I have decided to do a number of talks around the chakra system, in which I will link the function of the individual Chakra with the larger context of our place in the universe.

In this podcast I will touch on the concept of Time, Soul fragments and previous lifetimes, emotions, the Moon , its effects on humanity and why this is happening.

10 September 2021

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  1. Maann!
    I feel like your son too.. This Charlie is the “future-you”…and how comes he knows these things?

    God (creator) should be the one who knows everything..even pre creation. Yet Charlie (future you) knows even the era when we (including himself) came in to existence as humans.

    I need to be convinced of Charlie

    • So much to say to such a little statement by you.
      ~Charley is not me. I am an ego with a fragment of Soul experiencing this life via my heart. ~Charley is a Soul existing in the 12th dimension who in turn is a fragment of a Greater Soul ~Charley exists beyond time Past, Present and Future are all one moment to Him.
      All Souls are emanations of the “Makers of ALL” as such they are all “fragments” of the Creator to experience itself within its creation of many many Dimensions.
      This You that needs to be convinced of ~Charley is just an ego a mechanistic fearful/ controlling part of a biological machine. When you were born the fragment of Soul of which you are a part experienced life and the wonder of the 3 dimensional world via your body. Then society battered your ego and your fragment of soul became gradually unconscious. What you seek can only be found in your heart in your feelings. there you will find the communion with your awakening fragment of soul. this will in turn at some stage lead you to your own connection with your ~Chaley equivalent.


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