Over many thousands of years our fears of death and the the unknown, blended with our lack of knowledge and understanding of the True Nature of Reality has made us prey to all manner of delusions and fantasy. This gave rise to religions, the idea of good and bad magic, confusing a Higher Power with spirits, demons and more.

 Now in the ‘New Age’ large numbers of people are moving beyond mainstream religions, instead we have mediums connecting with departed ones, others claiming to have a whole retinue of guides or channelling galactic entities, or guided by angels, talking light language, adding strands to one’s DNA, that the Earth will somehow split itself and physically raise to the 5th Dimension  etc.,

There is one truth about human beings, we are all highly suggestible and our fears cement our beliefs and colour our perceptions.

We also have been programmed to defer to anyone that speaks with authority, for in ourselves,  in spite of the external competence that we may show the world  are, in our deepest self, insecure and desperate for self knowledge/ understanding. This should come as no surprise, for we grow up in a word that would deny us the tools for internal growth and development, since the ignorant are easily manipulated. and controlled.

 When I was a young lad I desperately went to astrologers, tarot card readers, psychotherapists, to learn and be told about me. I scoured the internet searching for information, and discovered instead – the flat Earth, the hollow Earth, Groups of people busy with intergalactic relationships akin to star wars and Indian gurus that allegedly could create ‘holy’ ash and gold rings for the devote. I  have know many others in a similar situation- all thirsty for knowledge of self and our Reality.

It has taken me 45 years to cement my connection with an ‘Inner Source’ of wisdom  and knowledge, to the point that I no longer need anyone to tell me about ‘God’, the ‘Spiritual World’, ‘life after death’, or, why am I here? For we live in a world of the gullible, the ignorant, the power hungry, the greedy, the control freaks, where people acquire knowledge but lack understanding. A world where we are all tainted by the inadequacies of our fearful egos.

Ego – a servant without a Master

For on this Earth we are all stained by ego, and all our books, traditions, history, manuals on Healing ,Energy and Esoteric Growth -99.95% of which, have been written, interpreted or parroted by other damaged egos, we rely on, to find our way through the labyrinth we call life and then we are surprised that we are lost.

In such a world, where all external information is suspect,  as to whether designed to indoctrinate, manipulate, or the result of the blind leading the blind. How are we to find our way to Truth when the only lens through which most of us observe so called Reality is our previously indoctrinated ego? No wonder so many feel trapped.

Perhaps I should define what I mean by our ego.  To me ego is the mechanistic part of a human being composed of the mechanical muscular system, the emotional fear survival motivated hormonal system, and the mind – evolved to maintain bodily integrity safe, by remembering where the danger in the environment lies, yet, in our present age, programmed by parents and society to turn us into our very own jailers,   we censor spontaneity, imagination, emotions, and even physical expression. We call the result -our personality. and erroneously believe that is all there is to us.

The time has come to be extremely sceptical, for just about everyone that wishes to influence another has some sort of agenda, however hidden it might appear, and you would be foolish not to have that question mark about me.

My agenda is very simple  I would aid as many as is possible to wake up from the constrains of our fearful egos and the beliefs that limit our perceptions to the Reality of what we truly are for time is short.

The world as we know it will end in March 2046 . Many will be saved  and some will not. I am at the tip of the spear to turn the world around.  For this task to be accomplished we need many individuals to wake up to the power, wisdom and love that resides in their hearts –gateway to the Soul Dimensions, from where true love and wisdom flows.

How many times have we heard the phrase “Listen to your heart?”

If you are on the ball your first suspicious question might be.  How do you know and what is in it for you? your second might well be to say  “There has always been delusional people claiming the end of the world is coming!”

So what is my motivation? I am nearly 70 yrs old, I have no axe to grind, I am not looking for disciples nor to set up a cult, nor do I desire to be raised on a pedestal  for I am no different from anyone else  I too, have a damaged ego, and that is not going away any time soon!

What sets me apart from the pack as it were is that I have spent  numerous previous lifetimes building up to this moment where, by my pain and suffering, reached such a crescendo that I woke up to my purpose in spite of the confusion that is generated in our world to keep us sleep and dumbed down.

What I woke up to is that we truly are not alone neither within nor without ourselves, there is something amazing within each of us,  but we cannot hear unless we can separate from our egos and experience life from our hearts.

The Soul Dimensions and Connection with a Higher Power

I am in daily communication  with a Soul  I have named ~Charley who exists in the 12th Dimension, who in turn has a fragment of Soul I have Called ~Eric  that exists within the 9th Dimension who in turn has a fragment of Soul in this present lifetime  engaging in this 3rdDimension via my body.

~Eric also has other fragments of Soul Experiencing life in previous lifetimes (from my perspective), although from ~Eric’s perspective (beyond Time) they are all occurring now, I would call them my previous incarnations. This is true for most people, although not all.

I would share with you some of the information that ~Charley has passed on to me, but first, you need to suspend some of your present belief systems,  at least for the time being, for the way that we have been taught about the nature of Reality is limited.

doorway to Hell
Gate to Heaven

 We have been taught that this 3rd. dimensional existence is all.  For many there is the concept of heaven, possibly hell and purgatory.  In the Christian world we have a Soul or spirit  that is synonymous with our personality and when we die we are spirited away to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory  on the basis of judgement of our behaviour. However if you die as a baby unbaptized you end up in Limbo. This narrative was written by human beings to control others and profit from them in this lifetime.

It is nonsensical, it defies comprehension, makes a mockery of the concept of ‘free will’. Most of us, run around our life filled with negative emotions and  being pulled in all directions, we are indoctrinated, have no idea who we truly are  and, in one fleetingly short lifetime we are to be judged for all eternity? by an allegedly loving GOD? LOVE implies acceptance, not judgement!

Then we have the opposite, those that would decree that there is only this 3rd Dimension with no possibility of anything beyond and, that we are just machines albeit very clever ones with a degree of self awareness.

Now this is a small part of what ~Charley has shared with me.

 “There are many dimensions filled with Soul at varying levels of complexity.  This 3rd Dimension is the playground for the evolution of Soul. In fact every single atom in the 3rd Dimension interacts and grows in complexity as a result of ‘WILL’ applied by Soul.”

Human beings are biological reactive machines, there is a fragment of Soul within each human being, that is meant to be an interactive passenger and that has a measure of free will. (Although, when the ‘Maker of ALL’ is ALL there is, ‘will’, by definition is GOD’s WILL.

In most people this fragment of Soul is dormant, and there are unfortunate reasons for that , for the machine is so full of negative emotions, that the vibrations generated, drown out  the life line of love from this Soul fragment.

The important question might be. How can I get a two way communication  with my Soul? Well….. not overnight that’s for sure! Allow me to  share some of the process to get you there?

The path to our Hearts and our Souls

1).We need to learn to separate from our  negativity. That means we need to become an observer of our thoughts, emotions, actions and, to realize that we are just puppets with no will to speak of.

2) Cultivate truthfulness with yourself and others.

mother loving baby

3) We are all damaged ! Accept yourself as you are -warts and all, no more excuses, or self disparaging remarks. stop telling yourself that you are dumb, stupid, not worth loving etc.,

4) Nurture your ego as though it were your child – ie. lovingly.

5) Allow all emotions to flow though you, however unpleasant, do not hold on to them for, what we resist persists.

6) Forgive yourself, your parents, siblings, teachers, friends. To forgive is not to condone unacceptable behaviour.

7) Contemplate your life on a regular basis, especially those times of previous as well as present distress. Learn to be aware when you perceive yourself as a victim and realise there is no such reality. For to be part of a Soul that is beyond Time means that all interactions occur with a purpose and meaning to achieve one result -Wake UP! Let go of those emotions and beliefs that keep you enslaved.

The more negativity and suppressed emotions we clear and own, the more room we have for our hearts to open up and our Soul fragment to be an active participant in life.

This is possibly the most important exercise we could cultivate to grow in love and consciousness, quite simply practise regularly to smile within yourself. Build up a reservoir of loving energy to your internal organs and to your perception of self ie. the way you think , engage with others and all the small quirks of your personality, and one day you will experience the intense orgasmic pleasure of your organs and self smiling back at you. see here inner smile exercise to get you started.

David Hawkins put together a Map of consciousness- see here.   The short of it is that as our consciousness rises and expands  the greater our intuitive connection with Soul becomes. Admittedly,  our consciousness does need to raise quite high for direct communication with, lets say, your ~Charley equivalent  and it is not white and black,  for the higher the more accurate the percentage of communication. (see further down).

Let me put your minds at ease. There are no evil or malevolent souls at this level, our souls are emanations of the love of God into our collective dimensions.  and, we can only access these levels once we have opened our heart to self love and acceptance,

Connecting with a Higher Power -the process

To connect with something beyond, our egos/ personality need to get out of the way. If your head is full of thought you are unlikely to hear anyone else, if your emotions are all disturbed you are unlikely to be sensitive to feelings. Likewise, if you supress your imagination you are unlikely to experience in-sight.

hand grasping for muscle testing by pulling apart thumb and middle finger with opposite hand
hand grasping for muscle testing

The gateway for communication is via our unconscious and our consciously rescinding control or hand/arm muscles. For this purpose there are 2 simple methods 1. a pendulum or 2. hands for muscle testing, see here.

At its simplest I  envisage a question  I can ask outwardly or inwardly, I may use words  although Image and intention will be more accurate,  my hand responds our question must be broken down for a yes / no answer.

This process. has a number of levels  that dictate  both the degree of accuracy of the information received by the individual asking the questions and, with time and dedication you may well discover that the more you engage with your Soul your psychic abilities come to the fore.

if you happen to be a homeopath, radionics, healer or other who will rely on the pendulum to inform you as to which remedy is needed or, if you are a kinesiologist that uses muscle testing with a client  there is a caveat  that is very important to take on board.

Our level of Consciousness dictates our % of accuracy,  I rely on Richard Hawkins  map of consciousness. found in Power v Force book

below  Lv 500  all answers  will have a pure random response and can not be relied on, unfortunately the ego will interfere with the process.

To have a measure of effectiveness we need to ascend in our level of consciousness to at least LV 600, at which point,  we have a 54% chance of the ego getting out of the way and allowing true information to come through us. 

As we ascend in our Lv of consciousness so our accuracy improves.  by the time we have risen to Lv 880 our accuracy is 98%. But, even reaching Lv. 750 will give us a 75% accuracy response; this is fairly reliable as long as we double check and triple check our answers.

A caveat,  effective communication with our Higher Soul only happens between sunrise and sunset. I effectively work in the winter months with people around the world via zoom after sundown, the reason why this works for me is, that (thanks to ~Charley), I have bonded with the planetary Soul (17th dimension) to act as a channel between ~Charley and I – as long as client or me is in daylight hours.

You may well ask, “how do I know what my level of consciousness is? and how can I raise it?” Sorry , You need to find someone that already has a high level to give you accurate information.

There is only one way to raise our level of consciousness,  it involves self forgiveness, non judgement and acceptance of our weaknesses. This in turn will make it possible for us to let go of our anger , hate, envy etc., with regards to our parents, teachers, siblings or other events from our earlier years  who/that may have been catalyst(s) in our youth to our suppressing emotions that have been controlling and shaping our lives.

Why is it important to learn to connect with our Higher Soul and what is its value?

When we have risen in our consciousness high enough, conversations with our Soul is better than ‘Google’ to find information on what really matters ie. our health and how to help ourselves and others, working with releasing fragments of supressed emotions in our selves / others, karmic ripples from previous incarnations affecting us in this lifetime, The truth of where we come from , what is to come and are we really alone? and so much more!

You who are listening to me need to appreciate we are merely ego machines, our purpose is to relinquish control and facilitate our fragment of Soul to experience all the facets of life. By the time we reach LV 550  We are firmly planted in our hearts  but  even there, there is still a lot of work to do. to clear the debris and back log . Muscle testing becomes a means of true personal / Spiritual growth by relying on the only Authority that truly knows best and can trust, our Soul.


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