In the following Podcast, divided into two parts, Joshua and I explore a little on what is a large subject, the pros, and cons of such mutually exclusive ways of being in this world.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be so. Human beings can certainly tolerate some vegetables. It all depends on the state of their digestive system. There is a lot of confusion these days as to what constitutes a healthy diet. In the podcast, we touch on lectins, oxalates, and linoleic acid. All ingredients in vegetables and seeds.

We also touch on the need for Vitamin Bs’ which is completely lacking in vegetarian diets and need supplementing.

The issue of oxalic acid is hugely important and sadly not much is known by the average person. It is found in seeds and vegetables and in many at poisonous concentrations, The body does its best to excrete the oxalates which can crystallize in any and all tissues of the body. Unfortunately, it will rob the body of the B vitamins in the process, and these are lacking in the vegetarian diet.

One very significant issue is the morality of killing to eat as one reason to avoid red meat, unfortunately, on this Earth, everything alive remains so at the expense of something else. This is one of the ways that Nature maintains equilibrium between all life forms.

From a “Spiritual Perspective,” the whole of creation is part of “The Maker of ALL”. That means that a part of “God’s Will” has been imbued into Creation, we would call this “Soul”, and this “Will” blends with all matter in this 3D universe from the smallest atomic particle to Galaxies and beyond.

Understand that all life is imbued with God’s Will. That means that from a Soul’s perspective beyond Time, Past, Present and what is to come is to a large extent already anticipated and accounted for. At the Soul level, it is already agreed before we or the cow were born, that the soul in the cow accepts the death of its vehicle, and the Soul in us accepts the necessity of the cow’s sacrifice so that we may continue our own journey through this life.

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