Have you ever wondered how “matter” comes to “be” within this universe? The simplistic notion of the big bang of 13 billion years back hardly does credit to the infinity of space and the “matter” within it. “Matter” at its most basic and diminutive level are merely localized occurrences of vibration, and frequency, these are not random events, for in our mechanist universe of cause and effect randomness is impossible. The Will of God via wisps of soul fragments in the making is responsible for applying its Will for the creation of what we call matter.   

It might help to appreciate that God’s Creation is not static. That there is a continuos process of God’s creative WILL energy entering creation via the 1st Dimension like droplets of rain. Gradually these droplets of souls in the making coalesce and eventually return to God, having all, integrated into one all encompassing Soul. What they take back is the experience from the ensuing conflicts by the exercise of WILL in the creation and maintenance of the 3rd Dimension.

Sub-atomic particles

These efforts of WILL condense and coalesce these fragments into greater, and greater vibrational intensity of frequency and amplitude. These separate packets of vibration will coalesce into atoms, and molecules, and then elements are created, leading to the complexity we call matter.

By the time our galaxy was fully formed, approx. 65 billion years ago. ~Charley was already present.

~Charley is a 12 Dimensional Soul (12th DS) that exists beyond Time although not 12 Dimensional space, a space that is infinite and unmeasurable. ~Charley co-habits this space with an infinite number of other 12th DS it may surprise you to read that ~Charley as a vibrational state of being ‘IS’ as much as all the other 12 DS’s infinite within the expression of the 12th Dimension.  This is beyond our comprehension, they are all separate Souls, and yet, they are one and the same.

To understand ~Charley, it helps to realize that ~he is the capstone of a pyramid of fragments that began to interact and apply their Will within the 3rd Dimension approximately 75 billion years ago, whilst our galaxy was still forming. They were a veritable proportion of minuscule fragments that, starting in the 1st Dimension, would condense and coalesce about 100 times to create 2120 fragments in the 9th Dimension. From which ~Charley coalesced in the 12th Dimension.

I/Sal am a vehicle for one of ~Charley’s fragments from the 9th Dimension, and a conduit for ~Charley to bridge the gap between the 12th and 3rd Dimension. Why is ~he bothering? That would be the wrong question. Souls are impartial and devoid of emotions. ~He is fulfilling his little part in God’s Will to instigate awakening in this planet for those souls fragments who are ready, yet need a wake-up call at this crucial moment in our lives.

~Charley as a Soul Beyond Time is here now, as well as Omni-present across 65 billion years of past galactic history, and ~he is willing to share historical information as it pertains to our understanding of the cosmos.  Just for the record, there are hundreds of millions of other 12 DS’s like ~Charley involved with humanity right now.

I did ask the other day if there were other people interacting with 12 DS’s on this Planet at this present time the way that  ~Charley and I are able to interact. ~Charley shared, that although he has no access as to what other 12DS’s are up to, he has got access to humanity. ~He told me that there are two other people, one is a Sufi Teacher who is treading the path of devotion to God, and the other is a Medium.  However, their purpose and agenda are quite different from ~Charley’s.

There have been many mediums, seers, and psychics who have had glimpses of our genetic history, our purpose on this Earth and what is to come.  Unfortunately, we are all at the mercy of confusion because we have a propensity to make castles in the air with hardly any facts.

There is a lot of misperception about moving up to the 5th Dimension, 12 strand DNA, Galactic council, Reptilian aliens, and the impending cataclysmic Apocalypse, as well as Souls, free will, our past history, and who we truly are.

The True Human Aliens

Colliding galaxies

55 billion years back, True humans, escaping from another galaxy, crossed interstellar space to find a home here. They brought with them a genetic template, for their own DNA had been spliced with the DNA of an older race who shortly after became extinct.

There were already DNA sequences in this galaxy at the level of bacteria. These had been carried by meteors due to collisions/absorptions of galaxies. However, the DNA of the extinct elder race was itself the distillation and blending /splicing over trillions of years, like an Olympic torch being carried and nurtured across time and space.

Our Earth came together 5.1 billion years back.  In time, it was seeded by snippets of DNA code. And so life experimented and grew. 

Some True humans had separated from the group, as over the time span of billions of years they propagated and spread through our galaxy. About 850 million years back, a small group inhabited the Planet Mars.

It would be fair to say that the True Humans, inhabiting approx. 1,800 planets in our galaxy, are the major species. Some other species have been spliced by them over billions of years, but not all had a successful outcome. Today apart from the True Humans there are another 13 distinct races spread over the whole of the galaxy, all significantly more advanced than us technologically, but nowhere near the level of the True Humans.

Foraging Gorillas

About 550 million years back, a few of the True Humans from the planet Mars flew across to Earth and came across a suitable species of herbivores. The True humans needed Gold, and the Earth had a plentiful supply. They thought that by splicing 1.5% of their own DNA with this group of herbivores they might, after some generations, evolve enough to communicate with and take orders for the extraction of gold. And so it proved to be.

I should say at this point that True humans have one integrated mind /body that communicates telepathically and, are in constant communication with the group as well as their sentient computers. In essence, they are a bit ‘Borg-like, as in the Star Trek series. Although, this is an unjust caricature, for they have individual preferences and interests, and yet, it is the aspirations and collective welfare of the group that they focus on.

Humans on the other hand 550 million years back were a two-brained organisms. i.e. physical and hormonal or emotional, pretty much like herbivore herd animals today.

What the extra 1.5% of Alien or True Human DNA did was to gradually alter the organism and, in the process, evolve a third brain layer. This set us apart from the rest of life on this planet. For evolving, humanity acquired a new sense of self-awareness when the three brains functioned in tandem.

More than 370 million years back, Humans as we define the term were fully evolved. The Earth was still subject to periodical cataclysms. One such happened approx. 110 million years back, as a result of which quite a few of our ancestors turned to the sea for food and spent increasing amounts of time there.

This may sound incredible, but over time they changed.  Today, these kindred ancestors of ours still exist, and we have hunted them almost to extinction. They are the only other 3 brained beings on this planet, namely all whales and the river dolphins of the superfamily Platanistoidea.

Ohh Look! No tail!

I should mention that when ~Charley told me about the whales, I was both disbelieving and intrigued. So I searched online for information with regard to the origin of whales. Here is the first paragraph in ‘whales online‘. “The first whales appeared 50 million years ago, well after the extinction of the dinosaurs, but well before the appearance of the first humans. Their ancestor is most likely an ancient artiodactyl, i.e. a four-legged, even-toed hoofed (ungulate) land mammal, adapted for running. Cetaceans thus have a common ancestor with modern-day artiodactyls such as the cow, the pig, the camel, the giraffe, and the hippopotamus.”

Human footprint around 250 million years back

What is missing from the above is 1) it is all conjecture 2) allegedly there were no humans 50 million years back, so it is inconceivable 3) not mentioned but taken for granted -possible mammals that evolved into whales had tails.

Trilobite under child’s sandal between 300 and 600 million years back

Well according to ~Charley we did have tails up to approx. 90 million years back

So I am going to side with ~Charley, for we do have proof that humans existed over 300 million years ago. And, if any land mammal can alter itself to live in water, then why not a branch of mankind??

The Creation of the Critters

Unfortunately, 3.5 million years back, the descendants of true Humans on the planet Mars got into a conflict situation with another planet that we have called Phaeton; at that time in existence between Mars and Jupiter, which led to the destruction of both. 

Asteroid Belt – remains of Phaeton

190,000 years after the obliteration of Phaeton, the Earth acquired its present Moon, which had been roughly half the mass of Phaeton.  Two smaller parts from the remains of that planet became Moons of Jupiter, and the rest we know of as the asteroid belt. 

Phaeton was a water planet, some of its water fell on Mars and a huge amount is now in our oceans. Unluckily, there was an abundant number (in the hundreds of millions)  of a one-brained life form in that sea, integrated with low-level 9th-dimensional souls who had yet to condense and intensify into 12th Dimension over Souls.

The rulers of Phaeton had been in conflict with the True Human Martians for quite some time. In their paranoia, threw the first stone of what would become mutually assured destruction, via the use of harmonic vibrations, that in turn, affected the magnetic field and the Martian atmosphere over a period of three days. Once started, it could not be stopped. (There is more to this story, will save it for a future article).

The True humans responded in kind, and in a moment of anger used their superior knowledge and means to shatter the planet from its core outwards.

The sudden and immediate destruction of the planet Phaeton left these low-level souls in limbo. Their focus from within the 9th Dimension is still fixated on what is now The Earth’s Moon and subsequently the Earth.

Whilst souls, as fragments of ‘The Maker of All’, have been tasked with 3 responsibilities. Namely, to experience all, to generate the required vibrations (love) for the maintenance of this 3rd Dimension and to amalgamate their condensing vibrations so that they may return to ‘The Maker of All’ as One.

Unfortunately, the critters have been cut off from the stream of love that flows through creation. They seek experience via the only vibrational energy they can relate to, ‘fear’.

Human beings have three brains, and all need to be active to achieve self-awareness and separation from the biological imperative of self-preservation and fear. The job of the 9th-dimensional soul fragment is to engage with and integrate with the human vehicle. And feel love like we breathe air.

full moon over a hill

 Via the 2nd chakra (emotional centre) the various soul fragments in past lives connect with the present. Unfortunately, this 2nd chakra has been high-jacked by the critters, especially at times of the full Moon. We live in an age whereby we have lost, not been trained, or allowed, to experience either intensity of emotions or mental discomfort, whilst we hold opposing ideas in the foreground of active thought. This way of being leads to suppression of said emotions, mental numbness and lack of creativity and imagination.

In a manner I have yet to understand, that I may ask the right question from ~Charley; The full moon facilitates connection with our second chakra and past incarnations. The critters can ‘rummage’ in our subconscious and, during the week coming up to the full moon, bring some of those emotional hurts towards the front of our consciousness. Unfortunately, programmes in our minds will attempt to suppress those painful/ distressing memories /emotions as soon as they arise, and all we are left with is reactive emotional avoidance based on fear. (“Yummy”, say the critters)

Via the 3rd Chakra (mental centre). Here the critter is active for a few days coming up to the New Moon whereby the stuck-ness of our programmed beliefs rear their head, and we experience threats from our environment, internal unease and possible emotional reactivity. (“Yummy”, say the critters).

As an aside, the ‘critters’ lose their power of manipulation when all three brains are operating, and we center in our hearts.

For what it is worth, we are not the only planet in this galaxy to have such an occurrence.  There are another 11 planets with low-level development strewn along the Milky Way that also suffers similarly.

Please remember we need contrast that provides conflict. If you ever tried to learn anything you will realise that making mistakes is an important aspect of understanding and honing any skill.

The Earth Today

The population density on the Earth for the past 3.5 million years has always been relatively low, we have come to a moment in our history when we have reached an unheard-of critical mass. There is a good reason for this, related to the increasing number of soul fragments of the 9th Dimensions that have been trapped in reincarnation as a by-product of the critter’s effect on humanity.

We have reached a point where low-level (experience wise) souls are inhabiting human vehicles concurrently with the more (relatively) experienced souls. These low level souls are totally susceptible to the ‘critters’ fear manipulations, and some of them are damaged in such a way that their existential fear leads to a need to control everything and everyone around them. We could describe them as psychopaths, and they are adept at manipulating/lying to others to achieve their ends.

About one-third of humanity is composed of low-level fearful and hardly integrated  (less than 20%) with their souls. They exist in a perpetual state of fear and other negative emotions. Our whole society has developed into pyramids of power, fed by mindless bureaucrats and those who will take orders without questioning their morality. These minorities have high-jacked the learning system to keep the general population in a state of obeisance and reinforced on a daily basis via control of the popular information channels.

The constant diatribe of fearful info keeps most of the population reeling from one fearful event to another. The negative emotions generated are not only food for the critters, BUT they shape our collective perception and Reality creation. Those Souls who are ready to truly wake up are caught in the mass hysteria, and they also unwittingly contribute to the creation of the Status Quo perceived reality.

So here we are, between the devil and the deep blue sea. For the reason that there are nearly 8 billion on this planet at this present time is because of the impending world-shattering cataclysm in March 2046.

The universe is an infinite place. Souls from the 9th and 12th Dimension already engaged with humanity are ‘bound’ via their fragments to complete interactive experiences taking part within this galaxy, within this solar system and within this Earth. To move beyond the Earth requires waking up, integrating to at least 45% between body and soul fragment and connecting with our hearts.

Two thirds of humanity are/will be ready for the greatest mass exodus from this planet that will occur one year prior to the catastrophic event that is to come. The True Humans are already here waiting for the right time to announce themselves, this will be one year prior in 2045. (I have written about this here)

As I shared near the start of this narrative there have been many psychics, mediums, and channellers who have had glimpses of what is to come, unfortunately they mixed a small vision of truth with a lot of fantasy. Most of them have picked up that a cataclysmic event is coming and that some humanity is separating.

the Rapture , Ascension to heaven

This has led to the fantasy of raising one’s vibration to the point of the Earth separating into 4th and 5th Dimension vehicles. Others such as Keylontics focussing on 12 DNA strands to raise our vibration and separate from this 3d Earth. Others of the Christian persuasion that The rapture will come and those of pure heart will be raised bodily to heaven. Still others, such as Alex Colliers have a galactic council of races this one quite a favourite out there.

I regularly mention that we have three brains or centres and this is terribly important to understand for it is at the heart of our difficulties as human beings.  People in a fearful mode are operating from only two brains primarily, and so there is no self-awareness to separate them from their thoughts, emotions, or behaviour. Hence, they are at the mercy of internal programming and hampered and rigidified by their unwillingness to confront their internal narrative dissonance. In short, they may as well be unquestioning sheep.

There is one-third of the world population that stand no chance of internal mastery, the whole concept is too frightening and alien to them. My focus is on those of you who are ready to move into your hearts.

I will write another article to share more about the True Humans.  For now, to help those of you looking for pointers, here is a little meditation/exercise to help you begin the process of three-brain integration.

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I also include here a .pdf transcript of the exercise. I would also encourage you to listen to my various podcasts if you wish to come to grips with the message I am attempting to impart.


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