Fungal Infections

 I have been at the mercy of fungal infections since my teen years, they came and went, with me none the wiser as to cause. In my later years they came with a vengeance in my groin, and my toes.

Finally I understood, and saw how my infections would come and go as a result of my actions. I then became aware that many of my clients had fungal infections on one or more of their toes. Finally, I was certain as to the main cause of Thrush.

I have mulled this for a while, and decided to write and share information on how to help yourself eradicate this so familiar infection that enthrals so much of humanity. I say it affects so many because you just have to go to any chemist, and you will find a large section dedicated to athlete’s foot, and fungal infections.

I just got cross with a family member rather unwisely perhaps, but I will put it down to the new Moon that is in full swing. I write about this encounter because it typifies how larger numbers of people see this subject. He spoke of Chinese doctors, how its all to do with the guts and how once you have a fungal infection in the toes “You will never get rid it”, at that point my exasperation with his bombastic statements got the better of me.

With so much ignorance and western pharmaceutical propaganda its hard to see the wood for the trees.

Main causes of fungal infections

tongue fungal infection

There are two main causes of fungal infections in no particular order Western medicines and diet. The use of antibiotics when unnecessarily prescribed, long use of antidepressants, or other serious medication, may leave one vulnerable to fungal infections as a result to damage in the small intestines . Since I am not a western medical doctor, it is not my place to make suggestions as to course of action in this regards.

However, as far as diet is concerned I have plenty of personal experience with myself and my clients to offer constructive suggestions.

Toe nail fungal infections
toe nail fungal infection

The most common fungal infections will be  fungal toe nail infections, in the web between the toes, fungal infection on the inside of the groin,  thrush inside the vagina and  under the breast  when not wearing a bra, and fungal infections on/in the finger nails.

Finger nail fungal infection progression
Finger nail fungal infection progression

In short fungal infections can arise anywhere  where there is a warm moist environment. Although this does not seem to apply to nails on the fingers or toes.

severe nail fungal infection

The truth is that fungal spores are everywhere, simply because the body area is moist and warm is not sufficient for the spores to colonize, and all the powders to dry between the toes at best misguided. For the local weakness that allows the fungus to take hold is due to an imbalance from deep within the body.

How to clear fungal infections

antifungal canesten cream
antifungal canesten cream

All the above fungal infections can be cleared easily with Canesten, a fungal cream often recommended for vaginal thrush.  A little rubbed nightly on the fungal toe nails, web of the feet , red groin, or other part, say armpit,  will kill the existing fungus. This cream can be bought over the counter at most chemists

You would rub this daily until a healthy nail bed appears at the bottom. If on the groin, armpit, under breast, or vagina, until the affected site stops smelling fungal and is no longer red.

Needless to say the above is not a cure simply a means of resetting the clock, to give you an opportunity to stop damaging your body with what ever it is that is creating such an imbalance with in you.

Please bear in mind, that when a fungal infection is the tip of the iceberg, whenever it appears anywhere on your body it is a sign that something much more serious is already damaged within you.

Fungal infections and diet

When I mention Western medication as a potential source of Fungal infections I think a large majority of people would have little difficulty accepting this, after all, most western medications have a long list of contraindications as well as potential side effects.

However, when I say that food that we commonly eat these days is responsible in a very large part, for us getting fungal infections we struggle to accept this, for we have mostly been educated that vegetables and fruits are goods for us.

6 years back I was over 18 stone in weight, loved my ice cream an cakes and paid lip service to sugar is not good for me. I was also pre-diabetic type 2.

As I cut out the sugar I ate more vegetables and salads some fish and chicken. I started to be aware of uncomfortable sensations in my groin area as well as red skin, and a funny smell. it took quite a while before I made the connection to the red peppers I was eating with abandon.


I knew about canasten and that the cream would clear the fungal infection, of course it came back time and again, until I stopped eating the red peppers. Cows cheese would also give me fungal infections but this time on a couple of my toes. Why should such innocuous food items create fungal infections in specific parts of the body?

The role of leafy vegetables in fungal infections

Most leafy vegetables, contain oxalic acid (OA) Some in huge amounts. An insidious poison that the human body can do nothing with except try to excrete. Oxalic acid will bind with calcium, it will also bind with most minerals .

bowl baby spinach

We are taught that leafy vegetables contain lots of nutrients, what we are not told is that they can also contain large amounts of OA which will bind with such nutrients, hence the goodness ends up in the toilet.

When oxalic acid gets through the blood barrier the body will either attempt to excrete it via the kidneys or deposit it anywhere it can around the body. The acid will turn into sharp crystals that can pierce cells. In a proportion of the population the crystals are responsible for leaky gut syndrome.

The leaky gut allows Lectins in fruits and seeds to get through the blood barrier and the human body’s immune system in turn is compromised. Fungal infections around the body are a signal that there is damage in the small intestine, and lectins and proteins are getting through into the blood upsetting the workings of our immune system.

There is only one answer- to alter one’s diet to remove the offending items, if you suffer with fungal infections then I suggest you inform yourself about oxalates ( oxalic acid) as well as lectins.

I have written a number of pages in this web site to deepening your understanding of the role of different foods and their effect on our health. You will also find .pdf’s with lists of foods and their oxalic acid content. ( an approximation) but good enough to orient yourself by. Please see below

I suggest you start with nutrition and follow the links at the end of each page. ALL will be explained. Feel free to comment and ask questions.


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