Do we really need to control how we think about ourselves?

You can't control how people think about you. It's Impossible. But all you can do is control the way you think about yourself. Your opinion is all that matters

Nice click bait! I read this in one of the FB forums and it reminds me of the wooliness that we seduce ourselves with within our our egos, to maintain our self imposed incarceration, and obfuscate the way out!

Let me shine my spotlight on this wordiness.
First of all control is a word of our mental aspect of our ego ie 3rd chakra.

We don’t need to control, or be concerned about how others think of us (i.e. with their egos). If they are in our world (our perception of reality), then they reflect our internal mishmash of rigid beliefs and suppressed emotions as well as the loving goodness beyond that.

“All you can do is control they way you think about yourself”

Once more ego reinforcing ego, and quite counterproductive for personal growth.
There is only one answer to the dilemma of negativity in our perception of reality, and it has nothing to do with control.

The only way out of our self imposed prison of biological ego driven fear is to experience the world not from our 3 lower chakras but from our feelings in the 4th ie our Hearts.

From here we are detached from the ego thoughts in our heads, and feel compassion for the rigidity of our, as well as others indoctrination.

For ‘what we resist persists’ – and no, this phrase never gets too old. For it is rocket fuel that can lifts us all the way to our Higher Self.



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