Rant, on being vegan because of the pain and suffering that we would create in animals.

I just had one person say to me on FB Are you vegan yet? Can You Feel The Animals suffering? and you have to stop eating them?

These are the statements of an out of touch person. Even more so, because her reasons had nothing to do with diet, rather she called it ‘vegan activism.’ to clarify. It doesn’t matter what her body needs, her mind /ideology is dictating to her body what she can eat.

In the process not only is she out of touch with the reality that everything alive on this Earth relies on something else for survival but she is on a crusade to ‘infect’ others with her mental rigid perception.

For if our bodies are built to digest proteins, fats nutrients and vitamins that can only be found in red meat easily, why would we deny ourselves what our bodies are designed to digest and require? for some mental aberration?

I was a Vegan for a while in my late twenties, I started to get heart palpitations, and tired, and dreamt of fish for 6 months before I caught on that my body was demanding a lot more than it was getting.

We are so deluded and out of touch with ourselves that we succumb to ideology.  We have a stomach designed specifically to break down proteins we have a duodenum part of small intestine designed to break fats down with pancreatic and bile juice.

We have a large intestine not fit for the purpose it was initially intended for  ie. the breakdown of fiber to create fat with bacteria.

Grass seeds into Baguettes

Instead we suffer with indigestion flatulence and colic issues. Quite apart from rotting teeth and auto immune diseases from eating plants and seeds that don’t want to be eaten, and for which we haven’t developed any internal mechanism to negate the poisons. (apart from cooking foods to death.) Only applies to Lectins not Oxalates.

You have to eat your vegetables if you want any pudding

Ideology is a big problem in our society; we attempt to force feed vegetables to kids that don’t want them. We think that to advance spiritually we mustn’t eat heavy low down vibrations like red meat. I know I was one of them unthinking masses.

The reality of the human organism is that we are carnivores designed to burn fat. Even cows burn fat as fuel. Granted we have learned to adapt, and as a result of times of scarcity, in the past we have been experimenting with farming, and learning to tolerate certain seeds and vegetables for the purpose of storing and consuming carbohydrates.

Rubbery lining inside a large intestine from eating wrong foods

In Nature concentrations of carbohydrates, has, apart from honey only come about as a result of human genetic manipulation.  And we have paid a heavy price for distorting the consumption of our bodily needs.  We all have a natural niche in nature for which our digestive systems are designed, ours is,  and has, for millions of years being predators.


  1. Michaela Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter can testify to the benefits of eating meat. She cured the arthritis she suffered from a young age. Through trial and error she cut out all the other food groups and found meat to be helping her condition.

  2. Indeed. I had become type 2 diabetic from being a vegetarian that ate too much sugar and seed oils, and had digestive and fungal infections to boot. I became a carnivore out of necessity to be healthy.
    I have just added a new page under the section healthy eating : what I need to know to eat carnivore for there are caveats to be taken into account, most of which I found out the hard way.


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