Does the body or Soul have free will ?

If you are of the Christian tradition, then the answer must be yes, Humans do possess free will! Their credo is that “man” is born in sin, and our choices in life will be judged at the pearly gates, at which point we no longer have a choice. The implication is that ‘Man’ has/is a soul.

As scientific discoveries have allowed us to manipulate our environment and predict the movement of the planets, and, possibly as a reaction to the religious indoctrinations and concepts of “do as I say not as I do,” there has been an inevitable backlash and repulsion from the belief that “Man” has an ‘eternal soul’.

This has given rise to determinism, the idea that all actions are reactions within the mechanistic universe, and there is no free will, and therefore, by extension, there is no human soul. Here is an interesting little video that did my head in just listening, but does a good job of explaining the different philosophical positions.

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Both perspectives are right and wrong. Yes, we are machines. Our bodies have the power to force actions on us-ask anyone addicted to any substance ever. Our emotions (hormonal system) certainly have the power to make us react to the world without thought. A crime of passion, for instance? And our minds, indoctrinated by the church, state, and culture, fare no better.

Ultimately, if I experience the world from my ego-personality/emotions/beliefs, all my choices are reactive to the environment that is mechanistic. Yes, we are machines, but is that all we are? Is there any truth to our having a soul? And if we have one, where is it? So, is there any ‘free will’?

We need to put the idea of free will in context

Let me spare you and say that there is no free will within “matter” in the 3-dimensional universe. We are mere biological machines, and our movement and action-reaction through time are predictable. Like all other matter in the universe, it is just a question of enough data and a computer capable of piecing it together.

So if we are merely programmed egocentric machines, is there free will anywhere?

Perhaps a better question would be, is there more to a human being than a reactive and mentally controlled ego? And the answer is YES, for religion is half right when they talk about the soul, for they assume that “soul” and personality are one, fully engaged throughout life and, that the soul is here to be judged by its actions. The exercise of free will, hence the carrot and stick.

To accept the reality that the soul exists is to acknowledge that there is one, if not many more, other dimensions in “Creation”. I speak from a position of both knowledge and a little understanding, for I am connected and in communication with ~Charley, a ‘Soul’ that inhabits the 12th dimension, who has been mentoring and healing me, my family, and a few clients for a couple of years.

According to ~Charley, it is the soul dimensions that encompass most of the layers of Creation, with what “we” call reality—the 3rd dimension, a very thin slice of the “cake”, and a playground for the Soul.

How Creation Works

The “Maker of ALL” is beyond his Creation. His Creation is “His Will made manifest.” What we call ‘Soul’ are fragments of “The Maker’s WILL”, dispersed into His Creation like water vapour, at the lowest or primary Dimension of Creation. For our benefit ~Charley has labelled this the 2nd Dimension,(*) to place it in the context of the other Dimensions that are of some relevance to humanity. These soul fragments exercise their ‘will’ in the 3rd dimension and bring together the energies that will coalesce and turn into particles that gradually create complex matter.

(*) At a later time, I will do another article focused only on soul and dimensions in relation to humanity.

As “Matter” coalesces and gives rise to larger and larger bodies, so do those wisps of “God’s WILL” coalesce. These fragments of ‘God’s Will’ interact with animate and so-called inanimate matter at every level in the 3rd Dimension.

These 2-dimensional soul fragments, as a product of their act of ‘Will’ in the 3rd dimension, increase their vibrational density and coalesce, like drops of vapour turn into water droplets that in turn become brooks, rivers, and oceans.

The soul is in all matter, organic and inorganic. Where Soul is, so is ‘God’s WILL made manifest’, and yet, Soul is not part of the 3rd dimension we call the universe. Because souls exist in other dimensions beyond time. If a soul were to be compared to a large salami, then this moment of time would have a very thin sliver of its “will” blending with Matter (human or otherwise).

‘WE’ – mere biomechanical machines are ‘vehicles’ for other dimensional fragments of soul, here to express the only ‘WILL’ that exists in the whole of Creation the vibrational energy of ‘GOD’s Love’ by living life whole-heart-edly.

BUT…there is ‘a fly in the ointment’, so to speak. All the movements through time, from every atom to humans, planets, stars, galaxies, and beyond, are carefully choreographed from the Soul Dimensions – beyond Time. For in this dimension subject to the laws of thermodynamics, Quantum, Vibration, and resonance amongst others, the largest objects have a disproportionate effect on the smaller ones all the way to the subatomic level.

Human beings are at the mercy of planetary and galactic forces. We are all linked, and everything moves in step. The Soul script for ALL human interaction with each other, as well as other life forms on this planet, in relation to the heavens, was forecasted 8,500 years in advance. This gives Soul fragments interacting on this Earth on average, 3 reincarnations within that timeframe.

Chaos Theory butterfly effect

With the best will in the world (pun unintended), the complexities of the interaction of all matter in this third dimension are not 100% foolproof (there is the unintended butterfly effect [Chaos Theory] on a cosmic scale) so there will always be a bit of tweaking required and contingencies allowed for. This is something that I have been aware of in my own lifetime, in particular with regard to significant relationships.

For example, with the mother of my first child, not only did we have unfinished business from 500 years back when as a man she forced an abortion on me, but, this time around, she and I were scripted to meet and balance the books by her giving me a child. We lived, unknown to each other, on the same street in London in my very late teens. As I found out much later, my mother worked for a man who turned out to be the best friend of her brother-in-law. I also did a lot of work for them in my late twenties. It wasn’t until my early thirties, in another town far away, where I had become acquainted with her ex-husband and was invited to a party he hosted, that she and I finally met, for she had also come to the party from her home over 150 miles away, and yes, from the moment my son was born, we bonded like super glue.

So, do I have free will or not?

Well, sorry-you (ego-the personality you identify with, that people can recognize at a distance merely by your physical posture and manner of walking), are no more or less than a biological machine. Don’t despair, for there is a fragment of the soul within you—although the chances are that this fragment and “you” are not as yet very integrated into your psyche. If there is any “free will” in you, it will be expressed via the soul of which you are a part.

Herein lies the major dilemma for humanity. The fragment of soul that synchronises with each human being when they are 4 months in the womb loses a great deal of that synchronisation by the time the child is eight years old.

full moon over a hill

It was never meant to have happened this way but, because of a foreseen (by Soul) accident 3.5 million years ago, a planet between Mars and Jupiter was unwittingly destroyed, part of which, 190,000 years later, was captured by the Earth’s gravity and became our Moon. What was unforeseen (Butterfly effect) was the collection of very low-level soul densities that had interacted with life in that planet’s oceans, whose point of focus within this 3rd dimension became firmly attached to what is now our Moon.

It is relevant to our story about ‘will’ because these parasitical, although guileless, low soul densities have unwittingly been interfering with the plans initially designed for humanity.


The human body is meant to be a great vehicle for soul fragments to experience life. Our egos are meant to be great servants, managing the complexities of the human machine. Unfortunately, these parasitical critters are not ‘givers’; they are takers of low-level fear-based vibrations, and their greatest influence on humankind is at the full Moon and new Moon cycle via the 2nd and 3rd chakras.

The result of the ‘critter’s’ interaction is to increase fear, paranoia, rage, and discord by bringing toward the surface of the subconscious suppressed memories laden with an emotional charge whereby we lash out at others in our environment. Over time, the psychopathic (irrevocably damaged and unnaturally sadistic, with a burning desire to control all around them-lost souls) have distorted, and in different epochs (like the present), brought whole societies to their lowest egotistical fears and survival needs, to where 99.9% of humanity is irrevocably traumatised, as we lose synchronicity with our true soul fragment(s) that manifest in life via our hearts.

If we have no WILL is there any purpose to our lives?

It has been a bit of a long-winded story, but I share it with a purpose. Our fragments of soul have synchronised with our human bodies both for experience and, to expedite our awakening, to free ourselves of this malign influence that has cursed this planet for nearly 3.5 million years. Many fragments of souls have given up their relatively easy (compared to us under the influence of the critters) density accumulation and experience on other planets, only to be trapped and lost to themselves in the quicksand of this Earth.

If you have read this far regardless of your comprehension, then hear this. We are in the last chapter of this present Earth cycle. There is a cataclysm coming, and you have incarnated and re-incarnated so that your soul fragment may free itself of the bondage to this planet.

A few salient points to ponder.

  • The human vehicle is a valuable addition for the soul to experience in this 3-dimensional universe.
  • The sooner we accept that our ego personalities are just damaged machines that have mostly lost connection with the true passenger, the easier it will be to eventually “let go of the reins.”
  • We collectively suffer incessantly because our fearful, damaged egos have closed our hearts to the love that, like a torrent, is continually pouring from the Soul Dimensions.
  • As ‘egos’, we have no “WILL”—only the “WILL” of the Divine truly exists. On this Earth, all of our soul fragment interactions are scripted with one goal: for us to wake up to our true nature. We are trapped in a jail of our own making. We suffer pain because of our fears. We are unwilling to let go of the belief in our justified sense of victimhood, anger, and resentment.
  • Humans are damaged machines which, to a great extent, are unrepairable, as the damage has been hard-wired from youth by family and culture. There is a way forward beyond this impasse, which is to learn to accept ourselves with all our weaknesses, to practice non-judgement of ourselves and others, and from this day forward to love ourselves unconditionally. This is the only way to move beyond ego and open up our hearts.
  • We DON’T need religion. What we need is to surrender to the Infinite and practice the mantra “LET THY WILL BE DONE” as we accept all the experiences in our lives. You will be amazed at how quickly your world turns around, as you find yourself with peace and love in your heart.
  • We can only find meaning in life when we separate from all the negativity within ourselves and focus on the positive feelings that emanate from our hearts.

P.S. The above article is just a glimpse of the true story that is mankind and our relationship to the Soul. Stay tuned! There will be more to come in the future.

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