the Old Testament, not sure about the 2 by two though. Enough fish life is expected to survive to reproduce and repopulate the seas.

 I have just been given some of the above information and I am curious as to their travelling speeds. I suppose there is a small part of me, getting smaller by the day, that still questions the veracity of the information I am receiving, I keep questioning my sanity, for I expect everyone else will! I have just done the calculations for the travelling speeds of the crafts from the farthest away planet, as well as the closest. The farthest away travelled at an average speed of 0.49 of a light-year per day, the closest took 40 days at an average speed of 0.66 light-years per days, and I am now told that apparently, they have a theoretical maximum of .75 light years per day.

I thought about this and decide the information is congruous and makes sense to me, after all, who doesn’t make pit stops for fuel, or to explore some scenery or other, on a 14+ years-long journey?

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