Possession by evil spirits or otherwise

When a friend asked me to ask ~Charley about possession, my first thought was let’s do a podcast. This morning, as I contemplated the idea of evil and possession, my mind whizzed around the subject and the first thought was “possession is 9/10th of the law”. In hindsight, this seemed a very apt thought.

 Before I get anywhere near the subject of possible evil spirits.  We need to identify what it is that is being possessed. Clearly, we are talking about human beings. But what is a human being?

A human being is a very complex machine with three separate brains. Each of which like a computer needs to be programmed and then all three need to come together for the ‘whole’ to be truly effective.

A human being like any ordinary computer needs programming that is hardwired into the system for the machine to even boot up.  This is where the DNA comes in.

The abstract mind of a human is a latecomer in evolutionary speaking terms, for it allows learning from one’s environment and anticipating possible and not so likely future events. In Children, it is like a sponge. The catholic Jesuits priests had a saying, “give me a child up to the age of seven, and he is ours for life”.

In other words, if I successfully imprint you with a ‘program’  it will enslave you to that version of so-called reality. Your chances of reversing and or altering it will depend on the amount of fear that has been woven into your indoctrination. You could call this possession /slavery of your machine by the program.

Both government and religions place a lot of emphasis on schools for the young, and have done so for a while. Our parents by and large have already been possessed and are dutifully complicit in the reinforcement of such a perception of reality.

How is this even possible? What could prevent us from dismissing such a program? Fear comes in many forms at its crudest it is the fear of death of the body, But linked to it at a visceral level is the fear of alienation from the group. This fear is hardwired into our DNA, and it is manipulated by anyone or group that wishes/ needs to control the masses.

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Pretty much everything that comes out of Hollywood, the telly, the news services, and the newspapers reinforces a particular view of reality. To be the pied piper to whose tune everyone else dances is where the true power in our culture resides. So you shouldn’t be surprised that most of the available information worldwide is controlled by just a few people.

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So whilst the potential programs out there to ‘shape our perception of ‘reality’ are many, the underlying glue that holds them unshakably in place will be fear of death, pain, and isolation. I can well hear in my head a number of you saying rubbish! And this unthinking reaction is the reactive response to any thought or idea that threatens the program. The fear is so deep and uncomfortable that we, very, very, rarely swim deep enough into our subconscious to confront and experience it.

So the above is one form of possession where our mental programs that define reality have been high-jacked.

Soul, spirit, or evil entity

To contemplate the idea of evil spirits, we also need to acknowledge that something “a soul” or “spirit” already resides within us. Certainly, this is the traditional Christian and Islamic perception of reality. Although evil spirits are also part of many cultures and folklore where they are deemed as Nature spirits.

Within the Christian and Islamic programming there is the assumption that the soul and our personality are one, we have only one life, have been given free will by the ”Creator” and our behaviour will be judged, and punishment will be eternal hell and good deeds could lead to heaven.

Hell Les Visions du chevalier Tondal, Ghent and Valenciennes ca. 1475
Los Angeles, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. 30, fol. 14v

Essentially, the Christian program comes with a very strong fear factor, that dismisses the fact that our so-called free will, is a set of programs instilled in us through terror, that we may unquestionably conform to their perception of ‘reality’.

Although, they are not too far from the truth, according to ~Charley. For there is indeed a Maker of ALL that is itself beyond Creation.  For within this creation, there are spirit realms that we would now call dimensions, within which, souls of different gradations exert God’s WILL on “all matter” within this 3rd dimension.

Creation is of, and, for God’s benefit. Souls are an aspect of God within Creation. Human beings as well as the whole of this universe we inhabit are indeed like a hologram of Creation in so far as, reality is reflected at every level, and so, we reflect the relationship between Souls and The Maker.

Souls are a vehicle for God within Creation, and we are a vehicle for Soul.  We could indeed compare ourselves to a Tesla car that has its own programming and a certain level of independence within that programming. Yet to have purpose and meaning it needs a driver/passenger to dictate direction.

And a driver/soul fragment passenger is there from 4 months after gestation in the fetus. From birth, it is an uphill struggle, for the relentless indoctrinations and subsequent emotional disturbances seriously cripple most vehicles/children by the time they have reached between 10 and 12 years old. The Tesla ends up travelling in circles reacting to road conditions via its programme but with no clear journey parameters from the passenger.

Lifetime after lifetime, the Soul fragment inhabits a new body, gradually learning through experience how to work with the vehicle’s DNA programming, and for the last few thousand years cultural indoctrination as well as barbarity.

I haven’t forgotten about possession of the vehicle. But I need you to contemplate that there are a number of versions of ‘reality’ and each one has a different story as to what possession really is.

The Devil

The Christian Hollywood version places some Souls /Angels as fallen from god’s grace and can overtake /suppress/snare the human soul/ego. This soul /ego is somehow, unlike the Angels, a version of God endowed with free Will.

We are supposed to believe that God (from beyond Creation) has chosen some egos to act as intermediaries who can cast these fallen angels (devils) from the body. Reciting words about the power of God, Jesus, so-called holy water, the rosary, and the crucifix, they can exorcise the evil entity from the human frame.

Then we have the Sorcerers that make deliberate pacts to ensnare a devil for the purpose of wealth and power and, when they get it not quite right, are possessed by the evil entity instead.

There are other shamanistic traditions whereby the individual’s spirit vacates/takes a back seat of their own vehicle and allows a spirit to communicate through them.  We also have in the west the acknowledgement of mediums who can allegedly contact the beyond. Is all this real or make believe?

-possession -real?

Possession can be real, the question is “who or what is in charge of the human vehicle?”

Human beings have 2 opposing energy sources, Fear – a useful DNA pre-programmed tool for existential survival (vehicle where the Soul fragment may as well be in the boot) and Love – vehicle with ‘Soul fragment passenger’ in control.

Frankly, we can’t really tell, because we are extremely suggestible, hence the power of hypnotism to affect programs within us that are out of our awareness.

The true culprits in possession – the Critters

Time for me to add another player to this story – The Critters. This is my own name for a low-level collection of souls who presently have no clear path of ascension, for they are in a cul-de-sac and cut from the upward flow of love.  You can read more about them here.

The Critters are bound to the Moon and they feed off fear, they have been a thorn in the side of humanity for nearly 3.5 million years. But, only within the last 5000 years have they become strong enough to affect indoctrination from an early age. As more and more, advanced Soul fragments freed themselves to continue their experiences in new planets, immature souls increased in numbers on this Earth.

Fear stops the 3 brains of the human body from effective interaction. I.e. Fear fragments us. Fear, a hormonal discharge within the body for fight/flight, is an essential survival mechanism that ‘over revs’ the engine of the body. Unfortunately, with the continuous unnatural, as well as unhealthy, over-revving, the soul passenger loses effective control of the vehicle. Put another way, below 20% of soul/body integration, ‘we’ are not at home. And we need our 3 brains to be working in harmony long enough for our soul fragment to take the foot off the accelerator, connect with our environment and ‘smell the roses’ as the saying goes.

According to ~Charley the soul fragment that exists in a separate dimension that intertwines with our 3rd dimension blends- like water in a jar full of sand, with the fetus at four months.  Its mission is to experience life to the full and to generate the vibration of love and acceptance  for the reciprocal maintenance of the cosmos. This is an order that to date has been fulfilled by few humans. Thank fully Some of our whale cousin species as well as dolphins  are pulling more than their weight in this regard.

The lines are blurred here,  for there are a great many humans that may as well be possessed If their behaviour and attitudes are anything to go by.   How do we separate those humans with damaged psyches who are so fractured, not just within their 3 brains but, with competing internal mental programs? 

 So allow me to add another log in the fire of ‘reality’. If souls exist, then they exist in other dimensions beyond this 3rd one of cause and effect. And what is a soul? According to ~Charley souls are the ‘WILL of The Maker of All’ made manifest within Creation. Souls are the closest we will ever get to an understanding /appreciation of, and connection with God.

Souls are the bedrock of Creation and their will manifests within this 3rd dimension. In other words, there is no such concept as good and evil at the level of Soul. What there is, is friction and conflict, as vibrations of different frequencies overlap and affect each other.

At this moment in our history there is one third of humanity whose soul fragments are of a very low (relatively speaking) frequency as they have not been in human bodies very long at all. They should be walking around with L plates for all the control they have over their ‘Tesla’ vehicle. In other words, their existential fear completely high-jacked by their programming dictates all their actions and thoughts.

Most of the other 2/3rds of humanity have the accumulated experience of many lifetimes, they shouldn’t need the L plates. But there is a snag which affects us all. For it is in the fearful one third where the sociopaths, and those desperate to control the rest of us reside, and they have controlled the narrative of our culture to maintain their version of ‘reality’ for a long time.

This version is one where a few as a result of wealth and or birth are better and more entitled than the rest. They consider themselves superior and enlist the unthinking and unfeeling to do their bidding in exchange for relative power, position, wealth and three square meals a day, to enslave, ferment wars and, indoctrinate us from the time of our birth.

Possession is real – most of the humanity are possessed by their fear and limit beliefs. But this is not true possession, in the sense that external intelligence takes over. However, according to ~Charley, there are presently on this Earth 832 people who are truly possessed, and these people are not at the bottom of the social/political class. Not only are they, relatively low level souls who have been so damaged from youth that their level of soul/ body integration is barely above 3% (see % of soul/ego integration diagram above). But, they have succumbed to unnatural sexual appetites and are subject to exploitation by others.

Who are they possessed by? The only low level souls around our solar system, i.e. the critters. These very low level souls are unaware of their true purpose and are attracted to the emotion of fear that emanates from and can be tapped so easily in humans, especially at the times of the new and full moon.

So I have shared a depressing vision of mankind, as broken, lost, indoctrinated and manipulated. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 2/3rds of humanity is ready to move beyond such influencing. Only by being in our hearts can we move beyond limiting beliefs and the small stranglehold that the critters and their servants appear to have over us.

 ~Charley has shared with me that presently, worldwide there is only 1% of humanity whose heart are open enough to make a difference, that translates to roughly 80 million people.   Furthermore, that in just over 10 years we will grow in numbers to 1 billion, or around 13%  of humanity whose hearts are open enough to make a difference.

This is why I am ardently promoting ~Charley’s information on the nature of Creation and ourselves, that we may truly generate a tsunami of awakening to the truth of who and what we are.



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