3rd. Chakra – Mental Layer

Lower Mind (Solar Plexus) -I Can

3rd chakra energy field
energy fields of our 3 lower chakras

Our third chakra based on the solar plexus is linked to the concept/ statement of “I Can”   and the colour yellow. 

It implies both the possibility of freedom from limiting beliefs and its opposite, i.e. that we are trapped in beliefs that limit our freedom.

Notice the title? ‘Lower Mind’ implies there is a higher mind, which we will explore in the 7th chakra.  But for now, let’s focus on what most people call their ‘mind’.

Is it ever silent? Does it say things to you that you would not tell others? Do you like everything you hear in your head? Do you ever get tired of hearing your mind go on and on? How about being critical, get much of that in your mind.

Are you aware that our perception of our collective reality has been steadily changing over the last 1000 years? If not the last 5000 + years.

How unique is your mind?  Do you ever question the official narratives that we are taught in our culture? Say about religion, politics, medicine, history, or science.

What I am getting at is that for most of us our mind is not ours, it is what others have put in it when we are young, who in turn have had their own minds indoctrinated by whatever the narrative was in their time.  

And it is a wonder we don’t have mental indigestion, for we are also taught not to question, and most definitely not to think for ourselves.

This means we carry a lot of beliefs that we assume are true, but of which we have no direct experience of or have truly processed.

image representation of 3rd chakra imbalance - mental overload, internal conflict between mind and emotions
Madness- Internal Conflict

So we have a lower mind that for most of us is the only mind we are aware of having, and it’s not even ours.  

For it is full of rules and regulations on behaviour and conforming which makes us our worst critic, for we are forever putting ourselves down.

Our minds apparently are not to be trusted.

Often we experience conflict between the emotions and the mind, for our emotions will react to the mental constrictions of criticism; say you meet someone you dislike intensely, and yet “have to be nice” to them for some social reason, that suppressed energy has to go somewhere, and it is the physical body that often ‘picks up the tab’ for the emotional-mental struggle.

Since our ‘lower minds’ are mechanistic constructs, what we are in part going to learn here is ‘how to go out of our mind(s). The following exercises will help to get the ball rolling with much more info in the book.

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