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Cancer, a death sentence?

To be told “You have cancer”  is heard by the patient as though a death sentence had just been pronounced.  The fear of it is so intense that many celebrity women have had their breasts removed because they have a DNA gene that allegedly makes them susceptible.

In an article in Medical News today they claim that 1 in 2 women and 1in 3 men will have cancer sometime in their lives. And, because people live longer it is inevitable that with age at some point, most people will get cancer.

One of the oldest cancer societies was first established in 1913. Today, there are a plethora of Cancer Charities siphoning billions from bereaved relatives to find a future cure. In over a hundred years with more than an estimated $100 billions spent on research for a cure, they are still no closer to an answer other than to kill the tumours with toxic chemicals/ radiation that afflict collateral damage to the body.

This is scary stuff for the average person. And a huge source of funds for the pharmaceutical industry with an income of nearly $100 billion a year.  Honestly, with the medical/pharmaceutical industry making such vast profits, would you kill the golden goose?

The above financial statistics that after 100+ years, and enough money to pay off the existing debt of a small country have been poured into research and prevention have achieved so little, are depressing statistics, however, we have to ask “ Were people always dying from cancer?”         

The New England Journal of Medicine has done some sleuthing where they compared major causes of death in 1900   64 per 100K people to 2010  185.9 per 100K people or a 200% increase.  As part of their article, they also share with us a list of deaths in one year in 1811in the town of Boston where amongst all the possible causes of death 15 children died from teething issues compared to 5 from cancer.

So people have always died from cancer but never in the history of the world have people died in such profusion.  So the obvious question is, what has changed?  Firstly, We have been told for a long time that cancer is a genetic disease, if that were true then cancer would be endemic and constant throughout the generations.  I am not dismissing the genetic component, but clearly, there is something new that didn’t exist before.

For some years now as a result of research into ketogenic versus carbohydrate energy cell production, a new theory has emerged that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease which means that what we eat is the foremost reason for cancer.

If so, what has changed since the 1900s?  Well, for one thing, the increasing consumption of seed oils sold as vegetable oils.   Such as canola, corn oil, rape seed oil, etc., For another The unprecedented consumption of carbohydrates as the primary source of calories.

Yes, it is also true that we are subjected to an escalating level of chemicals in the food and our environment, but these have different effects on our health; such as damage to the lining of the intestines, and possible DNA damage that could lead to secondary cancers.

 We now know that just as diesel engines do not work with petrol fuel so linoleic acid (omega 3 / seed oil) will slowly corrupt the energy engine in a cell – the mitochondria

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The human cell has a number of organelles (little engines) that convert fatty acids with the help of oxygen to ATP and like a car engine – the waste (oxidation process)  is water and CO2.

When a human cell is abruptly corrupted it commits (apoptosis), however, if it degrades slowly over many, many years something different happens. The degradation and corruption of the mitochondria in a cell occur as a result of combining seed oils and poisonous amounts of carbohydrates.   

Diabetes Type 2

Perhaps this may be a good place to point out that obesity and diabetes have also exploded in the last 100 years. Diabetes Type 2 is a description for a biological process that has helped with mankind’s survival in times of famine (winter). It is a genetic process whereby ingested carbohydrate is converted in the liver into fructose and stored in the tissues as fatty cells whilst making the person very hungry and lethargic so that most of the ingested energy rather than go to the muscles is accumulated as fat.

Bears make good use of this ability, and when it lasts a few months is not detrimental to the organism. In our modern world, where most so called foods are pre-manufactured with cheap oils and high carbohydrate content, fruit juices and genetically altered fruits to increase the fructose sweetness, are available all year around. Chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, sweets, desserts after each meal, Breakfast cereals laden with sugar and chocolate, bread, pasta. We are drowning in high glycemic foods and non-foods.

Glycemic Index

It takes many years. Who doesn’t view a teenager with a modicum of envy for their capacity to indulge without putting any weight on? But eventually, our bodies throw in the towel. The liver can’t store any more fat in itself -Fatty liver disease ensues, and our lower abdomens expand in ‘middle age spread’ to the consternation of our partners – who regardless, still love us.

The road to high blood pressure, kidney damage, and a host of other symptoms slowly begin to rear their heads.

Skin Tags A symptom of type 2 diabetes and mitochondrial distress

It is interesting to note that one of the symptoms for approaching type 2 diabetes is skin tags. Those little mounds of skin cells that grow prolifically like mushrooms into little independent blobs on the skin. They are a sign that the mitochondria is throwing in the towel – and a precursor to future possible internal tumours.

And yet, the human body is highly resilient and adaptable. It will take a long time for the problems to manifest hence I suppose why the largest proportion of cancers happen in later life.

This may be of passing interest but the cell, when it is corrupted and can no longer process fatty acids catabolically (with oxygen) survives by reverting to a throwback state of survival. A time billions of years back when there was no oxygen around energy was created via fermentation.

Someone diagnosed with a tumour will over time need to consume more and more carbohydrates to feed it, for the tumour needs glucose and the by-product of this fermentation – lactic acid returns to the liver to be transformed back to glucose. The tumours exhaust the capacity of the liver to make more and more glucose and as the tumours grow the person gets thinner. You could say this is the first real clue on how to survive cancer. Starve the tumour by omitting carbs from the diet.   

Cancer IS a metabolic disease

Cancer IS a metabolic disease, and we are giving it to ourselves via our ignorance of what is good food for us. It doesn’t help that there are huge financial incentives for all parts of the medical/ pharmaceutical /Charities industry not to look outside their pre-conditioned box too closely.- If I am wrong what have they been doing for the last 100 years?

Yes, a valid question. What have they been doing? And what is the result? Well to date if you have ‘cancer’ and have been diagnosed as such you will get a prognosis of how far advanced it is and how long you may have to live depending on whether you have treatment or not. Treatment is focused on killing the tumour either with chemotherapy /radiation as well as, if accessible, the removal of the tumour + surrounding tissue, in case it spreads, or might metastasise.

White samurai immune cell making sliced salami out of rogue cancer cell

A Tumour by definition is a failure of the immune system to keep up with the destruction of the rogue cells before they grow into an independent colony. The answer after 100 years of research? To poison the body and destroy the immune system as well as hopefully any cancerous cells lurking anywhere. I found this on statistics of Surviving Cancer A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. The prognosis and recovery is apparently improving, with some cancers still near fatal, and others if caught very early a very good chance of remission.

The existential problem remains for the majority of people, they are suffering from a metabolic disease where the cure will never occur without a drastic change of diet.

Some time back I had one client who was diagnosed with cancer and *~Charley point-blank refused the label, he did not recognise the client’s symptoms as being from cancer rather he preferred the label cell degradation( up to that time I had not made the connection between mitochondrial damage and what is called cancer).  I now understand why. In her case, she was chronically suffering from a lack of Vitamin B (inflicting a huge pain in her damaged parts of the nervous system) and had lost the capacity to digest meat as a source of protein, so her diet was a carbohydrate diet.   Recently another client was also diagnosed with prostate cancer once again ~Charley refused the label.

*[~Charley is an Intelligence way beyond my pay grade that channels through me. Some would describe him as “my Higher Self” That would put me in charge which is clearly nonsense, if anything I am a mere vehicle for His Will. ~Charley describes himself for ease of reference as a 12th-dimensional fragment of the “One Soul”].

Our definition of cancer is on the supposition that it is a genetic cause of DNA damage.  Whereas the truth according to ~Charley is, that, that label only applies to 10% at most, the other 90% due to Metabolic damage (including sun-derived skin cancers). The principle of cure remains the same regardless of origin.

If you have metabolic damage or wish to avert it.  There are a number of diet issues that need to be addressed. First, give up the carbohydrates, it will starve the tumours – they can’t survive without the sugar and will shrivel soon enough.

2. Stop ingesting vegetable/seed oils NOW!  Unfortunately, they have a half-life of about 5 years within the fatty tissues of your body and the only way to get rid of them is to feed them to your cells for combustion even though they will create damage. So the chances are that you have a large amount of damaged cells throughout your body. Can’t be helped, persevere.

3. As you improve you will need to generate apoptosis of your damaged body cells, this is best achieved via exercise, ideally to the point of exertion and occasional intermittent (short) fasting.

For all intent and purposes, you will need to eat a carnivore /ketogenic diet over a period of time to regain your health. This is not advisable to do overnight as there are issues with regard to oxalic acid dumping, which means that the transition from high to low oxalic vegetables has to be achieved gradually.

During this process, you will also need to consume various vitamins and nutrients which are very, very important both for body repair and safe excretion of the oxalic acid.

Shocking statistics about cancer and what is actually causing it
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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has exploded in the last 50 + years and everyone is pointing their finger at the Sun! The great enemy of Mankind. Errr…Since when? Humanity has been running sitting and…’doing everything under the Sun’ since time immemorial. Twenty thousand years back our ancestors were all living in the equatorial areas of the Earth and guess what? They were all black!

As the climate changed and the glaciers receded our ancestors explored further North and South, and they lost their darkness and their features altered to reflect new locations and mating habits. Regardless, up to 150 years back, the only ones who hid from the Sun Were those who considered themselves ‘too good’ to manually labour in the fields. And we have no records of skin cancers affecting those who survived the Sun’s daily onslaught.

And yet, inexplicably since the invention of Sun barrier creams Skin cancers are inexplicably on the rise to disproportionate levels. We may have a chicken-and-egg situation as to which came first. So what is actually going on?

Does Sunscreen cause cancer?
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Not many will have heard of Phytophotodermatitis a condition whereby your skin literally burns under the Sun. Wild parsnip, wild dill, buttercups and citrus fruits, especially limes when in connection to the skin will literally burn it when exposed to the Sun, and may even leave a brown discolouration for months. I share this for recognition that plants have chemicals that can affect the human body for better or worse.

Seed oils are commonly known as vegetable oils, and chemically labelled as linoleic acid which is a type of Omega 3 oil, they also have an effect on the skin. This linoleic acid fat not only corrupts the mitochondria energy engines of the cells, but the body doesn’t know what to do with it except store it – not just in muscles, tissues and organs but under the skin.

Animal fats when stored subcutaneously (under the skin) in the body become catalysts for the metabolic conversion of Vitamin D when exposed to the UV in sunlight. The same is not true for seed oil fats, and rather than melamine darkening your skin in protection, you burn, and increase your chances of radiation/ genetic damage.

In other words, eating seed oils to the exclusion of animal fats strips the body of natural sunlight protection and opens you up to playing Russian roulette with cancer. My wife and I stopped consuming seed oils about 5 years back. This summer We sunbathed most days for about an hour or so front and back. My skin darkened very quickly, it never felt like I had burned, and I didn’t peel. My wife (who is of fair complexion) did not darken as much as me yet neither did she burn or peel at any time.

Vitamin C dammed if you do and damned if you don’t

Human beings are no longer designed to generate Vit C, unlike the majority of herbivores. As a culture we lost our way a little while back. the more vegetables and carbohydrates we consumed the greater need we had for Vit C. which unfortunately competes with carbohydrate for absorption. If you eat carbs as well as Vit C. The insulin will take the carbs to the cells instead of the Vit C.

So the joke is, that the more carbs you eat it won’t matter if the fruits have Vit C your body will miss out on most of it.

Vic C is an important ingredient for the formation of ligaments /fascia/bones/muscles. Every cell in your body is encased in a thin layer of fascia The immune system is designed to destroy any cell that has gone rogue. if you are deficient in Vit C and the cell has gone rogue it can escape its constraints (metastasis).

If you go ketogenic or carnivore your need for Vit C. will greatly reduce. It took me four years after being a carnivore to reach a point when I no longer need to supplement with Vit C as there is enough in the meat I consume for my body’s needs.

You do not want to consume great quantities of Vit C once you have given up the carbohydrate as the body will no longer require it in large quantities, and the liver will convert it to oxalic acid to dispose of.   And yet, you will still need some for a few years probably around 1000mg. a day.

Q&A with ~Charley

To conclude this article I have decided to double-check with ~Charley as to my various assumptions around the subject of cancer. I was brought up with the belief that Cancer/ metabolic damage is the result of intense suppressed emotions and limiting belief systems.   So I am going to ask ~For His summation on this aspect. I hate to say this, but I have met quite a few people with Cancer in the past and a few of them certainly appeared to me to be under a dark cloud of suppressed emotional intensity.

~Charley, is Cancer/ metabolic damage the result of mental-emotional disruption? 

“No,  but it is one of the potential outcomes.  Although not in every case, occasionally a soul plans for such an experience. In such an instance it will choose a genetic line to be born into that carries such a potential”.

What about the rest of us? 10 years back my Type 2 diabetes was fast becoming chronic.

“You trimmed your sails and changed direction. You woke up just in time, and I have helped you undo the damage and become whole once more. All the souls ready to move on at this crucial time accepted the possibility that they might not wake up in time to undo irreparable damage to their bodies. The cards of the present world are stacked against them.”

~Charley continues “There is a concerted effort to keep them ignorant and naive in regard to their bodies, their food and health needs, their mental and critical qualities to discern the true appreciation of ‘Spirit’ from religious and atheistic dogma. Quite apart from the increasing poisoning of the environment and the population under the guise of medical/scientific progress”

Are most so-called cancers really mitochondrial damage? “Yes”.

And the way to cure oneself is to abstain from carbohydrates?

” Yes, this is regardless of whether it is true cancer (genetic damage) or of metabolic origin. But, it will not be an overnight success; for all the damaged cells need to die off, and even with diligence this could easily take up to five years. It also presupposes that there will be a complete reversal of diet. All manufactured foods, all seed oils, and all carbohydrates have to stop, and essential nutrients added to one’s food intake.”

I appreciate that you took me initially in this direction for my personal health. Can you categorically state that we as a ‘species’ are designed to be fat and meat eaters?


Do we need any plants at all to be healthy? “No”

Are you saying that most of our health problems are linked to plant eating? “Yes”.

What about all those who would be vegan or vegetarian because they hate the thought of the animal’s suffering?

“They are weak in their capacity for emotional intensity, they don’t honour the sacrifice that souls incurred on their behalf that they may experience life to the full. They delude themselves in their belief that they will somehow be more spiritual or sensitive to energies beyond this dimension. All they achieve is an internal conflict between the mind the body, and its eventual weakness, as it loses essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, for many of the vegetables it consumes with their inherent anti-nutrients will rob the body of them”.

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