There are some words in our vocabulary that contain core concepts accepted as fact based on belief.  A belief is an idea taken on faith as to the nature of our world / Creation. Religious dogma contains such words and Divine or divinity is one of them.

Traditional religions as well as new age ‘Spirituality’ contain this Divine idea. Although they believe it without questioning in different ways.

Traditional religions equate Divinity with A ‘God’ that has taken on board human attributes. ‘Spirituality’ rejects God in man’s image as a belief yet never the less ascribes this ‘God’ or more appropriately ‘Maker of All’ with involvement in human affairs.

What the two separate beliefs have in common is that This Maker of All intervenes in human affairs. Why? well quite simply because Mankind is so self-centered that they experience the Whole of Creation (including God) as revolving around their petty concerns.

This self-focussed perception of their environment gives rise to the belief in Divine intervention,  and Divine displeasure or retribution. The belief in the power of prayer as in “I know what is good for you”, and I will act as an intermediate on your behalf with God because ‘HE ‘ hears me better than you,  or, HE will be amenable to my pious acts  and take pity on you, etc.,

This gives way to Miracles. “who isn’t a sucker for a good miracle?” they have been selling bones and amulets from saints for over a thousand years.

The spiritual crowd has also cornered their market with their magical beliefs.

Essentially both opposing groups pay lip service to the perceived laws of this 3th-dimensional universe of cause and effect be they Newtonian or quantum with a belief that we can alter the molecular structure of matter through wish or prayer. We can certainly affect all lifeforms around us either emotionally or with our feelings. to generate a frequency to either destabilize or aid in congruity,

Don’t think for a minute that those who are focused on mundane matters such as politics to improve the World fare any better. They believe that the opposite party will get into power and improve the lot of the common human. He Hee.  When did that last happen?    In modern history? only Twice- but external interests managed to corrupt and destroy.

The reality at the end of the day is that we are and have been highly suggestible by our ignorance and indoctrination as to the nature of our world.

So where is the Truth to be found? In our present World with great difficulty. The fearful ego goes to great lengths to survive, it is built in our biological makeup. The idea of dying and then… What?… opens us up to all manner of charlatans, and we are so suggestible!

There is truth to be found. There have always been those few with psychic gifts of past and future as well as knowing how to help others, that defy our present belief systems as to the nature of reality. As we free ourselves from the rigidities of culturally imposed beliefs, and free our emotions and imagination we can experience glimpses and promptings that leave us in no doubt that there IS something else.

As one of these individuals. I have a belief system that is rooted in a reality that to some extent I can prove not just to myself but to others too.  Namely, that we are egos and to that extent machines, and that I am intimately connected with an Intelligence that is NOT “The Maker of All” and yet I am told, and have no problem assuming, is part of The Maker of All.

Christians and adepts of the Kabbalah would describe this Intelligence as a (minor) Angel. ~He prefers the description of a 12th-dimensional soul fragment of the One soul, to reflect the reality, that all of Creation is composed in its totality, as increasingly fragmented aspects of the Maker of All – the further away harmonically speaking they are from that Source.

Here is a clip from a video that crudely interprets Creation from the point of view of Harmonics where the base tone is the equivalent of the Maker of All with the rest of Creation being increasingly fractured reflections of the One.

The Source of ALL does not intervene in human affairs although there is intervention from the Soul Dimension, not for the benefit of our petty and fragmented egos, but rather to release our egos of their constraint and allow the soul fragment within every one of us to express itself fully to experience life.

So yes, there is an agenda from beyond this dimension but it is not Divine. The Maker of All is above the fray, so to speak.  Anyway, Astrid and I thrash back and forth in the following podcast both doing our best to explain and share our perceptions and present understanding of the nature of Divine Timing and Intervention.

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