In this podcast, Joshua and I come together and talk about the nature of free will, do humans have it? We talk About the principles that Gurdjieff and Auspenky shared 100 years back of ‘Man’ as a machine that is sleep and needs to wake up to achieve its true potential. We touch on ‘Man’ as a three-brained being who is rarely all present.

Furthermore, we touch on the rigidity that engulfs Mankind due to mental, emotional and physical suppression. Some insight into the nature of pain and the necessity to experience intensity to develop stamina and maintain internal equilibrium.

No true conversation is complete without delving into the nature and role of the Soul, God, Creation, ego, fear and love.
As always this is a non-professional podcast, my apology for the chickens, turkey and occasional background laughter in the background.

There is also an accompanying article written a little while back: Do Human beings possess free will?

Before looking at #4 podcast you might like to have a look at this other podcast that I did over a year previously and just recovered from my computer. Admittedly, my understanding was still quite rough, and I have added more meat to the bones of my comprehension since. Nevertheless, a good prelude to the conversation between Joshua and me.

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