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*Essential Amino Acids of the body

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All animals are genetically programmed to eat what is good for them and will instinctively prioritise the food that their digestive system can transform into energy and physical growth. A herbivore will go for plant life, a carnivore will hunt for meat and a carrion eater will hang around for dead pickings.

Human beings are the only species on this earth that apparently needs to be told what to eat, for that matter adult human beings are the only species on this earth that are treated like children by those in positions of power and control, all the way to old age. Well, that is not exactly true of course for human being will in turn treat their pets like children, regardless of age.

For just over  100 years in the West, there has been a growing momentum a ‘cult’ really, to convince us to be vegetarian. In the early stages, people within The Quaker religious movement were of the opinion that red meat would ‘inflame the senses’. By the sixties, as the hippie movement discovered Indian Gurus thanks to the Beetles a new momentum took hold that red meat was a heavy low vibration energy that would stop us from raising our vibrational energy towards enlightenment.

Today there is a new evolution to the movement under the guise of ethical eating that includes,  for the sake of climate change, too many mouths to feed, as well as we don’t want to eat an animal that has been suffering in life.  There is also the ‘spiritual’ dimension, at the forefront of which, is a little video by a Zen Vegan monk Thich Nhat Hanh where he shares that he does not want to eat any food from a suffering animal that his heart may remain open.

I would like to do my best to unpack the above.

The human Digestive System

Firstly what is the truth of the human digestive system? Are we herbivores or are we carnivores?

If we listen to ~Charley  – a 12th-dimensional soul that I channel. 500 million years ago we were herbivores and then our progenitors -a small group of Adam and Eve were spliced with 1.5% of True Human Alien DNA.

It took approx. 150 million years from inception for our species to begin to eat little bugs and insects  and to tentatively process protein.  After approx. 250 million years we lost the primary use of the stomach to break down cellulose via bacterial action and generate amino acids and fats, as our digestive system turned to leaves, nuts, fish, snakes, bones (for the marrow), dead animals and eggs when we could get them.

Today the transition is almost complete.  Our stomachs are designed to break protein down via acids into amino acids, our gall bladder and pancreas will release bile and pancreatic juice to break fats down into small enough units that will pass through the intestinal blood barrier.

We still have the molars for crushing, but we also have canines for ripping. Our intestines whose primary function has always been absorption are now being used, as though they were stomachs, to process sugars and cellulose with bacteria. Unfortunately, we are not geared for fermentation that leads to bloated and in time distorted intestines with symptoms such as I.B.S. and Crohn’s disease.

cow digestion

Herbivores come in a number of sizes, ruminants like cows that regurgitate their food have 4 compartments to their stomach, camelids have 3 and horses have 1(with an overlarge colon for fermentation) they all break down their grasses and seeds via the action of bacteria and fermentation.

There is a mystery that baffled me for a long time. Herbivores generate Vit C in huge quantities in their bodies yet predators don’t seem to need it. Humans lost the ability to generate Vit C and yet we appear to need it. The answer seems to me to be that we require Vit C. only because we are not eating as Nature intends for us.

True, there are proteins in the vegetable kingdom and there are a number of people that claim that being vegan they can work, play and be healthy, but it is an incomplete picture and there are a number of prominent vegans such as Bear Grylls and Tim Shieff that have thrown in the towel after having been very vociferous proponents for the Vegan diet

Tim Sheffield says “Veganism made him sick”
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Essential Amino Acids of the Body

The human body needs 20  amino acids for the creation of proteins of which 9 are classified as essential because the body cannot produce them itself. 7 are conditional as the body can produce them but, in insufficient quantities when physically damaged or in pregnancy. The other 5 can be easily put together by the body.

The amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters. The plant kingdom does produce proteins in seeds, but only a very few are a limited source of the 9 essential amino acids such as Soy, Quinola, buckwheat, hemp, chia seeds, Spirulina, Tempeth and Amaranth although they are high in lectins and oxalates which are poisonous to the body. The lectins will mostly get destroyed via cooking. But the oxalic acid poison which is unacknowledged by Western nutrition as an issue unless you have kidney stones, is problematic for the body to dispose of.

Soy is the one promoted as the alternative to meat, But it has hormonal problems of its own, or has it? There seems to be a lot of conflicting research as to whether it affects oestrogen in the human body. I suppose it depends on who is funding the research.

amino acids
Amino Acids

So Theoretically one could survive on plant seeds to provide all the essential amino acids for proper functioning of the body. But please bear in mind that to build muscle we need at least 1.6 grams of complete protein (to include 9 essential amino acids) per Kilo of weight.

One difficulty is that seed protein will usually be eaten with and bound to sugars in the plant kingdom so we can easily have way too many calories to achieve the required daily protein amount. We will also need Vitamin B12 which is in not existent in the plant kingdom unless you ferment for it.

However, we are not talking about one individual but billions of people who would need to be catered for, and this would require large-scale monoculture, plus pesticide farming to an unprecedented scale to be transported worldwide, for each of those seeds has preferential climates for growth. What on earth were people doing all those millions of years before modern farming methods and genetic manipulation came on the scene? dailymail.co.uk/health/article/How-sugar-industry-paid-prestigious-Harvard-researchers-say-fat-NOT-sugar-caused-heart-disease

What is not taken into account By the Veggie moralising community is that Cattle can feed on scrubland and maintain fertility. Modern farming leads to soil erosion, and lack of fertility which has to be supplemented by artificial fertilisers. Farmers who maintain cows use their waste to maintain or aid soil fertility this included all manner of insect worm populations. Farming crops also reduce biodiversity. Without our eating cows to fertilise the soil it won’t be long before there won’t be enough fertile land to grow a lettuce. look up dust bowl soil erosion in America in the 1930s

Ethical dimension

This is the trickiest one to navigate for human beings are brought up to obey, not question the experts or think for themselves. There are many kinds of experts some of them nutritionists, doctors, scientists, marketing salesmen, spiritual gurus and social media influencers following a belief they have picked up from someone else. Invariably this boils down to money or religion!

buffalo yellowstone
Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Just about every living machine from the amoeba to humans needs to feed on something else that is alive. We could argue the semantics of whether grass or a tree is alive. But I am sure you will appreciate the statement. Everything alive requires limits.  A swarm of locusts will grow in a feeding frenzy on the easy pickings of fields of cultivated crops not normally found in nature without human intervention, and when they have destroyed all sources of food, they die.  In Yellowstone National Park in America, they reintroduced bison in a denuded wild park, and after a few years, they had to introduce wolves as predators to maintain the balance.

Human beings have killed the majority of Nature’s predators and like locusts, we are razing the land. The signs of our poisoning and polluting of the land, the sea, and the air at an ever-increasing rate are all around. I am not making a case for a reduction of humanity’s numbers just sharing an observation.

For over one hundred million years our digestive systems have wholly adapted to eating meat which makes us predators, although, we can still tolerate some vegetables and cooked seeds. Give a young child a lettuce or a bit of bacon and they will go for the bacon.

baby eating burger
baby eating burger does he care about ethics?

We force vegetables on our children why? Because we are told “by the experts” they are good for us. We have lost communication with our guts to decide for ourselves what our bodies need and instead, are relying on mental programs given to us by others, to decide what our bodies require.

You may well be reacting by now to my statements as to how long humanity has been on this Earth and their eating habits from aeons back. ” How can he possibly know that?” And you would be right. I am just as ignorant about the origins of our species as everyone else.

However, as I said  I am a channel for a 12th-dimensional soul  I call ~Charley to whom 500 million years may as well be now. And He has been telling me all manner of tall stories for some time, quite apart from helping to heal me, my family and clients, so I am inclined to believe him.

The reason why I just shared that is because of this new idea that we should not kill animals to feed ourselves, for it will wither our hearts. And yet, after a lifetime of being a vegetarian and becoming really ill in the process, it was the eating of meat that allowed me to heal, to connect with ~Charley, and to be the best facilitator for healing that I have ever been in my lifetime. I assure you that my connection with ~Charley only works when my heart is open.

Let me be really clear, I am a sensitive, aware, connected and in-touch human being, with no aspersions to spirituality, yet nevertheless, a channel for one of the highest Souls that a human being could possibly be a servant for. My level of ego-soul integration is at 87.7%, a level that few if any will surpass in my lifetime.  I will not hesitate to kill a chicken with my own hands or have one of my bullocks killed to feed my family and myself. I will give our animals a good life and a stress-free death. But my needs for healthy survival are inbuilt into my DNA.

This modern concept that red meat is a low and dense vibrational food that will prevent the raising of consciousness and sensitivity is misguided at best and promoted by the spiritually naïve. We are predators who have found a niche in nature to survive healthily.

Humanity has lost its connection to the land and to Nature, living in cities has addled our brains, and the necessary skill of being part of the land is mostly lost to us.  We are cocooned in our supermarkets like naïve little children, and are squeamish about killing an animal to feed ourselves,  we call that being civilized. You do realise that humanity is always six meals away from barbarism, right?

We confuse psychopathy with humane killing. We need to eat so we need to kill, no one says we have to inflict suffering on our kills. And yet we do because the killing of livestock has become impersonal and disassociated from our immediate needs.

american indian hunting
American Indian Hunting Buffalo

The American Indians would hunt buffalo, The Kalahari bushman will kill any game going to feed his family, the same for any indigenous people worldwide who have not been “defanged” by civilization. And they all had wise, thoughtful, generous and enlightened people of open hearts in their midst.

If you think that surviving on soya or quinoa absolves you of killing you would be sorely mistaken, for those crop fields, will have rabbits, game and small creatures. If they are not killed by pesticides, they can be mowed down by the huge combines as they cut and harvest the crop.

If you see yourself as spiritual, then you will appreciate that soul is in everything.  It is easy to confuse the soul that integrates with us from ‘us’ the machine.  The machine requires ingredients to function properly that the soul may experience through us.

Only the ego fears death, to the soul our lives are but a moment in time, there is no judgment – only necessity.

You will not find your true nature by abstinence from the foods that your body requires, not from wearing a monk’s habit and praying for hours each day, not reading scriptures, or proselytising to others. If you truly have a burning desire to find your true nature and to open your heart then what matters is truthfulness, appreciation, forgiveness, love of self,  and the cultivation of relationships for no human is an island.

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