This following meditational exercise is designed to connect you with your true self and aid you to move out of your head so that you may connect directly with others, as well as your environment.

Below you will find a description and script of the meditational exercise, and at the end a Guided YouTube narration to listen to.

Find a comfortable place to sit, possibly semi-reclined, but do not lie down as you might fall asleep. Best to practise in the morning for the same reason.

This active meditation is designed with a number of goals in mind

  • 1 to relax and connect you with your body.
  • 2 to open your heart and give you a taste of who you truly are
  • 3 to be more real in the world and to truly connect with others

As you connect with your body, you may become aware of pain/ discomfort in different parts of the anatomy. If that is the case, you might benefit from the physical meditation first. Here is a link to the Meditational exercise No.3 The Physical – how to relieve pain and tension.

There is a possibility that as you progress in this meditation to the end, emotional states may arise within you. If, when that happens, give yourself permission to flow with and experience any and all emotions that arise.

Meditation exercise

Begin by focusing on the whole of your head, sense and imagine your head completely surrounded in a field of bioelectrical energy that I will subsequently name your aura. Be aware of any tensions within your head. Move your focus to your mouth, allow the corners of your mouth to rise ever so slightly and note a little smile that comes with it.

A true smile

Now focus on the outer corners of your eyes and add the smile from your mouth, notice your eyes twinkling a little. Put some focus into the centre of your chest  -your heart, and with the smile from your lips and eyes. Feel a warmth growing in your heart. And hang on to this smiling warmth as you now smile to the hole of your head.

Move your focus down to your neck

Neck muscles

Sense your neck, to include the trapezius muscles going down to between your shoulders. Allow your neck to gently move side to side, experience the gentle tugging on the muscles and only move as far as it is comfortable. Repeat once more as you smile with warmth to your muscles. Now move forward and back, note the pull on the muscles between your shoulder blades and on your upper chest, smile to your neck muscles and repeat. Lastly, rotate gently to the left, and to the right, as you focus on the muscles being gently stretched. Repeat, and experience your neck surrounded by its section of aura.

Your arms

As you progress with this exercise, be mindful that your limbs are composed of muscle as well as bone, the more you can visualize and sense the structure of your body, the more effective you will become.

Shift your awareness to your left arm.

Sense your left fingers and thumb as you gently move them for a few seconds, connect with them and your palm, smile to the entire hand. Move up to the wrist, sense it, slowly travel up the interior of your forearm to the elbow, and smile to your tissues! Ascend to your upper arm, shoulder joint and the whole of your left shoulder. Feel your heart’s warmth as you smile and surround your left arm in its section of aura. Relax and sink your left shoulder.


Move your awareness to your right arm.

Sense your right fingers and thumb as you gently move them for a few seconds, connect with them and your palm, smile to the entire hand. Move up to the wrist, sense it, slowly travel up the interior of your forearm to the elbow, and smile to it with your warmth. Ascend to your upper arm, shoulder joint and the entire right shoulder. Feel your heart’s warmth as you smile and surround your right arm in its section of aura. Relax and sink your right shoulder.

Be aware of both arms together and have a sense of how from fingertips up to the shoulders they are composed of flesh and bones. Visualize, sense, experience them surrounded in their auric envelope. Smile with warmth to the whole of both arms. Let your shoulders sink even further.

The Torso

We now move to the torso, that we will divide into three sections, starting with the lowest one.

Connect with and sense your lower abdomen from coccyx up to the belly button, including your sacrum, lower lumbers and reproductive system. Surround this part of you in its section of Aura. From your heart, allow your warmth and smile to suffuse your lower abdomen, deep into your reproductive system with complete acceptance.


Lift your focus to your solar plexus or mid-section from just above the belly button. Once more surround your awareness of your middle with a bubble of sensation from front to back to include that section of your spine, don’t dwell on the internal organs, stay relatively superficial.  Allow your heart’s warmth to suffuse the whole of your midsection as you connect with the Aura that surrounds it.

Transfer your focus up to your ribcage front and back, be aware of the aura surrounding the whole of the chest, smile with warmth as you sense the rib cage.

Now connect all three sections of your torso as one, open yourself to the sensations and imagination of your torso surrounded in its auric field. Smile at the entire torso with your warmth and acceptance.

We move to your legs


Place your focus on your left leg and begin with your toes, wiggle them a little, with a warm smile as you do so, add the rest of the foot. Move up internally as you sense your ankle, shin-bone, calf muscle and the knee smile. Continue upwards to your thigh and hamstrings, the whole of the left hip joint, and buttock.

Move your focus to the entire left leg and sense it as one unit, imagine it surrounded in its aura, smile with warmth to your left leg. Say to yourself, relax.

Move to the right leg and repeat. Focus on your right toes, fleetingly wiggle them a bit as you extend your awareness to the rest of the foot, smile.  Go into your ankle, ascend to your shin-bone, calf muscle and knee, smile with warmth, continue ascending to your thigh and hamstrings and the whole of your whole of the right hip and buttock. Smile.

Move your focus to the entire right leg and sense it as one unit, imagine it surrounded in its bioelectrical field, smile with warmth to your right leg. Say to yourself, relax.

Be aware of both legs together from the inside and surrounded by its auric field. Smile to them and say relax.

All together now

 Finally, link up all the separate parts of your body into one unit.  Head, neck, torso, arms, and legs, sense your warmth like the Sun’s radiance spread from your heart to every corner of your body.

Our Heart

Listen to my words as I ask you questions, and dismiss any answers that come into your head.

Who am I? Am I the words in my head? The stories I tell myself?

Who am I?  Where is the centre of my sense of self? How do I know I am real?

I can sense my body, or at least parts of my body, but am I my body?  Or is my body a part of me?

I can be moved by emotions of happiness, anger, fear, and frustration, is that who I am? Or is this just another part of me?

Be your Heart

Focus on your heart, add the smiling warmth from your eyes and lips when you link the corners of your mouth and eyes, this is who you are, a place beyond words. If you have a lot of unexpressed emotions you may experience a need to cry, if so, allow your emotions full expression, whilst staying centred in your heart and your warmth.

Be in your heart, let your feeling expand like the Sun, to the whole of your body, smile!

Relax your shoulders and allow your full breath to expand all the way to your lower abdomen.

I am a wordless feeling that flows out from my heart, kinaesthetically reaching out to every corner of my being beyond my skin.  

Stay here for as long as you need to, and come back often.  End of guided meditation.

Additional information to add to future meditation on the heart

After having practised the above meditation a few times, and you have the taste of your wordless being-ness, add the following to the end of your meditational exercise.

Focus on one man, woman, or child that you care for. See this being in your mind’s eye. From your heart, kinaesthetically sense this person. Say their name, taste /experience the quality of their ego from within your heart, smile. Can you taste their uniqueness? Let your warmth and smile envelop them.

Practice with another. And repeat.

Bring into your mind’s eye someone you are in conflict with, give yourself permission to experience the raw emotion or belief that separates you from them, or vice versa. Connect with the taste of their ego (their machine) acknowledge their stuckness and possibly yours. Connect with your heart, that you may see them more clearly. If appropriate -Without condoning their behaviour or attitudes, allow your warmth to connect with their heart, release, leet them go and forgive their mechanistic behaviour.

In your day-to-day encounters with others, practice connecting with them from your heart.  Taste their uniqueness, soften your heart and smile.

Notice how when we are in our hearts, the mind is quiet, and we stop distorting our perception of both inner and outer reality.


From now on, make a pact with yourself, to allow and trust your heart to guide the steps of your life.

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