First of all if you are new to this site and hoping for a professional Alternative Practitioner, wouldn’t it be a shame to be put off  because I dare to write information that firmly puts me in the ‘cooky part of society?’ Is it possible that our perception of so called reality is seriously redacted?  Judge by results might be more appropriate than by bias?

Anyway, I have already written about the Diehold Foundation. Whose information I find fascinating. They have worked out that October 2046 is the end date, and they are presently working out location on the earth where they can go to survive the impending cataclysm.

Dough made a mention in this last video of his  to do with reincarnation, and I was pleasantly surprised, as I would love them to hear what I have to share.   

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This morning in my meditation I conversed with ~Charley (my Higher Self). I was curious as to what happened towards the end of the last cataclysm approx.13,000 yrs back.

I asked about the previous civilization  how technologically evolved they were  how many and did the True Aliens take them away?

~Charley “There were  about 56 million all told worldwide. Technologically not very advanced compared to yourselves. However, spiritually they were far in advance. The True Humans did not take them away and apart from approx. 60,000 the rest died in the Cataclysm.”

I asked   “How did they know of the impending doom and where to go?”

~Charley “The same way that I am sharing with you” . He added “These were a relatively spiritually advance civilization compared to yourselves, for many had mastery over their egos.   6 messengers managed to incarnate in time  who had access to their Higher Selves for direct communication. Whilst many heeded the warning not all were able to travel to the 3 required locations.”

I asked, “Why the True Humans not come for them, to airlift them to safety?

~Charley The True Humans were unaware of their plight . The true humans last came 102,000 yrs ago aware of the impending cataclysm. Whilst there were billions on the planet at that time they did not airlift that civilization. “

~Charley “At that time the population were enthralled within their egos, they were emotionally and psychologically too damaged to save. The cataclysm was not as severe as the present one to come  and around a million survived.”

I asked “Is there going to be any place on this earth where there is a possibility of survival?”

~Charley “Yes”  he said.

I asked “Are you willing to share this information?”

~Charley “Yes,  for there are some people destined to survive and carry on. For it is most unlikely that anyone who has been lifted to the True Human’s mother ships will wish to return to this planet.”


~Charley “This is the only location on the Earth on March 2046 that will survive the coming Cataclysm.”

Latitude 12 degrees South and longitude 34, 38 degrees East which is located in Africa, Mocambique, Cabo Delgado

For more information on this subject Earth history and Cataclysm


  1. […] The Fastwalkers arrived in the 1960’s in the USA and they quietly collaborated , after 20 years  they became aware of two things of vital importance. First, as a result of their abduction experiments, that humanity has 1.5% True Human Alien DNA spliced in their genetic make up. The second, that there is a cyclic disturbance in the Sun and that it will Nova in the near future. [I am unsure if they know the exact date which is March of 2046]. […]

    • Ok I have a number of responses for you 🙂
      It will not be a pole shift . something happens to the Sun and not for the first time in the history of the Earth. Essentially the Earth rotates like a motor because electricity (electrons ) from the sun flow through the Earth . one by-product is the magnetic field. When the Sun temporarily stops sending the electrons the Earth stops spinning, we are only talking about 90seconds it is long enough for the momentum of the oceans to turn into Tsunamis. Subsequently as the Sun restarts it send out huge amounts of plasma. If the Earth happens to be in line with the Plasma then it will receive about 6000 Centigrades of heat as well. It is all a moot point, for if you have been diligently working on releasing your traumas and opening your heart then you are more than likely, if you are still alive in 24-25 years to be lifted to the mother-ships of the True Humans to be taken to other planets. lots of info on the web site if youo look for it.

  2. […] 3 years back ~Charley told me that a Cataclysm is coming.  To be specific sometime between the 1st and 10th of March of 2046 and, more recently, as a result of my questioning ~Charley shared with me the exact latitude and longitude  of the one and only  place on this Earth that will survive  both the Tsunami  as well as Solar discharges. I wrote a little article on it here. – Update on the coming cataclysm […]


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