Many people myself included when I was much younger are desperate to hear about themselves and explore Astrology, tarot Cards, Mediums, divination,  and the various, psychotherapeutic modalities to gain insight.

The main reason why we appear to have lost the capacity for self-knowing is due to the unfortunate circumstances that we all pretty much encounter as we grow up. Namely, education, the dumbing down of our senses, creativity and imagination, the pressure to conform and a whole lot more. The result is a fractured personality where the right hand has no idea what the left is doing half the time.

This is half the story in that when we want to know ourselves we refer to our personality in terms of likes dislikes, character, needs, or even what emotions motivate us. Because to a greater or lesser extent, we are mentally and emotionally crippled, our sense of self is invariably tied to our mental conflicts, emotional distress and physical dis-ease. And yet, there is so much more to us.

soul leaving body

If we lived forever the question, do we have a Soul? would be irrelevant, however, our lives are short and no one has come back to tell their story. Many of us mourn those close to us who have died and feel the loss keenly, at such moment we are likely to be aware of our own mortality. Many others have claimed not only to have been visited by the departed but given a sense of comfort that they lived on.

if you go to a spiritualist seance as I have, you will hear someone at the rostrum imparting information to a member of the audience who will hear tidbits of relevant information with regards to the relationship they had, leaving them in no doubt that, that member of their family lives on beyond this realm. I struggle with this because these experiences assume that the ego and the soul are the same.

Some people have claimed near-death experiences and were left in no doubt that there is something else out there. Again, I also struggle with this one, simply because my dreams can be very vivid and beyond time as we measure it. Also, I have experienced psychedelics in the past leading to all manner of hallucinations.

Do I have a Soul or not?

Let me address the issue of a Soul.  Religions assume that  ‘We’ are a soul and conflate the soul with our personality and that the responsibility for our actions on this Earth falls squarely on the metaphorical shoulders of the Soul.

Western Christian Religions posit we are souls, here to experience only this one life with the physical body sorrounding us like a glove. On death, we are to be judged, and if found wanting- descent to Eternal Hell. If morally upstanding off to learn the harp in heaven. Sounds a bit extreme really, one short life followed by Eternal judgment. How do they know All this is true? If this were a court of law the alleged evidence might well be classed as hearsay.

 Eastern Buddhist Religions favour a Soul (ego) that keeps coming back through the epochs, potentially inhabiting ever more complex organisms with the ultimate aim of being one with the Maker.  Other indigenous cultures. Have the concept of the soul who in death becomes the ghostly ancestors hanging about. 

And lastly, we have the atheistic religion where at the end of one’s present life, like a play, the curtains are drawn and the lights switched off on the way out.

What all the above have in common is the idea that Ego can somehow survive death.

So who are we? Are we merely this personality? Is there such a thing as a soul in us?  Are we the soul? Do the Christians have it right?  One life and Eternal Judgment?  What about the Eastern philosophies?, that posit fragments of God rising ever higher through the layers of Creation until we are once more whole with the Maker? Where do ghosts come into the equation?

Communication with soul

What happens when we die?   This is a question that by and large Humanity has been attempting to answer for millennia, partly motivated by the fear of ego death, and because WE as human beings are fragmented in our psyches and disassociated from our felt sense of self.

I am going to share information that may appear to come with an air of authority, clearly most of us will reject that, after all, how can any human being possibly know what is beyond life as we know it? Many have claimed to know the truth over the centuries and made a fat living out of the gullible.

For quite a few years now I have been channelling an intelligence That appears to be beyond Time and It is He who motivates and instructs me to write articles and make podcasts to disseminate his information. Err… but I could be delusional of course. it wouldn’t be the first time that people have imagined all manner of things. The reason why I believe what He has consistently shared with me is, partly my life story.

At the age of 60 I threw the towel in complete and utter disappointment I had trained in a whole variety of alternative therapies, from Gestalt psychotherapy to Acupuncturist, and a whole lot more I won’t bore you with. After 30 years I finally owned up to the realization that I wasn’t and would never be good enough, and chose to gracefully retire.

What had dogged me all my life was the pain and suffering most of us keep close to our chest, and it took my retirement to successfully release it. With the opening of my heart, I became aware of He who had always been there, and as I reflected on my life, I no longer took for granted all the impulsive dream-like moments when, without pause, I would go to places, and locations, people, each of which unbeknown to me at the time a stepping stone, bringing me ever closer to eventually achieving my lifelong aim of self-actualization.

Now He and I work together, and under His direction, I help others. I can diagnose, tell others across thousands of miles what they need to do to help themselves, I can pinpoint where they need to move their finger to be on top of an acupuncture point which they will feel to be true. I can at a distance inform the client on complex cranial manoeuvres to readjust their cranial bones, I can take a person back in time to childhood to a particular person, or even to past lives, all to help them release and experience intense suppressed emotions which were up to that point out of their awareness.

All of the above is impossible according to science. You could argue I am possessed of psychic powers but that is a far-fetched assumption for a mechanical human. I have no powers. But, I am connected to a benevolent intelligence that is beyond 3D Time who defines Himself as a soul fragment of the One Soul and the healing facility he has shared with me is in part to prove the veracity of his existence.

This intelligence I have named ~Charley for ease of reference, and everything I share comes from Him and when I put this information to paper into articles they are vetted by ~Charley for accuracy.

According to ~Charley – he has defined himself to me as a 12-dimensional soul(fragment) of the One Soul. The world of Matter is infused/ blended with Soul.  One could even say that Matter is a small and fragmented part of the Soul dimension. every living thing in the whole of the universe is blended /contains and is animated by a 9th-dimensional fragment of soul.

To clarify, Creation is relatively straightforward The  Formless/Spaceless Maker of All generates from Itself Form/Space. The Maker has from insubstantial created substance – the Soul Dimension

The soul dimension could be compared to an endless ocean composed of an infinite number of droplets yet they are all one. The one Soul occupies if that is the right word the whole of the infinite dimension. From our limited perspective, we would say it contains space/ substance/ energetic vibration which is the prelude to matter,  except it is an infinite space with nowhere to go Eternally Present hence from a human perspective outside of Time as we know it.

Just like the Maker of All created the Soul Dimension from and within itself, so in its turn,  Soul has created The 3rd dimension from and, within itself.

The Maker of All is beyond Time and Space – undifferentiated, infinite, eternal, and complete in itself.

The One Soul is Beyond Time but NOT Space, this Space we shall call a Dimension. It is NOT infinite in so far as it renews itself, just like the ocean evaporates into clouds that in time condense, meandering and altering the landscape, eventually returning to the sea.

Soul fragments are the driving impetus in all matter. This mechanical 3rd-dimension of cause and effect is also completely fractured both in terms of Space as well as Time.

Our corner of the Galaxy

Human beings are a tad parochial. We are not the only intelligent life in this Earth, this galaxy, or this Universe. The genetic DNA template of which we are created has been worked on by the Soul realm for almost a trillion Earth years.  Just like we have genetically manipulated fruit to make it sweeter, fleshier,  larger etc., so soul is forever improving the vehicle that is created from DNA.

The DNA template on this earth is nearly 99% similar for most of the life here. And yet look at the variety and profusion of species. We are an accidental offshoot in terms of the Universal genetic DNA program advancement. We have promise in our potential addition to the Universal Gene poo,l but to date, we are genetically no more than second cousins to the True Humans that live in this Galaxy, of whom, we were gifted  1.5 % of their DNA. 500 million years back.

Colliding Galaxies

Around 5 ½ billion years ago the Milky Way had a slight collision on the edges with another galaxy, resulting in matter being exchanged between them.  What we call the Earth although much diminished at the time, was incorporated into the outer arm of the Milky Way.  It found a niche in our solar system and incorporated into itself material flying loose as a result of the partial blending of the two galaxies.

Humanity was doing relatively well despite all the catastrophes that periodically affected this Earth and despite a low-level parasitical soul fragment, I have labelled the critters, you can read about them here. that have been operating in this space for at least the last two million years.

These critters had no real opening into the psyche of humanity until the last 50 thousand years.  They started to become a serious problem after the last cataclysm approx. 13,000 years back.

fear through a prism , negative emotions
fear through a prism, negative emotions

The critters feed on fear – fear is a healthy response in all species to our environment. It generates fight-flight hormonal responses in the organism.  Humans are susceptible to fear it is genetically built into us. Our parents can teach us by example to experience fear healthily. But fear can be corrupted. Just like the light from the sun can be fragmented into different colours through a prism.

After the last cataclysm, the light went out from the world. More and more children were born into undisciplined parents as they gradually descended into barbarism. Aided throughout by the influence of the critters. By 10,000 years back psychopaths had inverted the world and assumed positions of power and control. And the descent from the glory of the previous atlantes civilization had all but disappeared, apart from those few that carried the torch of consciousness and knowledge across the generations.

The ensuing darkness of the Spirit of consciousness has lasted to the present time, but the worm is about to turn.

The above is a quick synapse of humanity but does not explain why we are here, yet important to share, for it adds a level of context to the outer world, ultimately reflecting our inner world.

Why are we here?

As I shared earlier There is a soul fragment within each of us.  I can not prove It to you but I assume you would not have read this far unless you were ready to open the curtains, and let the sunshine flow into your being. Let me say that If you look back through your life there will have been moments of chance or even intense encounters that left you with the feeling that your life is choreographed with people and events you needed to experience in your ongoing growth and understanding.

So why are we here? What is the soul playing at? Why have we been thrust into the present mess that is in this world?

Facets of Love

Soul is about experience it has no emotion, does not judge, is devoid of morality has no concept of right and wrong. What the Soul expresses within the experience of a human being is feeling, this being how it communicates when in charge of the human vehicle.

Shocking? This 3rd dimension is about birth, death, and regeneration,  Soul on the other hand is an aspect of an Eternal Being.  Life in this universe is NOT accidental it is subject to the rules of cause and effect mechanical and predictable. I say predictable because, from the vantage view of beyond time, the potential patterns of events can be ascertained with a fair amount of accuracy.

Initially I wrote “with a great deal of accuracy” and ~Charley has pointed out to me the inaccuracy of my statement. I highlight that you may appreciate that the pattern of future human relationships can not be accurately predicted because of the incredible number of potential variables. The world is presently polarised between those who are asleep and dumbed down, and those starting to wake up to themselves. The light and the Dark are warring for the waking heart of Humanity. Whilst the coming cataclysm is 100% certain. the % of souls that will move on is not.

There are different time frames between larger stellar bodies and humanity, just like there are different timeframes between a human and a fly.  A Soul’s interaction with a human being is no mere accident, its coming life into the world has been planned from our perspective between 5,000 and 8,500 in advance (from the Soul Dimension’s perspective the past is part of the now.) This will encompass the genetic blending of up to 4 previous genetic generations for each incarnation, as well as the timing of their birth, to coincide with planetary and stellar positions, it will include friends and important people they have to meet. Your family, friends, and important acquaintances will themselves also have their own lives planned and will need to be dove-tailed into yours, and yours to theirs.

Our lives are no mere accidents of nature and our suffering is not accidental

Of course one cannot predict the movement of every single atom in this universe and human life is not even a blink of an eye, so inevitably there is an element of chance to be incorporated into the plan, hence failsafe contingencies are also incorporated.

But why come here? To this Sh*t hole of a planet? – for some of us it is about experience, others are trapped.

The previous Atlantean civilization after a few reincarnations would invariably move on to reincarnate on other planets with a more evolved life form, but, since the last mini cataclysm, regardless of whether we are here for experience or unwittingly trapped. We are ALL trapped.

Descent into barbarism

At the level of Soul, the last cataclysm was expected, unavoidable and foretold. Just like the next one, they did their best to save as many Atlantians as possible via the use of mediums to raise the alarm of the coming destructions and the places on earth that would be relatively safe. Alas, many more people died than were expected.

 The survivors maintained their civilization for close to 1,500 years but the stock of advanced souls that had survived the cataclysm had dwindled and by the next mini cataclysm that froze large portions of the Earth about by 10,500 years back – to almost nothing.  In the meantime, many souls had advanced from the animal kingdom into human bodies.

These new young souls had no Conscious adults to guide them and were at the mercy of the critters, so the descent to barbarism was swift. Some souls from more advanced civilizations deliberately agreed, to incarnate on this Earth with the sole purpose of raising the collective vibration. To a greater or lesser extent, They mostly succumbed and were traumatised, lost, and once lost, condemned to repeat life experiences until such time as they could free themselves. Meanwhile, many more have been tricking in over the generations to help raise the vibration, even though very few have succeeded in freeing themselves.

It has taken many lifetimes to be here today. The world has never in 500 million years had such a profusion of beings alive at the same time. It has been a slow journey but finally, all the pieces are in place  The next cyclical cataclysm is fast approaching.

When that moment comes. If an individual’s soul is still highly traumatized and lost to itself it will die here and be lost for another cycle. 99% of those that survive will be so traumatized and at the mercy of the critters that they are unlikely to reintegrate the traumatized soul fragments scattered across time for a long, long time to come.

The traumatized and fragmented soul

When I speak of soul integration I refer to the fact that as a result of our traumatic life experiences our suppressed emotions block the communication from the heart (our soul) to the organism (ego). When A being dies in a state of trauma and lost to self the soul fragment is not reintegrated with its beyond time (in the soul dimension) soul.

Eric is my immediate soul fragment trapped in this world ~Charley (I Channel) is one step above

The only way To clear the blockages is via emotional intensity i.e. we need to fully experience and express the various emotions that we imagine are too painful to even contemplate.  It is an interesting side note here that modern ‘woke culture’ is determined even by force of law to protect us from intense uncomfortable emotions.

We are in a catch twenty-two, for apart from God all else is fragmented, Soul dimension, 3rd dimension, humanity, and YOU (me too). As human beings, there are only two ways to move beyond our present dilemma. One is to work on ourselves to achieve enough integration to leave this planet alive when the time comes. The other is to achieve complete integration by the moment of our death to be able to move on to future incarnations on other planets

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The fragmented Human

We have this false sense that I am the same Joe blog in the morning, in the afternoon, evening and at work or home. We are lulled into a false sense of continuity. The reality is that most people are disconnected from their bodies and their emotions, their sense of self resides in their heads, and their minds are at the mercy of whichever program happens to be running the show. Where do these programmes come from?

Some of the programs are genetic from our fathers and grandmothers, others via parents, teachers, friends, and the collective subconscious, and then there is the media, in all its forms such as tv, online social media, social groups- political, scientific religious, etc., and all of these are wrapped up and held in place by our fear that if we do not conform we will be ostracised.

To work on ourselves is no mean feat, it involves, physical, emotional, and mental pain/discomfort. It requires taking care of our bodies – we need to eat proper food this must include red meat.  I am aware of many who have fallen prey to the mental programs that it is wrong to kill, it is cancerous, I am too squeamish to eat a sentient being,  it is a heavy vibration that will stop me  spiritually advancing etc.,

Snapp out of it!    

All bodies die. The Sun is the one source from which all life forms must somehow transform this into themselves. It is a pyramid of transformation and we as carnivores sit at the top of this pyramid, it is the niche to which our digestive system has adapted.  

Cows have their niche too, they eat the Sun’s emanations via the grass, which is why they ferment the fibre to acquire protein and fat. We on the other hand have a primary stomach that releases acid and breaks the ingested protein down to amino acids. We also have four internal organs (spleen, pancreas, liver, gallbladder) that are designed to help us break the saturated fats down to absorbable size through the intestine wall.

cow digestion
The cow has four stomachs to break fibre down through fermentation!

The soul in a cow has accepted this fleeting experience for our benefit. Be grateful. Plants are not there for our benefit. Without proper nutrition, we cannot achieve our goal. It is interesting to note that we are inundated with false foods to keep us dumbed down and nutritionally weak. Over 90 % of human illnesses are the result of metabolic syndromes.

I don’t share this lightly but the critters have no interest whatsoever in our escaping the corral.  And they have their minions poisoning our foods, our atmosphere, our bodies with chemicals, our relationships with each other, and our ability to put our heads above the murky pond and experience the wonder of the universe by filling our heads with limiting beliefs.

There was a Nasa programme to find out how to increase creativity in the ’60s. They were acutely aware of a shortage of creative individuals. George Land repeated the study with a group of 1600 children from 5 to old to 15 then compared that result to a group of adults

Test results amongst 5 year olds: 98% Level of Creativity
Test results amongst 10 year olds: 30% Level of Creativity
Test results amongst 15 year olds: 12% Level of Creativity
The same test given to 280,000 adults: 2% Level of Creativity

That initial 98% that goes down to 2% by adulthood is the imaginative and creative birthright of all human beings deliberately suppressed by what is termed education, indoctrination would be more accurate.

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Our Education system is deliberately designed to create dullards, who believe what they are told, censor their imagination, follow orders and are good consumers and low-level workers. On top of that they are encouraged to consume pre-manufactured items and to think of them as food, filled with cheap oils, sugars, colourings, preservatives, salt, and accompanied liberal amounts of alcohol.

We are here to finally free ourselves. All the cards are stacked up against us. There is only one card we have left – the Ace of Hearts- it trumps everything they can throw our way. The way to our hearts is to strengthen our capacity for emotional intensity.

Emotional intensity is a gradual process that cannot be rushed, if your nervous system can only cope with enough juice to power one 60-watt light bulb you will blow a fuse should you plug in a 2 kwatts appliance.   Using this analogy The average human being is operating at around 20 kwatts you aim to make it to about 45-50 Kwatts. Only by clearing the emotional blockages. will you come home to your hearts and sidestep the mental programming.


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