Some time back , ‘Charley told me that I was one of 2120 messengers who were to incarnate on this Earth with a very specific purpose. Honestly I have spent my life keeping away from most people, and was only ever comfortable in the therapy room on a one to one basis.

Whenever we had visitors or parties, I invariably managed to disappear and hide. or be very busy cooking for the masses. The idea of being a ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ has never sat well with me.

Yet here I am, I have a purpose and a calling and with ‘Charley’s’ help I have been ironing out the weaknesses within my personality, that I may face the world at large.

the very specific number of 2,120 has been a bit of a question mark today and I asked ‘Charley ‘for clarification. and this is what he says

405 have still to find themselves and their calling

231 are aliens who were meant to incarnate to be here at this time but their parents never came together at the right time. So, they have left the party

I would love to get a list of all the other messengers not sure if that is possible

in the UK there are two of us David Icke and myself.

USA- 46 , Mexico, 2 South America 66, Europe 275, Russia 17, China 298, Taiwan 1, Japan 6, India 191, Thailand 4, Vietnam 1, Philippines 2, Australia 6, New Zealand 2, Israel 4, Syria 1, Egypt 1, Iran 2, Africa 486, South Africa 2, all the other islands in the world 25, Countries between eu / Russia 14, Turkey 5, Between Turkey and China 10, Other middle eastern countries 7, North Korea 2, South Korea 0, any others I have missed 6.

A few weeks have passed and just re-read my post above, which I had left somewhat unfinished, my curiosity had been for the numbers.

But what does it mean to be a Messenger? And are we all on the same page? The problem arises in that we all come into this world unaware of our path and reason to be here at this time.

We have to climb through the mire of fearful ego confusion, and collective indoctrination, be it religious or political or the myriad theories presented as fact with regards to Science of the human body, Spirit, or the Universe at large.

In truth we are ignorant creatures, with some of us standing on the shoulders of the lowest common denominator of the Humanity that has proceeded us, hoping for a clearer glimpse of life, its meaning and our purpose.

The message we bring is simple, we are coming to a time of Cataclysm, not for the first time in the history of the Earth.

Human beings have been dealt a ‘shitty hand’ incarnating on this Earth, however, most of the souls here have the capacity, and increasing opportunity over the coming years to clear enough present and past karma to raise their level of consciousness to a point where they can separate from ego fear and engage in this lifetime with their hearts.

Another part of the message is that we truly are not alone. We have a ‘soul’ that interacts and experiences in this world via our Hearts and feeling, and a ‘Greater Soul’ That when we open up to, will impart ‘knowing beyond religion, culture, science’.

Just as we are not alone in our ‘Inner World’ we are not alone to face the impending Cataclysm ‘out there.’

True Humans are right now waiting on the side-lines to uplift those of humanity who will be ready when the time comes in 2045. This is the true meaning of Ascension, not some fanciful shifting of dimensions, where the Earth is cloned or some such. nor, that the ‘worthy’ ascend to a higher Earth density or dimension.

Some messengers have found their purpose and got in touch with the ‘message’, unfortunately the message has been partly corrupted, unfortunate but expected, for it is not easy to rise above the religious, cultural and Spiritual indoctrinations.

What sets me apart to make such claims? Well, I am not particularly intelligent , life dealt me a terrible hand, physically, emotionally and mentally. I have never been to university although my thirst for knowledge and understanding remains unquenched.

I have a weak fearful ego, that barely survived childhood, and with Charley’s help I am repairing. I am aware that my ego will always have an influence, because of it inherent irrational fears and needs to control its environment, and I freely own up I am the most unsuitable Messenger.

Its not all doom and gloom of course, my Heart is open and keeps my ego in check, Charley feeds me with his Love and acceptance, and I finally feel truly nurtured.

So what if anything sets me apart ? Not much, except I have never belonged to mankind, I have always been separate, shunned by, and my resulting shunning of ‘the group’ . With an unquenchable thirst to find out for myself and not rely on what others have told me. Hence I suppose why it has taken me such a long time and so late in my life to get to this point.

I acknowledge the possibility everything I say could be delusional on my part. I am the first to experience incredulity, after all, I have looked critically at all the information that comes from our society to ‘explain and control us’ , why would I be any less critical of what arises within me?

The third part of at least -My message is to provide tools and clarity for self development, and to help people rise above the confusion that infects us, both at the mundane level (health, emotional, mental) and the so called ‘Spiritual’.

To this end ‘Charley’ has instructed me to write a couple of books that will be out in the near future.



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