I am pleased to share that after nearly 70 years on this Earth, I finally have something truly wonderful to offer. I am sorry it took me so long to be effective, really effective. Not just by dealing with aches and pains, But by the appreciation that as human beings, we can not be reduced to a symptom and expect real resolution.

We are complex human beings and healing needs the bringing together of the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual. I will let the testimonials of some of my clients speak for me.

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Testimonials from clients

~Trauma and levels of ego-soul integration.~

I am writing these 6 months after the first time I met Sal. I had asked him what he did for work and he showed me by raising my arm and proving to me that here was something beyond western Science understanding. There and then I knew I needed his help.

In the second session, we worked using levels of ego-soul integration, I learned that there were skeletons in the back of my mind, and emotions all the way to childhood that were holding me back in the present.  When I walked out of that session, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and strangely refreshed.

He has an uncanny knack for ferreting internal conflicts both from my past as well as the present and as we deal with them, I keep growing. ~Bob P


During my last session with Sal, he asked me to touch points on my body as we focussed on my childhood, and I found myself overwhelmed with sadness as the memories of past emotions took over.

However, it became apparent these emotions are also in the present. I felt myself almost in a childlike state, as though Sal was communicating with my Inner Child. I had a resounding feeling of relief after the session, I felt I had let go of something I couldn’t put my finger on ~K.D.


Whilst I can hardly comprehend the methods or the vast knowledge & gift that Sal has to offer, it makes so much sense to me that any emotional or physical blockages within our body can create pain, anxiety & progressive illness.

Sal seems to fathom all of these entities with a most calming persona.

I know little about chakras & acupuncture, but on occasions, as he is treating me he tells me to put my hands on certain places in my body. I have experienced incredibly powerful emotions that came ‘out of the blue’, leaving me quite exhausted from the intensity for a day or two; but feeling more enlightened & understanding of myself.

I never cried for years, somehow being with Sal brings my emotions to the surface. ~H. Innes


I have seen Sal for a short while now, already I have noticed positive changes in my wellbeing. Initially, I hoped to improve my low levels of energy.

With Sal’s help, these have improved, and as an added bonus my sleeping has got a lot better too.

I wasn’t expecting to deal with childhood traumas. Working with Sal is to go on a Journey, whereby I have released previous blockages that have allowed me to feel more grounded emotionally, and I don’t feel so up and down.

It’s great to have an open discussion with Sal, and gain a different perspective. ~(I wish to remain anonymous)



When I first started visiting Sal, I was unsure what to expect. I hoped seeing someone of his experience and abilities might lead to a better sense of well-being.

Sal has worked on my health, emotions and physical well-being. Each session I have learned something new. I have found myself to be a better person. I have learned with him to be honest with myself. With his direction and guidance, I feel I have overcome things that have kept me wrapped up emotionally for years.

I am sleeping better, I am more positive and generally feel a stronger sense about myself. I have built a strong trust for Sal and I look forward to seeing him. ~Gordon


 In this one session with Sal we were working on a sensitive area of my inner left thigh, no matter how much we worked on it,it was still tender. Sal changed tack, he shared that there was emotional trauma in the thigh.

Using levels of soul integration, he worked out that it was connected to a traumatic experience I had as a 14-year-old (I am now 48) when I crashed my bike and landed on the left knee, and was narrowly missed by a double-decker bus and ended in hospital.

We then addressed the trauma of the event with levels of soul integration and consoled my younger self there and then. The experience was nothing short of miraculous. ~GP

After a few sessions with Sal, my wife and I have made some changes to our diets, have pretty much cut out stimulants, are taking supplements, have addressed some early traumas, and have been getting on much better, eg little things like talking to each other in a more respectful way. ~GP


This client already accomplished in Kinesiology in her own right saw my holiday retreat advert, and immediately made arrangements, and stayed with us. This is what she told me “When I first saw the advert I knew I was meant to come and see you”

This is what she wrote to others on FB, apart from being very effusive about our location: “Sal’s treatments will blow your mind can’t recommend highly enough” and in a testimonial to me she later added. I was lucky enough to have two treatments with Sal, and felt a huge leap in my higher consciousness. ~Annette


Sal has resolved many of my long-term issues on a physical level, has highlighted nutritional deficiencies & food sensitivities, but most profoundly, has worked on and released long-held emotional issues that have held me back throughout my life. 

He has a fascinating life story that has led to a journey of self-development and breadth of knowledge, which he brings to his consultations.  He has a deep understanding of the effects of emotional pain causing physical pain, is intuitive as well as knowledgeable, and is excellent at explaining what he does and why.  I can’t recommend him highly enough. ~L O


~Food – digestion problems~

I was on the verge of being a type two diabetic, my diet was terrible, and I had pains in parts of my body that no one had previously associated with certain foods I had been eating.  I was overweight,  and have lost over 2 stone in weight.  Sal has helped me mentally, emotionally, and physically, I am now free, I play football with my son and enjoy what challenges life brings. ~Bob P


I am in my third week of the carnivore diet advised by Sal. Have lost 5 kilos

Right away, within the first week I noticed my digestive issues were predominantly gone! I had a lack of energy that I addressed with Sal after the first week, and he advised me on homoeopathic remedies and supplements.

Before coming to Sal I suffered from headaches, stomach pains, and sinus issues. I haven’t had any since, and my skin and complexion is improving. ~K.D.


~”I now have had 3 sessions with Sal, The first one was interesting, Sal put me on a diet as I am overweight (25 st).

The 2nd. session was more relaxing as we spoke of my youth and the problems I had had, as well as his doing acupuncture and relaxing my mind.

The 3rd. was a lot of acupuncture, by the end of the session I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep. I have also lost 2 stone in weight in these 3 weeks.

Sal definitely has a talent- I am looking forwards to more sessions with him as he makes me feel better.”~ Garry F.

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