Firstly, what is meant by  Karma? here is a dictionary definition : ‘ (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.’

Both ~Charley( my Higher Self) and I view  the meaning of karma from a slightly different perspective.  For who is this person who is gauged by his actions?  Is it the machine  or the soul that is meant to be experiencing within the machine?

To further confuse matters.  What we call a soul is usually a ‘fragment of soul’ with the other fragments scattered across time in other incarnation, and all are concurrently engaging within this dimension we  call ‘life’.

fragments of soul

All the soul fragments are linked with each other via the 2nd chakra which is the lowest of 3 dimensional doorways. This is further complicated by the high jacking of the 2nd chakra by an un-evolved  soul(s) affecting the majority of humanity, keeping them in a state of semi-somnambulistic fear.  More on this subject here.

The unintended consequence of the parasitical influence has kept large parts of humanity, enslaved to the cycle of birth and rebirth for 3.5 million years.

Suppressed emotional trauma ( SET)  creates fearful reactions in our interactions with the world.

SET colours our perception in the world , in turn we unconsciously generate individual, and collective realities that reinforce our SET .  Our soul’s fragment (s) purpose is to experience life. To wake up  and separate  our identification from the 2nd chakra   and ascend to the 4th chakra of the heart and connect with all.

SET  within an un-awakened soul fragment sets up ripples  to future fragments  who in turn  generate events to replicate SET  as a means to wake up  to full consciousness.

Escaping from the cycle of  death and rebirth on this planet

So, to escape the cycle of death and rebirth that has long been observed by Eastern traditions requires owning up to and fully experiencing ALL our SET(s) in this lifetime as well as previous ones.

The above is not as hard as it sounds and I will go much further into this in my second book.

A good  two thirds of humanity  has been taking turns across many lifetimes to incarnate and clear the decks. For we are in an unfortunate corner of the galaxy.   What should have been an easy evolution of souls has been interfered with and high jacked.

However this is all part of ‘The Maker of ALL’  and beyond our comprehension. Suffice to say that approx. every 13,000 yrs. we have an opportunity   to be free of this planet’s  influence.

Hence the reason we have been breeding like rabbits, for once the cataclysm has occurred, it will once more be an uphill climb, away from barbarism and SET. with very few souls being able to incarnate  at any given moment in time. For unlike the previous epoch, those that do survive,  will be enthralled to their fear driven egos.

meditating monk

This pattern has been repeated innumerable times, as populations grew after cataclysms  there would would always be a few evolved souls that had to battle through the  brutality  and their SET to open up their hearts  and create a beach head from which to generate a beacon of light  to attract other evolving souls.

This small light  burning bright across the generations has always been woefully inadequate. Right here and now The light is the brightest and most incandescent  it has been  since the survival of 60,000 people from the previous cataclysm, and yet,  when viewed in the light of 7.9 billion people. still very tiny.

A Prophesy

So let me share with you my prophesy of what is to come, as given to  me by ~Charley. Within 10 years  world population  which has been estimated to be by then  8.5 billion will be down  to 7.1 billion. Out of which we must have just over 1 billion awakened souls  who have dealt with and cleared most of their SET.

The light in the darkness needs to grow, for in 25 years it needs to  burn brightly in 4.5 billion people. out of an approx. 6.3 billion. That is why they have been and will soon be born. This is your opportunity to escape the cycle of death and rebirth  on this planet.

True spirituality, is the releasing of our hurts, and sense of victimisation,  it is the separation of unconscious ego  from conscious feeling soul. It is the acknowledgement appreciation and acceptance of our weaknesses.  It is to love our egos, to be aware of our limiting beliefs, and the acceptance of our fears. It is our capacity to truly love and accept ourselves warts and all.

For only through self love will our egos become our servant  rather than what they are at present – our masters.


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