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The greatest magic illusion created by the Western medical /Pharmaceutical interests has been to convince us that labelling a disease followed by issuing of pharmaceutical chemicals to control the disease is labelled as ‘health’ management.

I say it is an illusion because 95% of all illnesses are the direct long-term result of eating foods that are damaging to the human body, either because they are to a greater or lesser extent poisonous, or, damaging by their lack of or absorption of nutrients whilst temporarily assuaging our hunger.

Most of the foods we buy are processed foods. They contain poisonous seed oils (Vegetable oils), chemical preservatives,(to kill fungus and bacteria), chemical colourings, too much sugar and or too much salt. There is more but will come to this later.

Of course, we cannot truly blame the pharma industry or the chemical factories, or the processing plants any more than we can blame the politicians that rule over us.  For they are our own creations or should I say reflections of our collectively created reality.

Here is the problem, 98% of humanity, is psychologically and emotionally traumatised, existing in a state of ongoing fear and anxiety, at war with themselves, disliking and even hating themselves as they project their traumas onto the collective unconscious. And the result? … well, we can see the results that have been escalating over the past 23 years.

Light therapy for eczema

My last article was on Eczema which I duly posted on Facebook amongst many other portals of information. One person commented by stating that her eczema symptoms had disappeared after 6 sessions of ozone therapy. She appeared to struggle when I pointed out she was removing symptoms, not the cause. Her response? I have been told it is an ‘autoimmune disease’. I assume she found the labelling a comfort.

And there we have it in a nutshell, label a problem and now our mind is at ease, for the experts have identified the symptom! The cause doesn’t go away and the symptoms will return, BUT, she can always go back for another course of ozone therapy!

My Daughter who has suffered terribly with eczema for a long, long time, would go for sunlight therapy, and the symptoms would also go, when she was really desperate she would take steroids, and they also ‘helped’, of course, there were side effects …. But, that is another page on the illusion of big Pharma/medical.

So we are talking about the skin. In Eastern medicine, the skin is like a third lung, which helps to get rid of toxins. I doubt that in the whole of human history, there has been such a proliferation of skin disorders as we have increasingly been experiencing for the past  70 years.

Some of the problems are a result of insulin resistance which arises primarily out of long-term ingestion of fructose, carbohydrates, and seed oils, these affect and damage the mitochondria (energy motor) of the cells.

Skin Tags

Skin tags,  skin discolourations,  acne  (pus filled spots on faces and upper body),  and lipomas( fat deposits under the skin) .

As part of the process of insulin resistance   the liver, Kidneys, arteries, and heart  are also affected.

Liver spots,  and for the kidneys –Nose bleeds,  blood blisters in mouth, and dark rings and bags under the eyes (staying superficial).

But there are other ways in which the food we eat damages us. Most vegetables contain oxalic acid (plants create and use it to hang on to calcium for the eventual seeds), some of them in excessive quantities beyond our ability to process. Oxalic acid can be considered to be an anti-nutrient because of its magnetic like ability to bind with calcium, iron, and many other minerals.

The liver also generates a small amount of oxalates but the body when overloaded does its best to dispose of it  and will use Vit B12  the excess oxalates are deposited all over the body as a crystalline structure,  some close to the skin surface, this can give rise to various symptoms such as : painful vagina, eye floaters, easily bruise and  sharp pains when rubbing the skin.

poisonous lectins in Castor Beans

Then there are the lectins  a protein  that is usually on the skin surface of seeds as well as in the kernel of the seed. This protein has a unique ring structure that will not be broken down by stomach acids. However, washing  and boiling the seeds will destroy most of them, unfortunately with some plants the lectins can be extremely toxic.    On the plus side most lectins will bind with different types of sugars inactivating them in the digestive tract.

Once the lectins have breached the gut barrier and get into the blood stream they can generate all manner of mayhem in the body  as they confuse our immune system into attacking various parts of the body for example:

severe nail fungal infection

Fungal infections- in nails, feet and hands, athlete’s foot between the toes, in vagina, groin, under breasts, arm pits.

There are two types of eczema, those that arise from lectins damage as a result of leaky gut syndrome, and those that arise from damage to the large intestine as a result of eating dairy.

We can also get skin damage because we neglect to provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients, and/or because we eat too many oxalates and lectins that rob our bodies of the necessary ingredients for growth and repair.

dry lips, lip sores, mouth ulcers or Herpes simplex in various parts of the body a lack of sufficient Vit B

Viral blisters on skin, – due to deficiency of essential minerals

Dry skin, – lack of animal fat in diet

Linoleic acid is another name for the oil in seeds- commonly disguised as “vegetable oils”.  These are extremely damaging and dangerous to the human body  primarily because as soon as the oils are separated from the seed they combine with oxygen, create free radicals and when ingested generate oxidative stress  in the cells. And ultimately in conjunction with insulin damage the mitochondria in the cells.

It is fair to say that there is conflicting research out there . Please bear in mind that seed oils are a huge cash cow for manufactures and farmers alike, and the lobbies involved to maintain a certain narrative very powerful with governments. It is true that we all need a little Linoleic acid, better known as omega 3, even a cow that feeds purely on grass will contain a couple of % of linoleic acid which is roughly what a human being needs. However, eat a pig that has been fed on seeds to fatten it, and its fat content could be as high as 35% linoleic acid. The same goes for chickens.

Have a listen to this podcast by a number of doctor researchers on the subject of vegetable oils – seed oils

Humanity was never afraid of the Sun until the last 100 yrs   and  it all begun after the mass production  of hydrogenated fats  . Today it is a booming industry as more and more people become light sensitive and fearful of skin cancer.

Sunburn – consumption of seed oils (linoleic acids) damaging the mitochondria making one light sensitive.

Oily skin also due to seed oils.

There is also a host of internal problems all related to foods  which I will mention in passing such as: high BP, Arterial  sclerosis (hardening of arteries ) lack of minerals, atherial sclerosis – fat deposits (from vegetable oils / fructose) blocking blood anywhere in body to include the heart.

 I begun this article by stating  that 95% of human illnesses are the primary result of what we eat or fail to eat. You might wonder as to where I get my percentages from  they come from ~Charley who I channel and work with in health matters  with clients.

 What about the other 5 %?  2 % is the result of unnecessary human drug intervention, ½ % is genetic and 2 ½ % direct unresolved emotional stress affecting the hormonal and structural system of the body.

And yet , Western medicine, treats most illneses as though they can be  cured treated  with drugs.

Western medicine is a one trick pony with a hammer looking for a nail. Listen to the following

In conclusion, Most illnesses as well as pretty much all skin problems in human beings are the result of modern processed foods, as well as a lack of adequate nutrients. There are many people who dismiss the taking of vitamins and nutrients by saying a healthy diet should contain all that our bodies need. This is a fallacy, not everything labelled healthy is good for us.

Modern farming methods with fertilizers have denuded the ground of essential minerals. And even cows raised for meat are only as good as the grass they feed on, and many these days are not even fed on grass for very long.

If you truly are healthy without any skin issues, build up of fat in lower abdomen, or gut issues (even bloating I would define as a gut issue), then great . Otherwise, I would recommend a diet of a minimum of two red meat meals a week, some eggs, low oxalate vegetables and roots, with the occasional not very sweet fruit and use beef dripping for cooking. Avoid gluten, and high glycaemic foods and make sure you have Vitamin B 12, iodine and Selenium.

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