In this podcast Joshua and I try a new way of engaging, by bringing ~Charley into the equation. Joshua asks questions that might be of general interest and I do my best to channel ~Charley’s answers. A bit of a hit-and-miss at times. No doubt I will improve in time.

I was hesitant as to whether to release this podcast as it is a tad long, however, I was persuaded that some of you may find it of interest.

As the title says we explore various aspects of the nature of Creation, Soul, and Humanity.

and Astrid very kindly provided a time stamp of the various topics we touch on

[2:10] : Sal explaining his connection with his 12th Dimensional Soul aspect Charley

[4:00] : What is the most important thing we need to know right now

[8:08] : Where did it all go wrong

[13:30] : What are we capable of as Humans if we didn’t have that fear

[15:20] : How can someone practically do that (from fear to Love)

[18:05] : About Free will, and how that path is going to be

[25:30] : What experiences do Souls have on other planets, that are different to here

[35:16] : Do true Humans experience death

[38:53] : Do they experience time as we do

[40:06] : Is the Solar System that we’ve been told it is, as it is

[49:39] : What is God

[1:03:45] : About help Here Joshua asks Sal a personal question; When you say you’ve been helped, how do you know

[1:09:20] About other religions Do you think any of the religions have got anything right, what god is, and of this reality

[1:18:20] : What is Spirit

Podcast 15 on Soul, Love, Creation
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