Firstly, There is a lot more to health than merely focusing on the flow of electricity flowing through the human body and the generated fields, and yet it remains the bedrock that dictates human health. In this article, I hope to share some insight on how the physical body truly functions.

Subatomic particle

The movement of electrons underlies the very structure of our 3-dimensional universe, all matter relies on this vibrational flow, that we call electricity. The human body is intrinsically dependent on electricity and the resultant electrical fields for all its functions. And good health is in part an effect of sufficient electrons vibrating through it and the resultant voltage.

To gain a deeper insight into health, it is useful to explore how the human body is affected by a lack of electrons and the resultant weakening of the bioelectrical field.

Ancient texts with information handed down by previous civilizations via the Indian and Chinese cultures attempted to convey the concept of Prana and Chi (Qi).  Today we would call them negative Ions (-)ions in the air, which collect in profusion where water cascades. To be by a waterfall or in a strongly flowing shower is, after a little while, invigorating as we breathe in the negatively charged ions. Conversely, to be surrounded by metal that attracts the (-)ions to the ground leaves a surfeit of (+) ions, leaving us dull with a lack of clear thinking or vibrancy.

The human body as well as absorbing (-)ions from the environment will ingest them via food. The best sources of which we have labelled as vitamins, for example, Vit C contains an extra electron per molecule that is weakly bonded and will readily donate to cells in the body. They are reputed to help with free radicals, i.e. to nullify their positive charge. Also, worth noting that Vit C is essential for the creation and maintenance of the collagen protein that our fascia is made of.

The flow of electricity through the nervous system generates many electrical fields throughout the body, which in turn creates a secondary electrical flow via the fascia. All the cells and organs/ glands of the body require a negative charge to be healthy. A modern fad for sports people is to drink electrolyte fluids as a recognition that we require electricity for proper functioning.

There are a number of templates passed to us from previous civilizations that give insight into energy flow in the body.

 1 The chakra system – part of the nervous system

2 The acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points.- Part of the fascia system.

The chakras are a descriptive means for what is in effect a combination of nerve nodes/glands and or energy fields that surround bundles of nerves along the spine.

1st  Chakra– a bundle of incoming nerves to the sacrum, generate energy fields.

2nd Chakra – a bundle of incoming nerves to the sacrum, generate energy fields.

It has a connection across time to previous lifetimes because of the soul, which is fragmented amongst previous and present incarnation. It is also a weak point for disassociated humans, as it can be accessed and manipulated by external and dimensional forces.

3rd Chakra -nerve node indirectly affects Stomach organ, does not generate an energy field

4th Chakra – a bundle of incoming nerves to the spine, energy field. Indirectly affects/is affected by the thymus gland. + an active connection with the Soul fragment. It is also a connection from the 3rd to the 9th Dimension around the area of G.V. 9 Acu. Pt. between the 7th—8th thoracic vertebrae.

[My apologies for bringing Soul into the equation, but then, did you really think we are mere machines?]

5th Chakra – cranial nerves/energy field. Affects the Thyroid and the Parathyroid.

6th Chakra – affects the Pituitary gland, (third eye) imagination. No independent energy field.

Energy flow towards the 7th Chakra

7th Chakra –requires an active connection with the soul fragment. It has no energy field of its own, nevertheless, it is a nexus of the inbound and circulating energy field generated by the nervous system. It is one of the meeting points between this 3rd dimension and the 9th dimension.

Note, the 9th dimension is where the fragments of souls that interact with all life on this Earth exist in a ‘space’ that is beyond Time.

We could also look at the Chakras as a musical octave, which requires a special energy input at Fa (4th) and Ti (7th) if it is to move up to the next octave.

Intense emotional shocks can lead to the blocking of the flow of electricity through nerves. Too much of that at a particular junction associated with one of the chakras will lead to a characteristic disturbance within our psyche and lack of emotional / physical/creative expression. Effectively, we disassociate and struggle to have or maintain healthy relationships with others as well as ourselves.

Also, the flow of electricity through our central nervous system is no different from any other waveform. it begins with raw power that should send it to the end of the line, in our case, refining and transforming as it goes. Any blockages along its path will limit its expression and lead to illness.

Battle rope training

In my practice in the past, those with the most blockages in their chakras had a corresponding level of emotional and (not always) physical disharmony.

The Fascia and Acupuncture meridians of the human body

Strings of sausages

The fascia is a collection of collagen protein envelopes that surrounds all organs, muscles, bones, and nerves. They are the very first structure that grows in the fetus, inside which, like strings of sausages, nerves, muscles, bone, ligaments, organs and glands develop.  There are twelve pairs, each of which is associated with a particular organ.

The fascia surrounding all structures of the body, whilst of different densities, are, regardless, very moist and pliable. A tweak in any part of the anatomy will generate an electrical signal as it twists in the generated bioelectric field of the nervous system, that will reach the brain by linking via the cranial nerves 3, 6 and 8th.

To help visualize this, imagine an electric toothbrush, the base contains electricity from the mains. The toothbrush when sat on the base gains electricity by induction from the generated field at the base. And so it is with the fascia, for it is its movement in the bioelectrically generated field that generates the charge.

When a muscle goes into chronic spasm the fascia that surrounds it rigidifies, the longer the muscle remains in spasm the less fluid will flow through the fascia in that location.

Imagine a large bedsheet with 4 people holding one corner creating a tight spread, and now a fifth person manages to pinch and twist a small section of that bed linen. All four corners will be pulled towards the place where the twist occurs. And so it is with the fascia around and through our bodies, a twist, and release is healthy (we call it sports activity), it aids with fluid flow through the fascia. Chronic spasms on the other hand will distort the whole structure across all the meridians and, the underlying organs and glands.

It is common for the structural distortion of the skeleton, organ, and glands to remain way after the chronic muscular spasm has subsided, for that part of the fascia will have rigidified due to a lack of fluids. In such a situation, intense physical stretching such as yoga, Qi Gong, or massage may be important.

I will add that the Art of acupuncture has a niche here, for the Acu. Pts. tend to lie at meeting points between muscles and ligaments. The problem is that one needs to know precisely which part of the fascia needs to be released and/or which location needs to be strengthened.

I will add here that I gave up needling Acu. Pts. after 15 years of practice and a lot of Qi Gong under my belt.  For it is my experience over many, many years that the electrical human body responds extremely well to acupressure, magnets and red laser treatments, there is no need to pierce the skin.

For those acupuncturists that will be reading this, I share the following information. The forefinger of the right hand and the middle finger of the left are used for tonifying purposes 40 gentle turns clockwise on the skin of the relevant Acu. Pt. The forefinger of the left hand and the middle finger of the right hand are to be used for sedating only, and the average anticlockwise turn around the relevant Acu. Pt. is 100 turns.

How does Acupressure work?

Tonifying with the right forefinger or left middle finger in a clockwise direction helps to mend the localized lack of flow in the bioelectrical field at the Acu. Pt.

Sedating a point anti-clockwise from your middle right-hand finger or left forefinger into a place where, due to lack of movement, there is bioelectrical stagnation, our anti-clockwise movement facilitates the dispersal of the positive accumulating charge.

Please note that for body massage or reflexology, it is best practice to use the thumbs or fore and middle fingers together to maintain a neutral electrical charge.

The meridians on the left side of the body have a strong connection with the emotions of the second Chakra.

The meridians on the right side of the body connect with the 3rd chakra –the mind.

The C.V. or Conception Vessel has the function of transformation of vitality that we may experience feelings in the heart.

The G.V. or Governing Vessel will transform Vitality for the higher function of imagination. C.V and G.V. are, both, aspects of the rising waveform through the spinal cord. They are not part of the fascia matrix.

Red later and magnet treatment on an acupuncture point on the hand
Using magnet and red laser on Acu. pt.

To be effective with acupressure we need to regain electrical flow through our bodies, more on this later, however, the intermediate stage is to use magnets and a red laser.

 Most people on this Earth have a terribly weakened electrical nervous system. And there are a number of reasons for this.

Lack of:

  1. Capacity for experiencing the emotional intensity
  2. Capacity for holding/ exploring mutually exclusive belief systems
  3. Capacity to be in our bodies whilst experiencing intense physical and uncomfortable sensations.

Due to the repressive and judgmental nature of our societal interactions (see my other articles on health) we gradually lose connection with, and disassociate from, our bodies i.e. nervous and fascia systems. We subsequently end up living in the attic of our human frame – the mind.

Our brain extends via the five senses, nervous and fascia systems to connect with our environment. This learning and feedback process is sabotaged by the mind–mental programs that high-jack the emotions of fear to get us to conform to the prevailing group vision of reality under penalty of being ostracized from ‘it.’

The sabotage occurs because the mind attempts to suppress unacceptable emotions by arresting the physical exertion that invariably accompanies intense emotional experiences, as a result, muscular contractions- spasms are generated and when they become chronic structural misalignment will ensue.

5G Tower

 There are many people that appear to be hyper-sensitive to electrical fields which leads me to wonder as to the effects of microwaves such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth among others on human health.

Speaking as the personality of Sal, I freely admit to being very ignorant in a great many areas. A lot of the information I share is the result of conversations with a 12th-dimensional Soul that purely for ease of conversation I have named ~Charley.

 So I asked ~Charley as to the effects of 4, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.  He shared that “unless the individual is suppressed, unbalanced with a number of Blocked Chakras, then Up to 4G, the human organism can override the resultant vibrational assault to the workings of the nervous system. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are a bit of a gray area, I suppose it depends on proximity to the body especially with phones as well as personal electrical congruity. 5G is a different matter, it will make any warm-blooded species sick over a period of time”.

Some practical steps to help ourselves

The starting point is always our bodies, even though in some ways it is also the endpoint. We desperately need to move away from our self-sabotaging censoring and critical minds. We cannot relax and release what we are unaware of. The following are basics that will have over time a pronounced effect on your health.

  • Walking – Practice focusing on the ball of your feet when you walk or run. Be aware of how the toes grab the ground, 70% weight on the ball and 30 % of the weight on the heel is a good rule of thumb. Great exercise for body awareness and focus on the present. It will improve and condition the arch of your feet. Make you more springy when you walk or run. Have you noticed that most if not all 4 legged animals move on the balls of their feet?

Meditational exercise 3

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