Eczema is NOT Genetic.

Eczema the Emotional Dimension.

Eczema the Physical Causes – Small Intestine.

Eczema due to Large Intestine Damage.


In conclusion.

One of the most common and distressing health problems in our Culture we describe as eczema, Western Medicine loves to label anything and everything that goes wrong in the human body, so Western medicine has Identified 8 different types of eczema.

Eczema can be acute – the skin color goes very red, or chronic – non-contagious skin inflammations that as well as being red, are itchy, with eventual lesions discharging serous matter that becomes encrusted and scaly.

· The 8 types are Atopic dermatitis,   Contact dermatitis,  Dyshidrotic eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis, Neurodermatitis, Nummular eczema ,   Stasis dermatitis, and Hand eczema

Essentially the Excema can be divided into two types Immune system reaction to objects in the environment and from deep inside you. The underlying causes remain constant. There is a third type of skin condition that arises purely as a result of deep emotional disturbances and the skin goes red but there is no itchiness.


Eczema is highly distressing to both the ‘victim’ and to any carers, be they parents, partners, or friends. I say victim because that is how it is experienced, as an ongoing, relentless disturbance where the only temporary relief comes from scratching even though you know that if and when you break the skin you will succumb to infection and yet you are helpless to do otherwise.

On this Earth, all experiences by human beings have a purpose and meaning however distressing. Eczema is a unique situation, in that it affects your sense of self-worth and for many, it is the equivalent of being a leper, imagining that they will be shunned by their peers because of how they look.

The frustration generated is a self-feeding cycle. Where one ends up angry, frustrated, despairing, and cut off from one’s heart. Quite apart from the ongoing pain and lack of sleep.

Eczema affects all strata of society starting with the very young. With some it comes and goes, with others it is there when young never to return, and with others, it links up to a whole lot of allergies and even asthma.  Is humanity cursed? Or are there solutions?

Western medicine is very matter-of-fact – eczema is the result of genetics or stress.

But children get it! They are not victims, or emotionally traumatised (yet)

Eczema is NOT Genetic

According to ~Charley, a 12th-dimensional Soul that I Channel.  Eczema is NOT genetic. Starting with children one main cause of eczema is the preservatives and Adjuvants added to vaccines which create damage in the digestive tract, a risk that increases with multiple vaccinations, and these days, babies are bombarded with multiple shots in the first couple of years of life (in America I believe they are given up to 50 or more in the first few years of life).

So here we have a lottery, for once the intestines have been damaged the child is more susceptible to lectins in seeds, ordinarily lectins can be soaked and boiled to get rid of most of them, lectins will also combine with certain sugars nullifying their action, however, once they have infiltrated past the gut barrier into the bloodstream, they can travel anywhere in the body. The lectin protein can gravitate to the skin cells as well as the lymphatic system, the immune system gets involved generating self-damage. So what a child eats will matter greatly.

As long as that child does not go down the Western medicine route, of antibiotics and steroids they have a good chance of recuperating if their diet is ‘healthy’ – will touch on what constitutes a healthy diet a bit later in the article.

And yet, I did say that all experiences have a purpose.  This won’t go down well with some parents, although there is no blame or judgment here by me. Yet, according to ~Charley, the baby’s soul had agreed to the experience prior to blending with the fetus for the value of the experience to the parent. Err.. surely the parent needs the experience as much as a hole in the head? I know this is difficult for some. Yet, distress is a powerful force to edge us closer to waking up to the truth of what we indeed are.

trapped I Quicksand

So we move on to adulthood and eczema either arises out of the blue or follows us like a shadow.  And then we go crazy going hither and dither, searching for a magic cure, and in our anxiety and desperation, we just about try anything and everything, But….. nothing truly seems to work, apart from temporary relief by taking steroids which is like making a pact with the devil for your soul. It is like walking into quicksand once you start to sink, almost impossible to extricate yourself from.

Eczema the Emotional Dimension

So before getting to the nuts and bolts of eczema, we need to address the mental and emotional repercussions. Whilst eczema itself has a physical cause, It feeds a self-destructive mental and emotional loop that needs to be addressed and come to terms with if we wish to free ourselves from our nemesis.

Our egos are fragile things. We constantly need reassurance that we are okay and accepted by the group. At a deep level in our DNA, we are programmed with the imperative that safety lies in being part of the group.

We look at ourselves in the mirror and judge ourselves as ‘unacceptable’, we may not be able to vocalize such thoughts but our frustrations and anger at our relentless itching, subsequent suppurations, and crustiness of the skin, lead to only one place -self-disgust, and at times, even hate for our skins. Truly, when in this place, we are the archetypal victim and our skins the oppressor.

In my early days with ~Charley, who was helping me to be a better healer facilitator. I had this one case of Eczema with my daughter where it became blindingly obvious that negative emotional self-perception was blocking any progress. This is quite apart from diet or the need for healing from internal physical damage.

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I share this that you may appreciate that thought precedes emotion, which precedes the physical body. And I have an active interest in aiding you in your quest. For it is impossible to alter our perception of reality for the better without self-love and self-acceptance, as this is a prerequisite to connecting with our hearts.

Eczema the Physical Causes – Small Intestine

Let’s assume you have heard and appreciated what I have shared. Your eczema still has a physical cause divided into two sections.

Oxalic acid crystals

1) Leaky gut damage in the small intestine. Some time past, your gut lining has been damaged, possibly via the ingestion of toxic metals, the most common being aluminum, closely followed by lead. Alternatively, or in addition, eating wheat (oxalic acid in the wheat).

Once the gut lining has been breached, lectin protein in the seed will go through the permeable gut blood barrier. They could cause mayhem (inflammation), in any part of your body from organs to glands, to muscles, tissues, bone joints, and even the lymph glands. Different Lectins have an affinity for different types of carbohydrates, once they bind with sugar molecules and enter the cells the immune system will now tag those cells as foreign and attack itself.

So if you are unfortunate your immune system will tag your skin, and we will label it eczema. The answer to small intestine damage is to ascertain if you are still ingesting toxic metals and remove any possible contamination from the food, followed by a change in your diet whereby you remove all inflammatory foods to give the small intestine gut time to heal.

As with all wounds, the body wants to heal, but if you keep breaking and removing the scab don’t expect it to heal any time soon. Realistically This could take anything from six months to years depending on how good you are with your disciplined diet, the nutrients you provide your body, and how soon you can get to a comfortable mental and emotional space where you can look at yourself kindly and feel love and acceptance for yourself at the bare minimum.

There are times when the picture is more complex, as in the need to forgive someone very close to you, with whom perhaps you feel victimised.

Eczema due to Large Intestine Damage

More challenging perhaps Is when the damage is done to the large intestine, more commonly in the descending colon.

This solidified mucus that has taken the shape of the colon, is unusually extreme and will take a long time to solidify, BUT it happens!

The colon is an interesting organ, its main present-day function is to reabsorb minerals and salts from digestion. Occasionally we eat something that the body considers to be poison,  and wants to rid itself of it straight away!  By flushing through and voiding all contents.

We are alive today because our ancestors survived the experiment of eating some poisonous foods. Somehow they managed to stop the colon from reabsorbing the poisons back into the bloodstream and, they genetically passed this protective mechanism to us.

Today if we ingest poisons, our colon will generate a coating of phlegm /mucus to stop the reabsorption of the poisons. The same poison is likely to generate mucus in our sinuses so that they will feel blocked.

Cottage cheese

Modern diets are full of poisons as far as the colon is concerned the most likely culprits are dairy products from a cow such as milk chocolates, cream, butter, and fresh unfermented cheeses such as cream cheese, and even though the individual may have the gene to break down the lactose their body may still react adversely.

This sticky coating of mucus will build up slowly, and some of it will be removed by eating roughage, but, because the person will continue to eat the damaging food primarily because they become addicted to it, this build of mucus will, over months and many years thicken and eventually solidify.

solidified colon mucus

Bacteria will be trapped between the colon wall and the phlegm, which over time will irritate the colon wall as well, and the bacterial toxins having nowhere else to go will be absorbed into the bloodstream. These toxins find themselves being taken to the skin to be removed, and the cycle of redness and itching begins.

So what is the answer?


Psoriasis is not eczema, and yet the cause is the same as eczema – as a result of leaky gut syndrome. Namely, lectins get through the blood barrier and activate the Immune system. The answer to Psoriasis is ascertaining what foods one is allergic to and deleting them from the diet as a prelude to healing the leaky gut. The same is true for eczema if the damage is limited to the small intestines, although occasionally eczema could involve both the large and the small intestine.

In conclusion

I mentioned earlier that I am a channel for a 12th-dimensional soul, whose purpose is to help people connect with their hearts and, if you have been suffering from eczema for some time, it is even more challenging than for the average person.

A little while back one of my clients was suffering from eczema and when I asked I was told it was from damage to the colon, this in turn prompted a whole load of questions from me that led to a whole load of information being transmitted on the nature of eczema and how to help.

~Charley provided me with a road map that involved doing a fast for 8 days plus the taking of a herbal mixture whose ingredients and proportions he shared with me in a precise sequence. To be honest, there was always that smidgen of doubt as to whether it would work, but work it did! And my client did a little video diary.

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We now have plans to start Retreats in 2024 to begin with we will focus on eczema causes that involve damage to the colon as these will involve fasting and the taking of special herbs to expel the mucus. We then hope to expand to retreats due to damage to the small intestine, which does not involve fasting.

The focus of these retreats will be focused on self-discovery and the emotional release of past traumas, as well as other healing modalities.

To begin with, we require some volunteers hopefully in the Uk. Only need about 3 so first come first serve so to speak. This will be totally free, but you will be required to make a daily video diary of your progress throughout the fast.

You will also have free time with me, initially to ascertain if you would be a suitable candidate and if so, some further free Zoom sessions to include Kinesiology treatments to prepare you and work with you.

I can be contacted by Telegram, click on this link



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