My vision is clarifying as to my purpose as ~Charley’s mouthpiece. A process that is not ending anytime soon. Joshua, Sal and even ~Charley adds his input in this two-hour episode as we explore a lot of issues to do with The ‘critters’ also brought to fame by David Icke when he talks of the Archons, Genie’s Wutika and demons.

For 3.5 million years we have been affected by parasitical souls who themselves are separated from the stream of love and who prey on Humanity’s susceptibility to fear. And are at their strongest during the New Moon and Full Moon.

We also discuss The power of fear to create a reality where there is seldom enough for all, and the capacity for love to generate abundance.

Towards the end, we converse on the fast walkers and their interest in this Earth’s population and Human DNA.

Lastly, there is a meditational practice to help with connecting with the body.

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