Humanity has for thousands of years been afraid of its own shadow. In earlier times, our ancestors tried to make sense of the world by creating spirits, demons and deities that reflected aspects of their shadow self personalities. Now that we have the technology to split the atom, the world has become divided, between those who cling to the old superstitions and the unseen world that rules our lives, those who completely reject them, and those who need to find meaning beyond the mundane and search for a new paradigm.

Is there a world or level of manifestation beyond the mechanicalness of the universe? And here is the Biggie, is there such a being as GOD? And if so, what does it mean to us? To address this question, I will rely on ~Charley, a soul fragment of the one Soul who I channel and is itching to express itself.

If I am channelling ~Charley, then it proves that we exist in more than a mere mechanical universe. You might argue whether I truly am connected to a 12th-dimensional soul fragment of the one Soul, am deluded in flights of fancy, or my subconscious is tapping into something we have yet to understand. I can not prove to you with words that I am connected to a much greater intelligence that is beyond Time. However, there are many of my YouTube podcasts with examples of ~Charley working through me to help others.


Coming back to GOD. This deity will forever be incomprehensible to mortals. Souls fare a bit better, but not by much. As humans that operate within very minute sections of time, Infinity is a subject beyond our capacity to fully comprehend. The Soul Realm is beyond Time. So closer to the Source.

In the Western Christian tradition, in the beginning, was the Word, and in seven days Creation ensued. Those who cling to the mechanical universe being all, spout the theory that the universe began with the Big Bang, approx 13 billion years back. There is a level of comfort to be had from that theory. After all, our day-to-day experience is, that everything begins and ends.

Here we have the first sticking point, according to ~Charley our Galaxy came together approximately 66 billion years back. We are never going to see eye to eye with those of the scientific persuasion. And our universe, correction, the matter within the universe of which we are a part has been around for approximately over 1 trillion years.

Of course, even this language is confusing, the soup in your bowl is not the same as the bits in the soup. We confuse the word ‘universe’ as defining the totality of the 3rd dimension with the matter within it. To all intents and purposes, the underlying matrix of the universe is infinite, for the 1 trillion years that matter has been around in its present form is but a drop in the ocean within the existence of this 3rd- Dimension.

So what is GOD? Not even ~Charley Knows! As human beings, some of us have become aware that unseen forces shape our lives. That there are such concepts as destiny and fate. The reasons for this are twofold. On the one hand, we do exist within a mechanical universe of cause and effect where free will does not exist (although we delude ourselves that we do have it). On the other, The Soul dimension is real and Eternal, and soul fragments do bond with human beings from 4 months in the womb till death. Being beyond Time implies that the direction of our lives can be planned even before the ship sails, although unexpected storms can derail the journey.

The closest we will ever get to understanding GOD is via the hermetic saying “as above so below”, or, in modern parlance – the holographic–fractal principle. As well as, the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang.

Only the Maker of All is real, all else are fragmented shadows

In the beginning? There is no beginning or end! Beginnings and endings are for the ‘Matter’ within this 3rd Dimension. In the eternal NOW there is the incomprehensible (to us), Ineffable Oneness that we would call GOD. And the “One Soul” knows this because ‘IT’ is the Yang aspect of Godhood. If we can take onboard that the whole of Creation is the manifestation of GOD, then it follows that the whole of Creation is GOD within Creation or at least a holographic /fractal reflection of it.

So Soul is also ‘One’ and it has, in turn, the attribute of Creation defined by ‘WILL’, but unlike GOD it is divided into ‘hierarchical’ soul fragments without number, each of which is a fraction of GOD’s WILL. Humans are pale shadows, we too are built into a hierarchy of structures, yet there is or can be, an overall consciousness, that reflects the totality.

These fractions of God’s Will gradually coalesce into larger and larger fragments of God’s Will, or Soul fragments, for ease of reference ~Charley has ascribed Dimensional levels to these soul fragments for our benefit. For example, ~Charley is a 12th-dimensional soul fragment that has hierarchically grown to be part of a planetary soul.

All living things as we know them on this planet, including humans, are bonded with 9th-dimensional soul fragments. All soul fragments ‘ascend/evolve/integrate’ via coalescing through the exercise of God’s will on ‘Matter,’ which in turn allows them to maintain and apply via Will the integrity of larger and more complex forms of ‘Matter’ within the 3rd-dimensional universe.

The closest simile within our understanding is water vapour (minute vibrational expressions of God’s Will/Love ascending from the sea, clouds, drops of rain falling on the mountains coming together into rivulets -streams- rivers and finally becoming one with the sea, bringing with it /them the accumulated exercise of will/Love/ higher vibration. This could be compared to the Sun heating the water, generating vapour to clouds, and the cycle renews itself.

And yes, occasionally some of the rainwater as it flows gets ‘stuck’ in a small dead-end unmoving area and it stagnates. Its only hope is to be vaporised to rejoin the stream once more. I call these, cut from the Flow and unable to grow/integrate via the exercise of Will, critters”-or low-level soul fragments.

Soul Hierarchy

Soul as the active aspect of God within Creation asserts its Will in this 3rd dimension and brings matter together to create greater and greater complexity.

So we have GOD beyond Time, Space, or comprehension, at one level appearing to divide Itself, out of which, the One Soul as the vehicle for Creation manifests. The One Soul by its very nature is beyond Time, but not beyond Soul Space. You might reasonably have assumed that where there is Space there is Time i.e. to move from a to b But the Soul Dimension is both infinite and completely filled with soul i.e. there is nowhere to go. The idea of an infinite bottomless ocean comes to mind as a very rough approximation, where Soul is the water, it has gradations of heat at different levels yet nowhere to go.

Just as the fragmented One Soul integrates itself into ‘Oneness’ via its exertions of Will on its Creation of ever more complex Matter in the 3-D Realm, so too, do the soul fragments within human beings work towards integrating the various centres of the human vehicle with itself as well as with previous soul-fragments in other lifetimes.

This is where intelligent self-aware (3-brained beings) life forms, a relatively new development in the universe (approx 900 billion years) for soul experience, are of great value. Whilst they have a relatively short life span In relation to larger bodies, nevertheless the possible range of complex life experiences is much sought after by the Soul dimension as an energetic contribution via feelings and the heart. Something we have lately been having a problem with on this Earth.

As a consequence of the damaged communication between Soul fragments and the host vehicle body. Soul fragments on this Earth have been traumatised in past lives, with echoes of such events repeating in the present life. This present lifetime becomes an opportunity for the awakening soul fragment within a human being to integrate with marooned soul fragments scattered across Time – in past lives.

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You could think of Matter in the 3rd dimension (subject to Time and Space), as a fractal/ holograph of Soul. Here, Matter willed by the soul is encouraged to clump/ bond into greater and more complex structures. Similarly, the Soul dimension is also a fractal copy of the Endless Maker of All,’ One Soul’. However, The One Soul and its dimension are Timeless, although constrained within infinite Space.

What separates the whole of Creation from its Maker is that it is fragmented at every level, and the overriding motivation for the whole of Creation could be compared to rainwater falling down the mountain, that can’t help but make its way back to the ocean, to be united once more with its Source… As human beings, we are a distant reflection from the Source, and yet our need is no less intense. What we truly desire once the raindrops of experience suffuse our psyche and coalesce in intensity, is to be one with our hearts, for there, we will be with the closest manifested reflection of the Source available to us.

The Fragmented Duality of Yin /Yang in Creation- Reaching for Unity back to the Maker of ALL


Time is a human reference for movement between two points in 3-dimensional space. It does not exist. Instead, we are so far from the Source that even the Oneness of the ‘Eternal Now’ we experience in a fractured way.

God is Timeless and spaceless – beyond Creation and One. The soul is also Eternal but constrained by Space and fractured

Humanity has unfortunately since the last cataclysm and as a result of a previously unforeseen event just over 3 million years back become even more fractured than in the previous 70,000+ years, the ‘critters’ made good on an opportunity around 10,000 years back, and it has been downhill ever since, or it might be more apt to describe the result as water in a stagnant pond.

Human sacrifice (Unknown artist/Wikimedia Commons)

The result of these unfortunate events has been brutality and traumas in the psyche of all beings on this planet. This has led to soul fragments across the generations not experiencing their body’s demise fully, and being bound to the unexpressed/unresolved traumas which seek resolution, these have in turn been transferred to future soul fragments-karma.

And this is where it is important to get our heads around the concept of time. There IS NO TIME, ALL is NOW. As human beings who are waking up and reintegrating our fractured selves, the job of reintegrating the lost fractured parts of our soul is down to us- ‘Now’ in this present lifetime.

In practical terms, it means connecting with our past lives and healing the rift at the moment of death because it is all happening now. Of course, you can’t just decide with your ego I will do this now. If you can’t swim, you would be foolish to jump in the water to save another. In this link, you will find all the videos on past life healing. You will then realize that the traumas in previous lifetimes have ripples into the present of other people’s lives (and your own). And, that there is a right moment – once you have learnt to swim.

Time and Space

God is eternal, Omnipresent, Formless, beyond, yet forms Creation of Itself. > Soul within Creation, Timeless, fractured, and constrained by Dimensional Space, Creator of > The 3rd dimension completely fractured in both Time and Space.

The 3rd-dimension exists for the benefit of the Soul Dimension to exercise God’s Will. The Soul Dimension in turn exists for the benefit of the Maker of All to Know Itself. [I can intellectualise all this, but the truth is that it is beyond my comprehension for I have no experience on the matter. I accept ~Charley’s rendition, because it makes coherent sense from my observations of life, and because as a road map for the universe, Creation, and life, it hangs together better for the idea of a loving non-judgmental all-encompassing and accepting Creator.]

Two third through writing this article I came across this video that shows one of the 1st cracks I am aware of as to some in the scientific community starting to question the official narrative as to the nature of our universe in terms of Time, Space and the Big Bang. Roger Penrose: “Time Has No Beginning And Big Bang Wrong

As far as this Dimension goes, in our fractured state of being, we do experience Time, for molecules and cells move within us and degrade, and the planets and the Sun follow orbits by which we become aware of the passage of time. And yet, to our perception, Time is relative.

For example, a day for the Earth is approx. the equivalent of 1 year and between 3–4 months of our lives. The timescale will be different according to the size of the body, animate/inanimate, type of species, all the way down to an amoeba. So surely there is no way we can comprehend the intelligence of planetary or stellar interactions?

We look in the mirror or photos as gradually, over time our picture and our friends and families, visage alters, although our sense of who we are internally, remains fairly constant. We pay lip service to the idea that we exist in the now, but more often than not we are either in our memories of the past or in anticipation of some future.

Crusting for a pie

Time is now, In this 3rd Dimension all past aggregations of matter including human bodies strive and evolve for maximum congruity and then devolve towards death/dissolution/transmutation You could compare this to the simile of making and cooking a pie. You begin with a desire and idea of the potential of what you will create. As you are making it, you gradually reduce the potential choices of the finally created item. You have the creative potential of shaping the dough and adding various ingredients, as well as cooking temp. Once that pie is out of the oven, you can’t go back in time to create physical changes within it. – only eat it and transform it.

When we revisit a past life, we cannot change events, they are now fixed in Time. The potential is always in the present towards the future, and yet, Soul is not of this 3rd dimension our soul fragments can communicate with each other, for the love and acceptance we imbue our past self with, is beyond this dimension.

Planets, stars, galaxies, and Soul

It might surprise you that planets stars and galaxies engage with each other, interconnect and communicate in ways beyond us. The concept of the Electric universe has been around for about 40-odd years. It posits that electric fields of energy generated via plasma from stars and electromagnetic fields generate huge amounts of electricity (Birkeland currents) that interconnect and flow along lines between planets, stars, and even galaxies.

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Western science has been denigrating the idea of electricity powering the cosmos, yet look at yourself. Remember the concept “as above, so below”? The human body is reliant on electricity, from the creation of ATP in the Mitochondria to the electrical signalling of the nervous system to power muscles and convey information from the brain to muscles and organs. Even the idea of the heart pumping the blood flow has been turned on its head and successfully described as operating as an electric circuit, The Heart Is Not A Pump!

All planetary bodies, regardless of size and composition, have been carefully crafted and evolved to interact with each other by Soul, and Soul is well aware of and works with what we call ‘our Solar system’. Humanity reflects in their psyche the movement of these heavenly bodies. I mentioned previously that ~Charley is a Soul fragment of a planetary soul (elsewhere in this galaxy). All planetary souls could be described as existing in the 17th Dimension. And their immediate composition, such as ~Charley, manifests from the 12th Dimension.

The Planet Earth Has such a Soul. ~Charley introduced Him to me, I call Him ~Henry for my benefit, he doesn’t have or need a name. To connect with ~Henry is to connect with Love. Because of my limited senses and comprehension, after all, the Earth is huge to take on board; I now focus on the air that surrounds and penetrates the planet as I call his name. Henry is not bothered one way or the other by humanity, we are a mere speck on the physical presence of his planet. He is aware of me only because my heart is open to his Love, and because ~Charley introduced me and interceded on my behalf.

When I work with clients thousands of miles away ~Henry acts as a bridge between ~Charley, The client’s soul fragment and me.

Just like the One Soul is fragmented so we as a steeped-down fractal/holographic replica are too fragmented. Look into your body, it is filled with approx 450 million separate tiny lives most of which are (in a healthy specimen) working in harmony with each other, they, in turn, have separated into various organs, glands, muscles, bones, skin etc., each tiny life within us has it’s on separate lower level soul fragment and if you keep drilling down to the atomic level even there you will find soul fragments asserting Will to manifest in this dimension.

If you find my explanations above confusing then I suggest you keep coming back to this article, in the future it will become clearer and clearer.

In Conclusion, some Q&A

It doesn’t help that we have a profusion of beliefs to explain the nature of reality. There have been several channels in the last 40 years or so that whilst sharing truth have muddied the waters. This is quite apart from the traditional religious, medical, scientific and historical models.

1. Yes we do have a soul, we are not here to suffer, yet we are here to experience. Unfortunately, humanity is truly sick and to be born in this time is to truly suffer.

The soul fragments (beyond time) that incarnate have a pretty good idea of what a rough ride they are in for. A canoeist choosing to go down a river on a mountain knows he/she is in for a rough ride, but takes a chance, there are too many variables to guarantee success, and all that is available is previous experience. Past lives are littered with our failures. Success is the awakened heart that in turn, has a chance to awaken and reintegrate the past soul fragments.

2. We are at a time of critical juncture, a big event is unfolding. Many channels have been sharing what Soul has managed to impart, unfortunately, the purity of the channel is invariably in question (not a put down) simply an observation that ego/ indoctrination and beliefs invariably colour the information received and then shared with others.

You might reasonably ask, well, what about you and your ego’s indoctrinated beliefs? Yes, I am tortured by my questioning of what comes through me and the implications for others. I could share with you that I have experienced more than my share of pain, that throughout my life I have refused to be part of the group belief systems and question more than most about myself governments, history, etc., And yet, I am still fallible.

This is why I question and re-question whatever comes through me from ~Charley. Of course, ~Charley does not possess emotions, so truly, he doesn’t care how often I question and regurgitate. And I have found a workaround, whereby I question whether what I am receiving is from ~Charley, or my ego playing mind games. For this, I have ~Eric, my immediate Soul fragment, to act as a gatekeeper.

Why ~Eric? What is so special about him? Nothing, although as far as his present life on this Earth, he has cleared all the accumulated and usually out-of-awareness, emotional, and mental beliefs’ baggage, and integrated most of his soul fragments in previous lifetimes. So the lines of communication are fairly unimpeded.

3. What about demons and evil entities, nature spirits, etc., As I have already shared, within Creation all there is Soul, and within the 3rd dimension only inanimate matter. What!!? Yes, you ‘Joe blog’, are only a machine, what animates you is soul. Demons and evil entities are part of the simplistic mindset created by humanity to make sense of Creation, yes there are the critters, but these are a very low-level soul that feeds on negative emotions. While they affect most people at present, their true power comes from the seriously traumatised and indoctrinated humans in positions of power and control.

4. Heaven and hell? Yep, right now on this Earth! The Maker of ALL neither needs nor desires, subservience, adoration, fawning, or denial of our human nature. No need for a carrot or a stick. However far removed, we are still fragments of the One. Compassion, self-acceptance, and forgiveness are much more central to the theme.

In our disconnected brutality, we have created deities to reflect our warped perceptions. There is one deity conceived way before the last cataclysm and carried on into this one from the Atlanteans to the Egyptians that is an approximation of the truth.

I speak of the Sun. If we were inclined to devotion, the Sun is as close to our God as we humans can get. And I don’t mean sacrifice like the misguided Aztecs who believed that regular human sacrifices were necessary for the Sun to keep appearing every morning! Think about this, the Sun shines equally on all without favour or merit, and when we surrender to its warmth and intense light we are filled with calm acceptance and even joy.

5. What about the Earth separating into those that stay behind and those worthy of moving up to a new 5-dimensional Earth? This was a misunderstanding by a channel of the true message.

Yes, A parting of humanity will be coming in the not-too-far future, and Ascension is real, but not in a mystical sense. Two-thirds of the human population that will have reached a certain level of heart connection will be going off the planet, with the aid of the True Human aliens who are already here waiting in the wings. The other one-third will die here in the cataclysm that, from the time frame of the Earth, is a matter of weeks, or in human terms still approx 23 years to go.

6. What about spirituality? True spirituality is to be found in the heart, for that is where your spirit or soul fragment resides/ interconnects. No reading of holy books, prostrating yourself at the feet of a guru, or following a particular belief system will get you any closer to your heart. You are all born with your heart opened. To get back to the heart is the only journey worth taking in this life. But this path is strewn with obstacles in the shape of suppressed emotions, and limiting beliefs that would stop you from experiencing your emotional intensity and subsequent inner freedom. To reach your heart is to be open to all emotions without judgment.


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