If you have reached this page the chances are that you are already aware that I am in almost continuous communication with an Intelligence/ Awareness of much higher magnitude, to whom, the past and the present are all one, from its vantage point of a higher dimension.   I am a tiny fragment of this Higher Soul, for ease of communication I refer to him as ~Charley

Once before I started witting about the subject on this page, however, halfway through ~ Charley begun to give me contradictory answers. Finally, I asked him “Would you prefer for me not to write about this ?”  to which he replied, “~Yes”.

Six months have gone by, and I was watching a program whereby they were discussing the subject of Aliens and the Fastwalkers or Fast walkers. I once more asked ~Charley for information as to the veracity of what I was watching, and he agreed that some of it was true. So once more I asked ~Charley if I can share some of the information and he says “~Yes”. Mind you, I haven’t finished writing the article yet!

“So what were his previous objections?” I asked.  “Were you concerned for my well-being?”  “~No” he said. Was it my lack of accurate communication?  “~Yes!”. OK I can live with that.

Since the last Sun-induced cataclysm on this Earth just shy of 13,000 years back, there have been Alien visitors to this planet. True Human aliens came to check on us 9,000 and 5,000 years ago, they did not engage physically at any time with humanity and, once more, they are here waiting in the sidelines.  There has only been one other Race of Aliens to visit us and, as it turns out they are still here engaging with us.

The Fast walkers

In this article, I will discuss the race of beings that have been frequenting the Earth for at least 60 years and their relationship to what is presently going on in the world. I will call them  Fastwalkers or Fast walkers as others have labelled them.

For the avoidance of doubt. There are no alien Reptilian races or Intergalactic Federation in communication with any one on this Earth. All there is in our corner of the galaxy is the True Humans which come in 7 different flavours, and the Fastwalkers. There are some True Humans that communicate with the odd psychic, as their mental and psychic capacities are beyond our imagining.

The Fastwalkers come from a planet 31 light-years away in the direction of the constellation of Hydra. About one million years back, they encountered some True Humans. The Fast walkers at the time already had some language skills, but were very primitive and lived in very small groups. The True humans thought they showed promise as a species, and to aid in their development chose a small number of young females. the True Humans spliced about 1 % of their True Human DNA in their ova, whose children, over a very long time, slowly evolved to become the dominant and only race in their world.

Hydra and surrounding constellations Urania’s Mirror Wikipedia

The Fastwalker’s planet unlike the Earth has not suffered cataclysms from their Sun going nova and, as a result of the splicing’ The true Human DNA has gradually increased their thinking and developmental capacity in a slow but steady progression to the point of space travel. approx. 500 years back.

Unlike humanity, they are benign beings, not at the mercy of their egos, and acknowledging the ‘Maker of All’ , as well as aware that they have souls,. Their average life span is around 150 years and their level of soul-ego integration is around 45%.  To put this in perspective, the average Level of ego soul integration of the True Humans is 92% whereas on Earth the average level at the present time is about  19%

 The Fastwalkers ‘Souls’ are not as experienced as a large proportion of ours as their lives have relatively little conflict. On the other hand, they don’t grow up with the traumas that are the staple diet of humanity thanks to the ‘critters’.

The Fastwalkers come to Earth

The Fastwalkers have been systematically exploring outward from their Home-world since they acquired space flight, and they found our planet in the 1960’s by accident (whatever happened in Roswell was not related to these Aliens). Friendly beings that they are, the Fastwalkers made contact.

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When the Fast walkers first arrived, in their naivety, did not realize that the people they were speaking with were a selective group determined to pump them for all they were worth,. Initially, they complied to some extent, except our technology was very basic so had limited means to profit.

To begin with, we were the first civilization they encountered. These aliens, expected beings as well-meaning as themselves, they had no conception of psychopathy or lust for power, they have since learnt. Now they are warier.

It took the  Fastwalkers about twenty years to realise that our civilization was doomed because of a cyclic disturbance within our Sun. They came up with a plan, that would help humanity advance technologically to the point whereby they could easily catalogue the DNA of all humanity. To this end, they have provided, in increments, technology that has made the powers that be hungry to collect it from the masses, whilst at the same time securing their iron grip of control over the Earth.

In essence, these Fast walkers are aware of the coming cataclysm. However, this is one truth they have kept to themselves. For they have one dilemma, they cannot help humanity, there are simply too many of us and they don’t have the resources.

What do the Fastwalkers want from us?

For a long time, after ~Charley told me of these aliens on Earth from a planet 31 light years away. I kept asking. What is in it for them? Why are they still here? I wasn’t asking the right question with ~Charley. But now I have the piece of the jig-saw and it is to do with DNA.

The Fast walkers are aware that they have some Alien DNA within their own make-up,  They wondered if human beings have as well. To find out, they agreed with the true power behind the thrones of humanity that they could abduct people over the years for experimentation purposes. These ‘abductees’ were not damaged, physically, emotionally or mentally. As a result of their genetic experiments, they learnt that human beings have about 1.5%. True Human DNA.

Humanity has nothing to offer the Fastwalkers. We are backward, morally corrupt, mentally deficient in our collective ideologies, woefully inadequate in our understanding of the universe and, like a group of locust, would destroy anything in our path, for our greed and avarice knows no bounds. In fairness, the Fastwalkers have only met the people at the top of the power pyramid.

We might well wonder why they are still here, they need nothing from us. We have no resources that they cannot easily mine from space bodies. Well, as it happens, there is something we can offer them.

The Bargain for human DNA

The Fastwalkers arrived in the 1960s in the USA and they quietly collaborated, after 20 years they became aware of two things of vital importance. First, as a result of their abduction experiments, that humanity has 1.5% True Human Alien DNA spliced in their genetic makeup. The second is that there is a cyclic disturbance in the Sun and that it will Nova in the near future. [I am unsure if they know the exact date which is March of 2046].

The Fast walkers enacted a plan. They could not save Mankind, there are too many of us, and they neither have the resources nor would they want to ‘infect’ their societies with ‘our kind’. Instead, they would harvest our DNA so that at some future time they would be able to separate the 1.5 % of True Human DNA and splice it into their own to aid their future evolution.

To achieve this objective, they increased the level of technological dissemination in two areas, computing and biological chemistry specifically DNA mapping and manipulation which led to the CRISP technology.

The bargain was made – alien technology in exchange for the acquisition of future DNA harvesting.

Well, I am writing and adding this paragraph a month or so after I wrote this article having just watched a video on Brighton. A scientist was critically observing some C vials with an electron microscope as well as the ‘swabs’ and he discovered something as well as a significant observation that adds to the body of this article https://www.brighteon.com/0ff2ee6a-413a-4e4e-b516-831eb394bc90

By the year 2000  they were aware they needed to spread the take-up of technology faster if they were to achieve their goal in time. They reached out to the two other major powers on this planet with the intention of accelerating the process towards DNA harvesting. They quickly became aware that the Hidden Hand’s control was becoming so powerful as the gateway for new technological innovation that their tentacles were fast spreading worldwide.

Presently there are two Major agendas running consecutively on this Earth, the Alien’s need to collect DNA samples from as many human beings as possible and, the Hidden Hand’s agenda, who in their ignorance of what is shortly to come, have a dystopian view to control, electronically tag, and subvert the world in an iron grip.

The speed of technological development is not ours and, as I write, DNA is being harvested world wide as part of the pact. it is called testing for C

What about the True Humans?

The True Humans are also here in this solar system, however, their technology is so far beyond the Fastwalkers that they are able to remain incognito, as is their choice. They are here for one purpose only, and they will not show their hand until the time has come and, when it does, they will engage directly with the portion of humanity that is ready by telepathic message.

3 True Human mother ships
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Look to the skies from February 2045 and listen to your thoughts.

I have verified with ~Charley that all I have written meets with his approval for truthfulness and accuracy.

This is the YouTube video I watched on the Fastwalkers. There is a bit of truth in there, most of it is pure garbage and speculation.

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