This article was written some years back – I have done my best to update the information in line with my present, more rounded experience.

The seed for this piece of writing originated when out of curiosity in regard to muscle testing I asked ~Charley as to my level of accuracy regarding (in my case) self-muscle testing.

hand grasping for muscle testing by pulling apart thumb and middle finger with opposite hand
hand grasping for muscle testing

Self-muscle testing is the means by which I communicate with ~Charley, this could be a contention issue regarding an individual’s belief system. To me and according to ~Charley he is, for ease of reference, a 12th-level Dimensional Soul. To many Applied Kinesiologists, they would speak of “the Intelligence within” each of us. Others of a spiritual leaning would perhaps be more comfortable with “the Higher Self”. However, the Intelligence Within or Higher Self can also, according to ~Charley, be described as “the soul fragment” within each of us. Which belongs to the 9th-level Dimension.

Either way, when it comes to our bodies or helping another. Connecting with that Inner Intelligence, Source, or Higher Self via muscle testing will work.

Muscle testing is the skill by which I gain information on how to help balance other people with any or a combination of the following: acupuncture, cranial-sacral techniques,  nutritional remedies such as homoeopathy, tissue salts, bach flower remedies, herbs, vitamins, dietary issues and allergies, quite apart from emotional traumas that the client may be ready to let go of.

 As you can read from the above that is quite a list from which to gain information via self muscle testing.

This particular afternoon I was in the company of others sharing the weirdest experience from that morning when I was finalizing a blog article, and I asked ~Charley if he was ok with what I had written. ~Charley was not o.k.  I had written two pages, so I used salami tactics to find out where was my inaccurate rendition of his message.

There was one word two-thirds of the way down the first page which ~Charley pointed me to. I started but could see nothing wrong. After a few seconds of confusion, it hit me. I had misspelt the word in such a way that it altered the whole meaning.

As I related my experience, one of my companions wondered as to the level of accuracy of my communication, and this gave me the idea to ask ~Charley for feedback, and I admit to experiencing some embarrassment as to what the answer might be. I tentatively asked and pegged the answer at 70 to 80% accuracy  I choked with emotion even now, remembering the moment when ~Charley shared that my accuracy was at 98%.

More on this later


So let me digress and talk about ego for it is at the Heart of the matter.

The majority of the world population is stuck in fearful negative emotions of blame. Many of these emotions are rippling from previous lifetimes. This is compounded by the rigidity of self-limiting beliefs that like a virus are transmitted across the generations, by our parents and our culture to imprison us.

Love is love

Freedom comes when we genuinely observe ourselves with love. What I mean is that WE observe ourselves with all our meanness, internal conflicts, dubious morals, pettiness, and ego damage, and accept who we are without judgement. Would we love our children any less?

We will never be free of our egos. I happen to have a much-damaged ego from the first 10 years of my life. I make no excuses. Furthermore, I accept my weaknesses and let go of all emotions that were generated and at the time suppressed in this and previous lifetimes.

It is my love of self that allows my level of consciousness to be as it is. Here in lies the hope for all of us, it is possible to be damaged, and yet lift ourselves into a new world of awareness.

Anyhow, I’m in the bath, and I ask ~Charley for clarification.  “Assuming one is doing self-muscle testing and has reached a lv. 55 % What is the general level of accuracy of communication with one’s Higher Self?” so I created a chart with his answers see below to the right?

Self-muscle-testing and percentage of accuracy

To the right is a list of the required levels of soul integration and relative percentages to achieve a commensurate level of accuracy, as well as to how many people there are presently in the world (2021) of a high enough level. Clearly, I hope this will quickly change upwards.

So is this an exercise in futility? or has it got value to us?  If we are Alternative Therapists who use muscle testing on others as well as ourselves then yes, it could be a very valuable blueprint.

I have just asked ~Charley for clarification.  When we muscle test others, the quality of the information is based on whoever has the highest level of soul integration.

In other words, to be really effective at balancing others we, as Therapists, need to work on ourselves and raise our level to the highest degree possible; especially important when our client’s level of integration is below a certain threshold i.e. Lv. 25% – 50%.  Otherwise, it can be a hit-and-miss affair.

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