You might well be amazed at how many people confuse the meaning of love. I had a quick look on the net, and saw some of the following:

7 types of love – Psychology today, 36 definitions of love –Urban Dictionary, 6 different forms of love – The fact site and a lot more!

Allow me to put the record straight.- There are only two types of Love: real love (a feeling) which is an expression of the Soul fragment via the heart and Ego pseudo love (emotions) which is an expression of need within the biological/mechanical body system.

Khalid Gibran was a highly influential poet in the early part of the 20th century best known for his work the “Prophet” here is a snippet from his poem “on Love ”

Love gives naught but itself and takes

naught but from itself.

     Love possesses not, nor would it be


     For love is sufficient unto love.

     When you love you should not say,

“God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am

in the heart of God.”

     And think not you can direct the course

of love, for love, if it finds you worthy,

directs your course.

Ego Love is not LOVE. it is based on emotional need, bonding, identification and projection of our needs. When we are young and our hormone output is strong our sexual needs can be all-consuming and we see others as objects to be possessed for our gratification.

When we have children we emotionally bond with them, yet that “love” is conditional. And more often than not we want to give them what we ourselves were missing in our own childhood. In the “Prophet” Kahid has a poem on children. He understood that true LOVE does not possess another, be they partners or children.

So few people worldwide are truly connected to their hearts That they confuse ego need with Dispassionate love. This is totally understandable for Dispassionate love comes from the heart and it has to make its way through the layers of ego, such as mental belief systems, painful unexpressed emotional events from the past that still colour our perception, and physical blockages as a result of eating poisonous foods that affect our internal organs and glands.

I go on to this much more fully in the video podcast below

The Soul reaching out through the biological layers to Reality

Real love is “dispassionate seeing with ALL of our available senses”. that means that we see and we accept ourselves for who and what we are without self-criticism or judgement. It also means that we perceive reality as it truly is without our minds and emotions filtering, judging, criticizing and labelling all and sundry.

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