1. The Physical- I Have

The Root chakra or physical Chakra has a mantra word that defines its purpose ‘I HAVE’, as well as a colour ‘RED’.

1. Root Chakra Energy Field

In life, in these physical bodies, we need security, whether it be physical i.e. food shelter, emotional, such as companionship, or mental, such as knowledge to make sense of our environment.

Basic security for the physical body begins with a healthy system, and I hate to say this, but we have been sold short in our culture, for ignorance on how to take care of our bodies is rife, and as a result, we unwittingly make ourselves sick.

The aim of my sharing with you some of my understanding of the Chakras is to give you tools to help yourself to be healthier physically, emotionally and mentally.

So, since the topic here is the physical body let’s begin with breath, for most people breathe wrongly, and in the next page, I will explain how to help yourself to breathe effectively, for without your body breathing the way it is meant to be by nature you will never achieve true health.

I will follow this with essential vitamins that we all need and are unlikely to have in sufficient quantities as part of one’s usual diet.

Nutrition and what foods we eat, some of which are making most of us ill I will touch upon under healthy eating – nutrition

Lastly on this page meditation to release tensions in the body I will share with you an important basic meditation (that we will all profit from mastering), to release tensions, and begin the process of being one with your body.

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