I am going to devote this article to address the issue of sickness, health and why it is almost impossible to cure anyone, and how even when we succeed to make someone better, it is a two-edged sword.

The basics:

*we all individually and collectively create our sense of perceived reality.

*We are three-brained beings; we exist in a mechanistic 3-dimensional universe of cause and effect.

*We – our personality, are part of the genetic machine whose purpose in life is to be a vehicle for a fragment of the soul to experience all facets of life. 

*We- the personality, are a construct and as such have no free will.

When we have a physical accident, or something in our bodies no longer functions as intended. There is a cause behind it that begins in energetic patterns that may have been carried from a previous incarnation, and/or there is a deliberate intent from the Soul dimensional realm for us to have such experiences.

muscle spasms = unexpressed emotions

Our soul fragments are not masochistic!  Our soul fragments seek integration and involvement with this human vehicle to experience life to its fullest. Unfortunately, there are many spanners in the works that attempt to damage and curtail the proper workings of this machine. In other words, the cards have been stacked against us. The experiences of pain, and our journey to attempt to heal ourselves, become part of the learning and in time greater integration with our soul fragment.

The mental dimension

From an early age, we are conditioned to “behave”, “do as you are told”, “don’t ask questions “,   “don’t fidget”, “stop daydreaming “, and “follow the rules”.  From our childlike eyes, the world is composed of adults with great power to force and remove our freedoms unless we conform and yield to their demands.  Granted, children can be quite unsupportable without such steering.

However, children’s behaviour can be moulded with love, or unfortunately, much more common, through fear. The end result invariably is, that the child learns to self-censor out of fear that mummy /daddy won’t love me, and/or helped along via physical, emotional, or even mental punishments.

We build internal programs to self-criticise our behaviour, emotions, thoughts, and how we look. Because we are desperate to be liked, and accepted into the herd. Our need to belong is all-encompassing.

Stop talking to me! I’m going crazy

By the time we reach adulthood, these mental programs have created a split in our psyche. The mental critical narrative is insistent, the only escape is via drugs, stuffing ourselves with pseudo-foods, adrenalin-inducing sports, as well as other physical pastimes, just to get a breather away from the words and images in our minds.

Our minds become the Jailer and protector for it distracts us from experiencing intense emotional conflict, which in turn, stops us from learning to be present in the experience of intense physical discomfort/pain.  An adult, offering the child poisonous sweeties to distract him/her from pain doesn’t help either.

To say we are our own worst enemy is not far off the mark, although in truth, the story is so much more complex than I can do justice in this short article, as ultimately all experiences are valuable, and serve a purpose in their own right.

As the years roll on, mental suppression of “unacceptable emotions” Take its toll on the body.

The emotional dimension

Adoring love

We also sicken ourselves at the emotional level – As part of our culture we have learned to cultivate the suppression of emotional and physical intensity, we are encouraged in this from a young age.  Our natural propensity is to feel love, joy, and openness in our hearts. This way of being in the world is steadily eroded in us as we grow up. There are a million reasons why this might be so, but the end result is always the same – survival compels us to protect and close our hearts, and that beautiful light that is our birthright gradually dims.

With the dimming of our love, so the integration with our soul fragment recedes. If you are reading this, it means your soul fragment is still actively engaged in your re-integration. Your pain and suffering has not been in vain, in fact, quite the opposite, it has been the hidden motivational force in your life.

It will not be easy, years of suppressed emotions and the dimming of our light have affected our bodies.  Anger, fear, meekness, envy, grief, avarice, lack of self-love, sense of victimhood and so much more. All of these potentially suppressed emotions colour, not just our self-perception but also attracts others as well as events to externally confirm our internal barren landscape.

I will be providing a meditation at the end to commence the process of acceptance of our emotional pain, which in turn will re-start soul fragment-reintegration once more.

Multiple personality

Our mind has taught us that to conform we need to be false, not to express our likes or dislikes, to be guarded, invariably to lie, and even worse – to suppress our emotions.  We have nightmares as a result.  Our subconscious is filled with these un-acknowledged emotions, and a lot of our energy is used up keeping the lid down. Except that now and then one of them comes near the surface, and invariably we lash out in rage.

I say our subconscious, but a lot of that emotionally bound energy is held within muscles in spasm.

You might well ask it’s all very well expressing horrible /unpleasant emotions, but if we do, we won’t have any friends, let alone acquaintances! And this is really important -We are all terribly damaged, and sure, we have a large load of hidden emotions that we dare not acknowledge even to ourselves.

The trick is to experience the emotion internally, acknowledge it, and let it go. After all, your emotion is your internal response, no need to dump it on anyone else. However satisfying, it might fleetingly be.

We have learned to identify with those muscle tensions and subsequent rigidity as a definition of our personality, and so does everyone else! If you wish to be flexible again physically, emotionally, mentally, then appreciate that everything you believe and all your actions to date have already created you as you presently are.

The physical dimension

The majority of the ongoing low-level damage is due to eating the wrong foods and the lack of certain nutrients and vitamins. Quite apart from environmental poisoning due to plastics and western pharmaceuticals. Biologically speaking, our bodies require a certain amount of red meat and saturated fat. This is easily observable by offering a young child some red meat and some green veg. Left to their own devices with no outward pressure, the child will invariably be attracted to red meat.

The following short video Is Jordan Peterson, sharing how he’s helped himself from a great many physical ills by changing his eating habits.

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Presently, there is a movement to guilt and shame against the eating of red meat that has been steadily gathering pace for the past 100 years or so. There is a growing misguided group under the illusion that meat is low dense vibration in relation to vegetables and fruit. This is an inversion of reality.  Our vibrational frequency is solely dictated via the two energetic sources within the human body: fear – low, dense and reducing.  Love – high, all-encompassing and abundant.

Praying mantis having a snack

What these evangelizing individuals are missing is, that Soul fragments seek integration, not just within human beings, but within the whole of created matter.  On this Earth, everything needs to feed on something else.

 Souls are beyond time, and events to come are foreseen, agreed on, and accepted as part of the experience. Death is the end of the biological body, not the end of the Soul fragment. Our life span on this Earth has already been agreed upon and accepted as part of the mutual experience at the Soul level.

From a human perspective, the body requires a complete spectrum of proteins, saturated fats, vitamins, and minerals. Fail to give these to the body, and it will slowly but surely deteriorate.

We are being steadily seduced away from eating red meat, and encouraged to eat look-alike substances from the plant kingdom, that not only fail to provide the required nutrients but are, in varying proportions, toxic and fattening to the body. My point is, that we use pseudo-foods as a means of denying ourselves part of what might help us to get better, as well as, obstructing the internal body pathways with such items.

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Our created template of reality

Who is looking back at you from the mirror?

Let’s now get a bit mystical on you. We have an internalized system of self, which to a great extent depends on how others see us. Let’s be honest here, go in front of a mirror for 5 minutes and gaze deep into your own eyes. What emotions are close to the surface as you gaze and drink deeply of self? Stay there for the full 5 minutes. Be on the lookout for avoidance on your part, such as hard eyes or distractions.

How do you experience yourself? Are you filled with love, gentleness appreciation, and understanding? Do you actually like/love yourself? If so, you are in the minority.

If your sense of self is negative, then that is what you are projecting into the template of reality. You will sabotage yourself by eating pseudo-foods, taking drugs and beverages that will aid in the distortion of your inner psyche, to generate the external pain that will have you rushing for answers.

Relationships are also central to this whole dynamic. Acquaintances, lovers, friends family they all mirror parts of our hidden self, they are there to help us own up and be clear that what we dislike in others we probably dislike in ourselves.

Many of you have learnt of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and pay lip service to the idea that we co-create our own reality. That if we want something, then via the use of LOA it will come to us. We don’t dwell long enough on the reality that our repressed emotions and rigid mental programmes are constantly in the background, high-jacking the process of creation.

So coming back to our health, we collectively exist in an Orwellian world of doublespeak with entities like the World Health Organization, World Council for Health, Alternative Health Centres, Medical Health Centres, health shops, healthy foods etc. Everyone seems focussed on health, yet collectively as a global organism over the past 100 odd years we have never been more diseased.

How to suppress your symptom

We are mentally conflicted, depressed, damaged, or ill with over a hundred other possible ailments. We know we need help, but we have co-created a fear based reality. Based on self – criticisms and emotional suppression.  We desperately seek help from others to help us heal, but our internal co-created reality will direct us to foods, drugs, and therapies that will maintain us in our present psychological and emotional states.

It may be difficult to comprehend the above paragraph, but please reflect that co-created perception of reality affects most of the Humanity, so the tentacles of vested interests are insidious.

The true concept and practice of health has been turned upside down. We focus on relieving symptoms rather than the underlying mental, emotional disharmonies that preceded physical symptoms. We then go to “health” practitioners who are as blind and as trapped in the collectively co-created reality as the rest of us.

It is very much possible to be truly healthy by re-evaluating your beliefs as to the value of drugs, the foods that you eat, your relationship with yourself. Only by rekindling your capacity for self-forgiveness and self-acceptance do you stand a chance of finding a health practitioner that will truly aid you. 

The following exercise if practised diligently will pay huge dividend as you master it.

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