Eczema is a scourge on mankind for which Western Medicine has no answers short of suppressing the symptoms for a while at great cost to one’s health.

Alternative Medicine is not much better, unfortunately, although the market is saturated with lotions, creams, and suggestions.

There is no quick answer to healing Eczema for the simple reason that a lifestyle and diet change is required, as well as getting one’s hands dirty ‘so to speak’ by working one’s way through emotional trauma.

To complicate matters, there are four main causes of Eczema and other skin conditions, some of which interlock with each other:

1. Childhood vaccinations- toxic metals like aluminium and mercury damage the small intestine gut lining (leaky gut syndrome)- followed by ingestion of damaging oxalates and lectins.

2. Emotional trauma from intense grief that has been suppressed, usually whilst a child -independent of diet, and brought on at any time in one’s life as a result of stress that could evoke the shadow of loss.

3. Damage to the small intestine gut lining (leaky gut syndrome) as a result of metal toxicity (lead, aluminium, mercury) and or oxalates such as wheat.

Once the gut barrier has been breached, lectins in various foods will confuse the immune system to attack itself, giving rise to varying allergic reactions including various different types of skin eczemas, psoriasis, fungal infections etc.,

Western medicine Is of the ‘opinion’ that there is no such thing as a leaky gut syndrome, for the sake of impartiality I have included a link to those ‘know-alls’ that would describe my assertions as ‘disinformation’. I had a leaky gut for many, many years- due to aluminium toxicity. It took me 3 years to heal myself because every now, and then I thought I could eat foods that were damaging to my system.

Rubbery Colon Phlegm

4. Large intestine damage as a result of ingesting milk products over a long period of time. Which in turn generates phlegm in the transverse and or descending colon.

With all eczemas there is an aspect of unresolved emotions, some may even be from previous lifetimes, certainly true for children. However, persistent eczema in obvious places will certainly generate for most people a sense of dislike, anger, shame, – all focussed inwards. To be free of the eczema we need to identify how it got started, what foods are contributing to this and learn to release the emotional dimension.

Many people are so distressed with their eczema and need to conform to the group’s expectations that they will take anything to suppress the symptoms. Rooky mistake. – The quickest way to diminish the symptoms is by a change of diet unless the eczema is a result of large intestine phlegm accumulation, in which case some extra steps will need to be taken.

We change our diet primarily to allow the leaky gut to heal, this of itself can take from 6 months to a few years depending on the ingestion of the right nutrients, Vit., and minerals, as well as non-inflammatory foods. Every time one fall’s by the wayside and eats inflammatory foods, it could easily take one back another couple of months.


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