Presently, there is a lot of excitement on the news about how UFOs have been shot down and they have been doing reverse engineering to develop all manner of futuristic Technology to include antigravity. I even heard one guy who clearly makes a living by talking about UFOs being interviewed on Redacted  about being able to go to another planet or beyond in a couple of hours.

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Time to put the record straight. For ~Charley and I have talked about UFOs before in connection to the Fastwalkers who are the only Alien race to come visiting our little corner of the Galaxy within the last 100 years, apart from the True Human Aliens who are and will remain hidden for the next twenty odd years. I have chosen the name Fastwalkers because it is already out there in the conspiracy Sphere.

For those of you unaware~Charley is the name I give to a 12th-dimensional Soul I am in regular communication with. Who has healed me and helped my family and clients.

Sal “When did the Fastwalkers (who landed on this planet) first arrive?”   ~Charley “in 1968. It was an accidental discovery in their exploration of their nearby space. There were 4 crafts with roughly one hundred Fastwalkers between them”.

Sal “Do the Fastwalkers have faster-than-light propulsion?” ~Charley “No, but they are very close to it”

Sal “When they first arrived were they noticed by any of the superpowers?”

 ~Charley “ No,  but an amateur astronomer briefly did, accidentally. The Fastwalkers were not expecting life on this planet initially, but soon realised their mistake and came closer with their curiosity and in the process appreciated that ntelligent life forms existed.”

Sal “What did the Fastwalkers do?”

~Charley “They sent down one craft to land in Africa, Tanzania in a sparsely populated area. The Earth’s atmosphere is not quite right for them but survivable for short periods of time the Oxygen balance is too rich a mixture for them, they are more comfortable at around 15%. The Fastwalkers’ body chemistry is similar to ours, but not quite. Their initial DNA prior to the True Humans Splicing 1% of their DNA with them approx. 1 million years back had previously diverged aeons ago from both our common DNA ancestors.”

~Charley“ The Fastwalkers are anatomically similar to humans but not quite. They have thin elongated bodies with an average height between 6’ 1” and 6’5” but smaller heads relative to their size. With 3 fingers and opposable thumbs. They are completely hairless and have no earlobes, Their eyes are small – no eyelashes. In regard to their internal organs, they are missing a Pancreas, but by and large, their chemistry is relatively similar with a skin colour that veers towards the ashen.”

“In regard to diet, They learnt a long time back to use bacteria and animal stem cells in containers to generate all their bodily needs. This was a prerequisite to interstellar travel.”

“Biologically there are two sexes for reproduction, although there is occasionally love and bonding between the same sexes. They are loving and family orientates beings.”

“The initial exploratory Fastwalker craft did not stay on the ground for long, they simply wanted corroboration of life and air samples. They had spotted what looked like small-scale life activity and on consultation with the rest of the party on the other craft set upon making contact with any of the local lifeforms, aware that language would be an issue.

Location of first touchdown

It was agreed that one of the craft would land near some habitable area. As they flew around the equator, they chose Africa, and the craft came down in Tanzania near a village not too far from Dutumi. From a short distance, they observed the locals, realizing how technologically backward they truly were.

Some of the locals rooted to the spot also noticed them. They thought of the Fastwalkers as some type of magical beings. There was a little stand-off, neither approaching the other. As the Fastwalkers observed the huts, utensils and clothing, they assumed that there would be no way of bridging the technological gap between the two cultures.

The scout ship went up to meet with the rest of the group, and they agreed to descend and explore some more. This is when they saw the wake of a large ship crossing the Atlantic and correctly surmised that there were more advanced beings on this planet than their first impression. As a result of this sighting, they actively decided to scout for large settlements/cities.

Having crossed the Atlantic, and now over Colombia, the alien craft experienced internal alarms in regard to the navigational systems and chose to land in a remote clearing within a forest. The rest of the ships remained in stationary orbit up in space whilst the ground crew explored reasons for the malfunction thinking themselves safe from prying eyes.

Unfortunately, in one of their exploratory missions away from the craft their curiosity proved to be their downfall. They came upon two CIA operatives, doing who knows what in the Columbian forests, and they attempted a rudimentary form of telepathic communication that got them nowhere. Although the two CIA quickly realised the Fastwalkers were important and attempted sign language communication.

Please appreciate that in their travels away from their Solar system the Fastwalkers have only encountered one other planet which was devoid of intelligent life animal or otherwise.

After many attempts at sign language communication, the Fastwalkers led the agents to their craft. And the CIA repaid the favour by calling reinforcements of the Delta Force variety whilst entertaining them. Within two days, the kind-hearted yet, unsuspecting Fastwalkers were surrounded, and quite a few separated from their craft.  They did manage to communicate with the other crafts of their dilemma.

The spacecraft, approx. 40 mts. wide by 60 mts. long by about 20 mts. high of a round and bulbous shape was cradled in a high tensile net and covered in tarpaulins. Two Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe helicopters were used to move the spacecraft under cover of darkness from Columbia through the national park of Venezuela, then north of El Dorado all the way to the Atlantic.  It was a top-secret mission that took 3 nights and approx 600 miles, whilst the helicopters flew not much higher than the tree tops.

aircraft carrier
Aircraft carrier

The Fastwalkers were not harmed, but under no illusions of freedom (no such thing as beam me up Scotty!). On reaching the Atlantic the craft was carried surreptitiously on the deck of a Forrestal-class aircraft carrier to an undisclosed island. The craft has never been released, and their attempts at reverse engineering have been mostly futile. It was and is the equivalent of a Kalahari bushman trying to reverse-engineer a modern Android or Apple phone!

There are so-called experts talking about reverse engineering and how we now have a craft that can go to Mars and back in a couple of hours, that we have antigravity etc.,  all nonsense. Although, they have shared some technology with Humanity.

Needless to say, the whole event was carried out and maintained with the utmost secrecy, and those involved in this project are there for life. For around 5 years the Fastwalkers were mainly kept in isolation but exposed to professionals to learn English. Those who controlled the access and information on Earth are beyond governments.

After the 5 years a truce of sorts developed as the captives had learned to communicate and accept the reality of this world. During this initial captivity, there had gradually arisen an understanding allowing them to communicate with their brethren in the other 3 spacecraft who had maintained orbit.

The fast walkers are gentle beings without guile. And unprepared for the potential brutality in this world. You will struggle to understand why they did not defend themselves with guns, lasers, or other destructive armaments. Initially, they were shocked, but then they made a choice to understand and learn from their captor.

The 3 remaining crafts soon realized that their brethren on the ground were unharmed and also began to learn of this world in earnest, and they captured worldwide visual communications. Whilst their highly sophisticated computer intelligence gradually pieced the dominant language together, sufficient for an initial unsophisticated level of communication.

By the fifth year, an accord had been reached, and the Fastwalkers would be allowed to come and go discretely. They agreed to share technology at a pace Humans could absorb, in return they wanted to understand the biology of this world. to which end they would take people and animals temporarily without harming them.

What the Fastwalkers initially learned was, that there is a 1.5 % of DNA  in Humans that is unique amongst all living species on this Earth. And as it happens, this 1.5 % is like the 1% DNA also unique to them on their planet.

Meanwhile, on Earth, those that controlled the technological information released by the Fastwalkers became more and more powerful behind the levers of this World.

The Fastwalkers had an active interest in Humanity developing more and more powerful computers, For there is only one thing that they truly want from us. And that is our DNA. So for the past 25 yrs, they have been encouraging the growth of computing to identify, catalogue and manipulate DNA and mRNA sequences. Crisp technology has evolved out of this partnership.

Nasal swab

There are two major power plays in the world today, on the one hand, there is the collection of global DNA samples to be given to the Fastwalkers as payment for their Technological help. This has been fulfilled to a large extent via the nasal swabs that have been mandatory worldwide in many, many situations.

  On the other hand, over the past 3.5 years, there has been an exponential increase in the deliberate use of such computing power to achieve the goal of world control of all populations via tagging. This is to be achieved in part via the injecting as well as new means in the pipeline, of delivery of graphite into human beings, which will be enacted in conjunction with 5G and if they have their way with 6G still to come. This will seem like cooky territory but read through this pub med article and note lower down their potential use as biosensors.

The Fastwalkers take around 27 years to reach their planet and in the last forty years many more ships have come and gone. They have explored our solar System. And I assure you that they are horrified by the barbarity, greed, lust for power and control of those whom they communicate with on this planet.

They did lose one spacecraft but they know Humanity is completely unable to fathom its propulsion secrets or radiation-protective energy fields. In fact, they have never been able to even turn the lights on! Meanwhile, the Fastwalkers have grown wiser and wearier as a result, and they have hit the jackpot in their discovery of the 1.5 % DNA that was spliced into humanity 500 million years back by the True Human aliens.

With their scientific advancement, the Fastwalkers are and have been well aware for the past 10 years of the impending cataclysm in the not-too-distant future; They don’t know when exactly, but they can approximate. There is no way they can help humanity, and there is absolutely no way they would take them to their planet if they could. The one thing they can do is collect their DNA samples, isolate the 1.5% of unique DNA and somehow splice that into their future race.

The Fastwalkers have not shared the information in regard to the impending Cataclysm with their human handlers. These days they are allowed to come and go and no one is taking potshots at them. Although they keep their presence as unobtrusive as possible.

So the question remains, do many humans know of the reality of the Fastwalkers? No, many on the aircraft carrier suspected something, but they could not see what the mystery package was. By necessity, there were a few people that had to interact with the Fastwalkers when they were initially apprehended and whilst they were looked after.  Most of them were handsomely paid. Some attempted to share their knowledge but were assassinated in the early days. The secrecy goes beyond governments, but a little seeped out after the year 2000.

Conspiracy theories erupted out of the smattering of early leaked information, but they were submerged in a sea of conspiracy dis-information. Even though some of their crafts have been spotted over the years.

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There are presently rumblings of Aliens in the main media and Main Western governments. For quite a while it has been bandied about that there will be a false flag operation regarding an alien invasion. The aim is to generate fear, cower and appeal to the formation of a One World government, they will not succeed-Time is against them. For all their carefully crafted plans for control will come to nought.

Finally, as I was contemplating how to end this article I decided to ask ~Charley for Some more information on the shape of the craft, for all I had was overall, length , breadth, and width. I Doodled a rectangular box, and ~Charley said it was smooth all over, no widows, with slightly tapered ends shaped more like a cocoon.and a bit bulbous at one end. I needed a photo to lead the article with. So went looking for free photos of UFOs ~Charley dismissed them all until…I came across this.

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The problem is that this one was taken in 1965 during the Gemini IV mission by Major James McDivitt and the timeline is inconsistent with the group that arrived in 1968. As always the difficulty with conversing with ~Charley is I need to ask the right questions and this requires having some sort of understanding to be able to ask in the first place.

It appears that there was another group and the reason why they are exploring is their need for a particular element of the periodic table that we have not discovered and does not exist on this planet.

This initial 2 craft group did one orbit around the circumference, their internal sensors failed to detect any signal of this particular element on Earth, and they were gone. The first and second groups, a good 3 years away from each other, had not communicated. Contrary to scifi beliefs there is no such thing as “sub-space” communication, or the ability to “phone Home” in real-time.

If you read the article and have questions on the subject, feel free to drop me a line and I will collate them and put them to ~Charley for a later post


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