broken robot
broken robot

In this article I hope to make the case that we are damaged machines, our consciousness is fractured, that what we call our will, is no more or less than inbuilt or acquired programs and that we are easily manipulated by our fears of being isolated from the group; That the answer to our innate loneliness lies not in emotions but rather in feelings and the heart and, I will provide a few pointers to nudge you in the right direction.

 In previous articles in this series I have isolated each of the three brains within a human being; the physical, emotional, and mental and their effects on health and well worth getting acquainted or re-acquainted with them (see links at the bottom).

With Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, we began to appreciate that we live in a mechanical universe. The quest of science is to have more and more accurate data and reproducible laws and formulas to predict and manipulate the movements of matter in the world around us.

We exist in a bubble that we call the 3rd dimension, and everything within it, made of matter is machine like and devoid of true will, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy all affect and are in turn affected by other bodies, and had one enough data and infinite computational power one could theoretically predict all future movements and probable course of action for every single atom and stellar body

The 3 brains
or centres of the human body

 Our human bodies created from particles and made of matter are exceedingly complex machines containing three separate yet interdependent computers. The first or physical, often called primitive /physical, brain has encoded in the DNA patterns of ‘instinctive’ responses to its environment for survival and reproduction, which can bypass the other two brains in an emergency.

Our emotional brain uses the nervous system and hormones to alter the workings of our bodies depending on whether we need to fight, run away,  recuperate or procreate. In this process, it will affect both voluntary and involuntary muscles, as well as organs and the immune system. The release of these hormones can at times generate such emotional intensity that we ‘lose control’.

Our Mind – synonymous with abstract thinking, reflection and the words constantly running in our heads, is no more or less than complex software that by itself has no more free will than any version of Microsoft Windows.

It is extremely important to appreciate the power of the mind to affect our health and sanity.

The Herd instinct, fear and indoctrination

When we are babies we are incredibly vulnerable to our environment, we rely on our ‘herd’ to protect us. What happens when our immediate herd (family) on which we rely for safety is experienced as threatening? For example, irritated/ angry/cold /anxious parents, and jealous siblings, etc.,

This is one way in which software programs are created in our young minds to protect us from internal emotional turmoil, and we start a process of submission and self-censorship to conform to our perception of what will maximize our safety within the herd. Occasionally a child will not ‘submit’, this child is then labelled ‘rebellious’.

The process continues as we grow up, some programs within us are created by osmosis out of our need to belong and be safe, and others are rammed down our throats through what is presently termed education.

Ultimately, we end up with a complexity of rules and regulations in our minds that are at odds with the other two brains.  Something has to give, and it does. The connection between our three brains gets severed.

Judging our behaviour, actions and emotions

This will happen gradually, our minds begin to censure and judge our emotional and physical behaviour the resulting internal emotional conflict will start to be suppressed by interfering with our breathing. In time, wrong breathing becomes the norm and the suppressed emotions are somatized into our muscles.

These suppressed emotions seeking expression will arise as images from our subconscious. Our mental programs will do their best to remove them from awareness as quickly as possible. In time, we will say things like I have no imagination and or be at the mercy of nightmares. Our minds can become so adept at this self-censorship that when we become adults the process of suppression is so lightning fast that all we are aware of is, for example, that we suddenly have a ‘bad back’ or ‘pain in the shoulder’ and or ‘neck’.

The mind suppresses emotions, which in turn somatize the emotions within muscles, leading to muscular spasms, structural distortions and facia cramping. All the while the years roll on, and we become more and more rigid and inflexible, first mentally, then emotionally and finally physically.

The above is a depressing vision of humanity, and yet it gets worse. We have become damaged and fractured in our consciousness as a necessary means of survival within our culture.  We hardly ever get to experience life with all three brains working harmoniously together. The words in our heads are constantly interpreting the world around us, making critical judgements of self and others and, because we are fractured, we are easily hypnotized and manipulated.

Domesticated sheep

The herd instinct for survival within the group is being abused by external interests; by using fear to generate conformity, and subservience and for a few years now lynch woke culture mobs. And in an ultimate sense, we are herded and hypnotized in the creation and maintenance of a dystopian reality, based on fear, slavery and poverty.

Sorry, I have got carried away with a description of the current state of the world and I wish to offer hope for a better vision for mankind.

There is great confusion presently as to the difference between emotions: hormonally generated fear-based reactions to our environment to keep the machine-ego safe, and feelings. (see previous articles in this series)

Allow me to define feelings as a state of being whereby all our three brains are working harmoniously together and our perception emanating from our heart reaches out to self as well as our environment, and we are one with it. In this state, any or a number of feelings of love, joy, compassion, gratitude acceptance may arise.

When only two brains are operating, we experience the world from within emotional fear, we are reactive in the world, only our perceived survival needs matter, we are alone (in ourselves) and seek the comfort of the herd, isolated, tense, stressed out.  At this level, knowledge may be acquired, but understanding is missing. We are at the mercy of accidents and life goes quickly by, for we are divorced from the experience of time.

Why be in our hearts?

Because we relax, are connected both to ourselves, and our environment. From here, we can observe ourselves and the world around us dispassionately. From this place, we have the opportunity to begin to clear the suppressed emotions that we have been accumulating for most of our lives.

When in our hearts’ people around us also relax, for those around us do not get the sense that they will be judged by their behaviour, words or actions. The thoughts in our heads go quiet and our experience of the world gains depth.

It would be great if we could be in this state without effort, but this is a journey that requires a lot of inner cleansing and forgiving of self and others. To get the ball rolling, let me share a very powerful exercise that will reap huge dividends when practised regularly.

Meditation exercise

Seat or semi-recline in a comfortable position whilst maintaining hands and feet uncrossed and eyes open (not essential, but it will help with mind wandering).

Focus on your feet and sense them, including toes (30 sec. approx.)

Focus on your hands and sense them, including fingers (30 sec. approx.)

Focus on your heart area (60 sec. approx.) including hands and feet

Focus on your tongue (30 sec. approx.) to include the heart, hands, and feet

Focus on your lower abdomen (30 sec. approx.) to include the heart, tongue, hands, and feet

Go back to the heart area as the centre of attention yet incorporate the sensation of the lower abdomen tongue, hands, and feet  (stay here for approx. 2.5 minutes).

Do this daily if you can, there will be times when you are overwhelmed with emotions/images/memories.  Others when you will struggle to stay focussed.  Allow your body to release at its own pace.  And learn to cultivate a connection with your 3 centres.

Learn to connect with these seven areas in your daily life – to be grounded and connected

I will be making a guided meditation in the near future that will be useful to some of you

So what is missing from the above article? That when we focused on the machine we threw out the baby with the bathwater, for yes we are machines, yet there is something so much greater and wonderful within each of us.

God’s Creation

Souls are the interacting bedrock of this 3rd Dimension, they are the ‘Will’ and ‘breath of The Maker of All’ behind all animate and inanimate matter, and each of us ‘coalesced’ with a fragment of soul when 4 months in the womb. Whilst this integration of body and soul reached 88.4%on average shortly after birth, it regressed so that by the time we reached 12 years of age our integration was down on average to approx. 17%, some of it due to unresolved traumas from previous lifetimes and some purely due to the collective disharmony inherent in our culture.

To integrate with our souls and open up our hearts, we need to climb to at least 32% of integration simply to experience sporadic moments of heart openness. This is also another way of saying that our 3 centres, however fleetingly, need once more to operate in harmony with each other so that our soul fragment may express itself unhindered in this lifetime.

How else can we hope to open up our hearts?

  • If you are in a relationship, before going to sleep focus on your partner, review what makes you laugh/ brings a smile to your lips /what you appreciate/ allow warmth to seep from your heart as you taste the uniqueness of his/her presence.

  • Experience and cultivate gratitude for all you have – home /work/ friends /environment, and especially your body.

  • Whenever you catch yourself judging others, turn your light back on to yourself, be curious as to how you put yourself down, and laugh at your mechanistic behaviour, feel warmth for your damaged and inconsistent self.

To come – How we keep ourselves sick

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