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12.,800  Major Cataclysm  and Climate Change

This last apocalyptic event begun with a Sun disturbance that affected the Earth’s magnetic polarity for less than a day, with it also came a sudden movement of crust and mantle that altered its usual alignment in relation to the Sun. This misalignment lasted until the time of the deluge. The Earth experienced a sudden and violent drop to freezing temperatures.  Northern lands down to approx. 55 latitude were engulfed and covered in huge glaziers up to 1 mile high, not so much in the South.  The uneven build-up of glaciers between North and South ended up creating an instability in the orbit of an Earth that was already out of alignment.

a boat made from reeds

The cataclysm had been forewarned  5 years previously by respected seers and mostly taken seriously. A huge Atlantean preparation and diaspora united villages and towns across Atlantis. Ships were constructed and sailed for America from the West coast of Africa to reach Cuba a much larger land mass in those days. More than 1,100 oar ships with rudimentary sails, with each capable of holding approx. 55 people + supplies were constructed for this purpose, they were fortunate to make it across the Atlantic.

The rest of the Atlanteans who heard the call uprooted themselves and moved Eastwards on foot towards Russia close to Georgia’s northern border and part of what is now the Black Sea to survive the coming apocalypse and, unbeknown to them, the sudden freeze in temperatures. This was a journey that took over a year for most of them. Once again, a thriving culture was culled down from 51 Mil to 1 Mil.  

The hidden civilization under the Black Sea
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10,800  – Deluge

 For the next 2,000 yrs. after the cataclysm, the Atlanteans gradually increased their numbers and proliferated. They created settlements far and wide, towns sprung up mainly around the southern part of the Mediterranean which was around 400 feet lower than it is today, others went back and resettled in Northern Africa.

Those who had gone and survived in Cuba went on to explore Mexico and South America. In time, some became seafarers and made it as far as Hawaii and Japan. Some of them had resettled in Egypt and with the help of previous information stored in the pyramids a mighty kingdom slowly arose.

It was at this time that the Atlanteans / now we should call them Egyptians who, over generations, became ‘The keepers of the information transmitted from the previous civilization’ and mostly lost to the rest of the world. In time, the ruling class that evolved was composed of rulers, bureaucrats and the priest initiates, who in time would become the True Jews or what is now known as the Cohen tribe. It was this priest cast who were responsible for the transmission of the knowledge, and they made good use of the initial 3 Pyramids of Giza which became part of their domain as after the flood, the world around them became ignorant and superstitious, to which even they, eventually succumbed.

And then a deluge of biblical proportions played havoc with the climate. The glacial instability and wobbling of the Earth’s sphere resettled once more leading to a warmer climate and melting of the glaciers, the seas rose to approx. 400′ higher in the space of 70 days.  Whilst the downpours were almost incessant, by no means were they continuous, port towns disappeared under the seas. The population after the previous cataclysm had gradually risen to 3.6 mill. worldwide and most had survived the deluge by moving to higher ground, regrouping and making new homes.

8,500  Visitation by the true Humans

Why is it that we struggle with the idea of Aliens? Yes, there are many who totally accept the alien reality and possibly go too far in their flights of fancy. But most, who are otherwise open, like my wife Jenny who is fully on board with ~Charley’s reality, as well as accepting balancing and growth from him via me, struggles when I mention Aliens and, I am aware of many others who share her rejection of such a possibility.

About 2,000 yrs. after one of the previous Earth Catastrophe (72,000yrs. back), The True Humans (aliens to us)  visited the Earth -not for the first time. Once more humanity’s clock had been reset and wound back to the Stone Age. For the True Humans, there was nothing to be done, and they recalculated when to come back, for they were well aware of the cataclysmic recurrences that affect this Earth.


They turned up again 8.500 yrs back and again they were too late. This time around they are determined to be here before the event, and in truth, they are already here waiting -find out more here. Their interest in us is that we are a very poor 3rd cousin, metaphorically speaking.  For 500 Mill yrs. back our ancestors were no more than a simian species of monkey,  who had had 1.5% of True Human DNA spliced onto some of them, this led to small but consistent genetic changes that presently make us a promising species.

The True Humans were /are tall at an average of around 6’ 3”, and they stood head and shoulders above the local descendants of Atlantis who had remained around the borderlands of Russia and Georgia, who by now after the flood were leading a nomadic existence. It was at this time that the True Humans were able to ascertain when the next significant cataclysm was due as a result of the Sun .- They actively sought and met with those very few people whose hearts were open and with whom they could communicate telepathically, There was not much more they could do than convey the sentiment that we are NOT alone and that they would be back before the next cataclysm to aid us, and true to their sentiments, they are back, awaiting the appropriate time to engage with us once more.

A party of the True Humans visited once more approx. 5,000 yrs. back, they engaged with no one, for we had descended backwards into barbarism once more. The remnants of Atlantis had left their knowledge, carefully nurtured by a few without truly understanding the treasure they were carrying. Now most of the Earth was reflecting the internal dissonance which is clearly visible to day ie. we are our own worst enemies, human life is cheap, and slavery internal and external is the norm.

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8,300  Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe

Memories were fast fading and the remnant of the wise Atlanteans who were the True ‘Masters of Wisdom‘ wanted to transmit the essence of their learning and history for future generations in a structure that would survive time and, 169 years after the visitation of the True Humans they arranged and made possible the building of Göbekli Tepe.  For the next 31 yrs. they laboured to transmit information on life sciences -healing, astrology, the Spirit of Man and our connection to the Divine. Some of this was in the columns, some of it on objects still to be found, and some on floors.

Some other Atlanteans had travelled far and wide with the sole aim of keeping the light and knowledge previously acquired alive. We are aware of Egypt, India and China as the main repositories of the knowledge of our forbearers. Alas, it did not take long before they all descended into darkness.

According to ~Charley, Graham Hancock is right that the remnants of Atlantis (the previous civilization) were responsible for the creation of  Göbekli Tepe, for they still knew the science of making stones via a chemical process for sandstone concrete and the melting of granite with magnifying lenses. They collected the local manpower and taught them agriculture as far as using rye seeds to make flour and breads but Graham is completely misguided as to the ‘science’ that a comet twenty thousand years ago entering our solar system and fracturing to some extent was ultimately responsible for the preceding cataclysm. Graham is also misguided on the dates of the construction of Göbekli Tepe by a couple of thousand years.

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There seems to be a belief that the structures of Göbekli Tepe were deliberately filled with sand and hidden. ~Charley disagrees with this theory, it is his observation that it was purely the action of sand,  wind and 8,000 years that ultimately covered the site from prying eyes. Göbekli Tepe was never a temple or a city, it was, is, the last act / good will/ brotherhood from the last remnants of a dying civilization, a monument reaching out to us from the past at an incredible and opportune moment is our history.

There is not much point in continuing with Earth’s history. The purpose of these articles was to create an outline of the precariousness of life on this planet. That disasters are way too common to rest on our laurels and, that we are not alone, that help is waiting for when the time is right.

Where there is Love -fear dissipates

Humanity is at a crossroads right now, circumstances in our lives have been bringing us to this point that is filled with amazing possibilities. Two-thirds of humanity are destined to truly wake up within the next twenty-four years. I don’t mean wake up to the indoctrination that is so inbuilt into our cultures that we are not even aware of the possibility of inner freedom away from the fear-filled herd mentality, although this is an important step. No, I refer to waking up to the feelings of love, appreciation, gratefulness, and joy that are only available when our three brains (physical, emotional, and mental) are working together harmoniously and our hearts are fully open.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be saved, for the simple reason that The True Humans can only let into their mother ships those humans who are ‘truly human’ and not mere reactive machines. Put another way – only human beings whose fearful self-preservation and negativity play second fiddle to their open hearts will telepathically hear the call when the time comes.

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