There is a lot of interest these days in experiencing past lives, in part, this is the result of hypnotherapy. I recall 35 years back a medium telling me about one of my past lives and the consequences of those actions were being replayed in those early days of my youth.

Since my 60s as a consequence of my channelling ~Charley (12-dimensional Soul fragment of the one Soul) I have experienced many of my past lives on this planet, they were all poignant, and they all aided my reconnection with my own soul fragment.

As part of my practice working with others and ~Charley, as I got better at what I do, I recognized moments when a client was ready and willing to sojourn to a specific past life, they are invariably traumatic and emotionally intense, for humanity’s past over the last 10,000 years is littered with trauma and brutality. This has paid a heavy toll on our soul fragments. You could say this is where karma comes in.

As humans, we experience Time in a sequential order, whereas time is more like a landscape. Your view from the tallest high-rise block of flats (past lives available) is way different from your view from ground level (immediate surroundings).

The second chakra is about emotions, relationships, belonging to the group, and reproduction, most people are seriously damaged in their second chakra not just now but also in their past lives, and the 2nd chakra is the gateway to healing past lives, except we need to heal in the present enough to be able to cope with the intensity of emotions. A bit of a chicken-and-egg dilemma. So, I rely on ~Charley to guide us into the past when the time is right.

This article page will become an increasing list of podcast sessions to do with past lives. By listening to them as you experience their anguish, perhaps you will gain the courage to experience your own emotional intensity.

In this podcast working with shadow self, we go back in time to 220 A.D. where a seed of psychic disturbance all the way to the present lifetime is ready to be cleared with the help of ~Charley whom I channel.
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This past life session focused on loss and grief from my earlier days, no less powerful, or clear as to the whole point of working with a past life to clear emotions in the present. I rely on ~Charley whom I channel to navigate us to the right time and emotions.
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In this very powerful and emotionally intense session, Astrid goes back 650 years to a large village in Germany where her past self, undergoes abuse, guilt, betrayal, and death, only for some of those similar experiences to be part of her present life encounters. With ~Charley’s help, a story of redemption and release is courageously experienced by Astrid.
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