Vulva pain and discomfort

Green smoothie
Green smoothie

 There are  a large number of women that on reaching menopause years  find vaginal penetration, painful and uncomfortable. In our ignorance we tend to put it down to the inevitable decline in hormone production due to menopause, and the subsequent lack of vaginal lubrication.

This tends to predominantly affect those women who have been vegetarian or vegan for a long time, especially those who are seduced by the ‘healthy’ fad of drinking smoothies, with spinach and beet leaves.

Almond drink
Almond drink

They may also have been seduced into the new health alternative of almonds as a milk substitute drink or as almond flour to make cake alternatives.

Perhaps they are one of those that drink a lot of tea, have nuts, chocolate, sweet potato as staples rhubarb crumble or pies, and a good side helping of spinach on the side.

What links all the above foods / drinks together, is that they are overloaded with Oxalates, a pernicious poison created by plants to control the amount of calcium in their stores for growth and reproduction.

The body has no defence, no means of breaking down the Oxalic Acid (OA) into harmless components, it can only excrete it , except it cannot excrete too much in the blood for danger of damaging the kidneys.  The body’s only other option is to store the acid in the tissues and organs.

In modern culture, we have lost connection with the rhythm of Nature; we can have any food all year round, regardless of whether it grows in our locality or the other side of the planet.

Oxalate poison overload

Our bodies stand no chance of dealing with the overload of poisons that we can usually tolerate in small amounts, and which we used to eat for a couple of months of the year at most, giving our bodies plenty of time to dispose of them.

   Do a few so called  ‘healthy smoothies’ a week with the above ingredients and you will overburden, and stash your body with sharp needle like crystals that  if they deposit themselves in your vaginal tissues,  will in time make penetration excruciatingly painful.

Of course an overload of OA can and will be deposited anywhere, and everywhere in the body. leading to a huge variety of symptoms   such as:

bruised skin

  • Bruising easily
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritic joint pains
  • Blocking of eye tear  ductgiving rise  to red , dry, or watering eyes, eye floaters
blocked eye duct
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Kidney stones
  • Painful bladder
  • Fungal infections
  • I heard a new one the other day-  painful hands  when rubbed   because of a sharp sensation  under the skin.

Kidney stones

if you have read the above , it is easy to decide I will give up Oxalate foods. a word of caution if you stop oxalate foods for more than ten days Your body might decide that since no poison has been coming in for a while it is safe to start ‘dumping Oxalate into the blood stream. This for some could be dangerous as it may overload the kidneys and lead to kidney stones.

Our understanding of oxalate amounts in foods is imprecise although we have a reasonable idea. Change nothing without more understanding of the subject please inform yourself further.

Read my other articles on oxalates and food you will find more precise information as well as videos lectures

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