*How mitochondria should work and how it doesn’t

*Epithelial cells and the guts

*Fat digestion and bowel movements

In my last article, I wrote about the relationship between metabolic disease and cancer. As I pondered on what I had written I realized that the same principle applies to gut bacteria and epithelial cells.

If you have been following my writings You might be starting to wonder why I devote so much time to diet when as a channel for a 12th-dimensional soul I call ~Charley my time might be better spent discussing Esoteric Spiritual topics. The reality is that spirituality begins with a healthy body including diet, as much as emotions, and mental clarity.

And I won’t mince my words (no pun intended). Human beings function best when they eat red meat and saturated fats. Many have been seduced by the idea that a vegetable and fruit diet is the way to increase our vibration towards some sort of enlightenment. If that were true how come that after 5 years as a carnivore, my connection as a channel with ~Charley has never been stronger?

[No, it’s NOT an evil entity! For those of you religiously minded)

The true path to Spirituality lies in dispersing the suppressed emotions that close our hearts in fear, and that in time – rigidify it, it lies in our increasing capacity for emotional intensity…. But I am digressing from the subject at hand.

How mitochondria should work and how it doesn’t

To recap, most cells in the body contain mitochondria which is the engine in the body for the transformation of food energy via electrical conversion into ATP which the body uses for energy, at least that is the theory, because modern diets have interfered with this process.

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If we only eat meat and fat the lipid fatty acids + oxygen will catabolise in the mitochondria and create ATP directly, creating a waste of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). In other words, our mitochondria will function like a diesel engine (sort of!). OK I have simplified the process but if you really want to go down the rabbit hole….. see here

I should also mention that fatty acids are used by the body for a host of other essential functions via the generation of Cholesterol in the Liver such as generating hormones and creating an insulating sheath around the nervous system

Lactic Acid fermentation

When we eat carbohydrates our cells’ mitochondria have to take an extra step to create the energy required via a process of fermentation a throwback to a time when there was no Oxygen in the atmosphere of the Earth. In the process, it creates Lactic Acid as a waste product which the liver breaks down by converting it into glucose to be sent back to the muscles.

Ordinarily, the consumption of carbohydrates would not be that significant, after all, the body uses this process as a means of storing fructose in the tissues for hibernating/ lean winter times (a genetic adaptation we acquired around 75,000 years back, (according to ~Charley) better known to us as diabetes type 2, and the body recovers from this quickly -as long as it is only for a few months at a time! Unfortunately in modern culture, it has become the all-year-round, de facto, primary means of energy consumption and the long-term primary reason for liver and kidney damage.

Vegetable seed oils

Over the past 100+ years, we have been moving away from animal fats and consuming ever-increasing amounts of seed oils (vegetable fats). Seed oils are the equivalent of adding petrol to a diesel engine. It buggers it up, but unlike the car analogy, it does this slowly over many years.

This is a huge problem for humanity today. These seed oils are in all manufactured foods. The body does not process them well if at all. According to ~Charley, “The mitochondria in humans can not properly use linoleic acid (seed/vegetable oil) for energy”.

After ~Charley’s statement I went online and found this research on Pub Med where they discovered that oxidised linoleic acid given to mice created apoptosis (cell death) and mitochondrial dysfunction in liver cells.

The medical research groups assert that because the body cannot synthesise omega 3 (a very small amount typically 1-2%) it is good for you to ingest, as the body can use it as a structural component in cell membranes (not for calories). But, there are many types of omega 3, even cows contain about 1-2% omega 3 unless they are fed soya nuts. So just by eating some meat, your needs would be met.

Yes, Vegetables (seeds really) contain Omega 3, yet the process of extraction- heated, chemically altered, bleached and oxidised (by contact with the oxygen in the air) then offered to people for consumption in pretty much every meal – is not normal.

There is a study by the Harvard School of Public Health researchers, in line with the American Heart Foundation that you should keep eating seed oils because they are good for your heart. No one has told them that heart problems have been on the rise for a long time. As of 2018 1 in 4 Americans are dying of heart disease.

Let’s keep feeding the pharma industry

If the above charlatans were right we would be the healthiest people on earth, whereas in America there is close to 50% obesity with as many pills popping regularly to ‘control’ diabetes, heart conditions, statins, high BP etc.,

The difference between animal fats (saturated) and vegetable oils (unsaturated) is, that one is solid at room temperature whilst the other is liquid. Some fats fall in the middle such as olive oil and coconut oil. They are even adding seed oils to butter and cheeses to ‘make them spreadable! and the average consumer is lapping this up!

Epithelial cells and the guts

So what does all the above mean for the human gut system? The gut contains free-floating bacteria with epithelial cells acting as a blood barrier. Epithelial cells are fascinating for they act as a primary means of defence, they can generate mucus, hormones and a lot more depending on location within the human biological barrier. They are on all skin surfaces that connect with the outside world be it reproductive, digestive, lung system, or just the skin. I had no idea, but apparently, 90 % of all cancer tumours are on the epithelial cells.

Epithelial cells are stem cells that divide and gradually move outwards until 5 days or so later when they commit apoptosis on the surface of your hands or internal surfaces. These dead cells stay there until dislodged by abrasion. In your guts, they will go down into your faeces.

Let’s put all this together. When we eat vegetable oils the bile and pancreas will break it down into large triglyceride molecules, and the epithelial cells will release an enzyme to break the triglycerides down to small enough ingredients to be absorbed through the epithelial cells and through to the bloodstream via the lymph system.

Some of the epithelial cells (as they become poisoned) will commit apoptosis at the level of the generating stem cell – a process that will gradually weaken the cell walls, whilst the mitochondria of other stem cells will gradually degrade to the point they break free and go rogue. We see this most clearly in Type 2 diabetics who grow tags on the skin, or women who get polyps in their reproductive system.

At some point, there are sufficient gaps in the walls for lectins and oxalates (these bring their own problems), to swamp the body’s tissues, whilst the omega 3 lipids recombine into triglycerides as they pass through the epithelial wall to be absorbed by the lymph system, which in turn carries it into the bloodstream. According to ~Charley, this happens with most people on a Western pre-manufactured diet quite early on in their lives. One of the earliest signs of leaky gut damage is allergies/eczema.

It is at a much, much later point that the degraded epithelial mitochondria, rather than commit hara-kiri choose a different path and turn into possible carcinogenic tumors.

Meanwhile, the cells gradually lose their ability via the degraded mitochondria to burn fat (catabolic conversion) and are now practically dependent on fermentation conversion for cell energy.

I was one of those who fell by the wayside hence I speak from experience. By the time I was 55 years old, I had become type 2 diabetic, ballooned in weight, had fatty liver disease, and damaged kidneys as well as a host of other symptoms.

I turned away from sugar as I started to navigate a new way of eating and like a heroin addict ready to ditch his addiction I went cold turkey. Unlike a heroin addict, I was racked with muscle spasms for years. In my ignorance, I had no idea that my body was literally craving sugar just to function.

soybean oil, water, whole eggs and egg yolks, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, calcium disodium edta (used to protect quality), natural flavors.

After about 5 years as a true carnivore, I still get occasional muscle spasms which are ameliorated by regularly taking Magnesium citrate. Even though I had stopped the carbohydrates I was unwittingly still eating seed oils up to about 7 years back in the form of Helman’s mayonnaise (87% rapeseed or Soya oil) and a few other items.

Seed oils have a half-life of approximately 5 years in the body, they are blended with the fructose in your fat tissues. Your body whenever it requires fat reserves for burning will unwittingly send it down to the mitochodria. There is only one answer apart from abstinence from seed oils. The cell death of all the damaged mitochondria via the total absence of carbohydrates and the renewed consumption of animal fats. Bouts of regular intense exercise will also help with renewing of muscle cells

It is not for the faint-hearted especially if you have been severely compromised by metabolic disease. I am now 70 years old and apart from the occasional intense muscle spasm or slow muscular contractions. Have never felt better in myself. Even though I went down in weight from 18 to 13 stone still have some obstinate subcutaneous fat deposits. And I realize my body isn’t quite ready to get rid of the remaining poison.

I wish I looked that chiselled, but not my photo!
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Fat digestion and bowel movements

We are incessantly told to eat roughage, “good for the bowels,” they say, as they try to sell you sugar-laden carbohydrates filled with sawdust and un-organic so-called ‘vitamins and minerals’ for breakfast. I used to bloat up at the least amount of carb ingestion. As the prevalent bacteria in my guts fermented the ingested food.

Today, there is absolutely no roughage in my diet, and I still have a bowel movement which to a great extent is dependent on the amount of fat I ingest The more fat the greater the amount. How is that possible? The bacteria in my guts and epithelial cells are now in line with my fat regime, the more fat, the more they thrive and happily die.

We can only break down so much fat in any given 24-hour cycle as it is dependent on the creation of bile, pancreatic juice and epithelial enzyme production. Eat more than that and the bowels will go increasingly loose.

In hindsight, I would have kept eating a little bit of carbs in the early days rather than go cold turkey on the carbs and spared myself a lot of angst. Today after 5 years of total abstinence, although some of my tissues still can’t function properly without the sugar all I can say to these strugglers is “Die you suckers”, as I continue making room for a new generation of healthy cells.

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