I have been wanting to do this video for a while. Many who listen to my ramblings either dismiss me out of hand or accept what I say without too many questions ie on faith. Faith is ok, but it is like a running horse, if you have a long road to travel you may need to change horse when it can’t carry you any more!

On the surface, the video is pretty bland yet what I am doing is beyond present science. For I am able to connect with another human being more than 300 miles away, diagnose what their needs are without their telling me anything about themselves and come up with an appropriate course of action.

We know that my suggestions to Jim were accurate by the physiological changes occurring within his body, which he was happy to share with us. As a channel for ~Charley, I was also able to give precise instructions as to where the acupuncture points were to be found.

I did end the session by giving him a tailored recipe for a Bach Flower Remedy that will help with emotional balancing for the next 6 weeks or so.

What the video does not show is my hands where I use self-muscle testing continuously to always double-check all information that I receive from ~Charley. After all, we should never take for granted whatever appears in our heads for we are all human and fallible do you not agree?

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