Drowning in Allergies

A balanced immune system will not react disproportionally  to a foreign substance


What damages our immune system?

Helping our children who suffer from allergies

Plants and the immune system

Understanding and Dealing with allergies

Drowning in Allergies

Chemtrails, weather modification

Humanity is drowning in allergies, never before in the history of the World has such a catastrophic event happened to such a large amount of the population, what is going on, and what can one do about it?

We can see if we look around that we are drowning in a cesspit of our own making. We are poisoning the land with monoculture farming practices and glyphosate, we are poisoning the seas with toxic chemicals, hormones, and antidepressants. Likewise, we are poisoning our bodies, with manufactured “so-called foods” and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as toxic metals like aluminium and mercury, and we are poisoning the air, not with carbon monoxide or CO2 as many believe but with aluminium nanoparticles that have been dispersed in the air for bio-weather modification worldwide.

Is it any wonder that our immune systems are having the fight of their lives?

You might think this is “normal”, but the human body essentially shaped like a doughnut with a hole in the middle is extremely well designed and has withstood the test of Time to cope with a world filled with bacteria, funguses and parasites.

It has an outer skin that includes our guts from the mouth to the anus protected by antibacterial proteins that only allow ‘friendly bacteria ‘ to thrive on it, thereby making it almost impossible for the wrong bacteria and fungus to take hold. Internally the body’s immune system is in continuous patrol with a whole variety of methods to deal with any potential incursion that can only happen when there is a break in the outer defences.

The reason for allergies is that the external defences of the human organism have been breached! and the two major ways this can happen, are via injections/cuts in the skin or a gap in the intestines, occasionally via the lungs.

I will not bamboozle you with science, I am not a “doctor” although I have been in the healing business for nearly forty years. But I will share reasonably easy information on how to help yourself effectively.

Internally, the immune system is only activated in an emergency at which time it will release histamine to isolate the infected area and bring the troops in to fight the pathogen. There will be inflammation, and if bacterial it will create a fever to slow down the reproduction of the pathogen whilst it increases the white cells to gobble them up.

But something different is happening in our bodies today, our defences are breached mainly via the guts, and alien proteins called lectins (antinutrients) are getting into the bloodstream. The lectins, like little magnets, will bind to sugar molecules in the bloodstream, and with the help of insulin, they are absorbed into tissue cells. The immune system now tags these body cells as “alien”, releasing histamine and generating inflammation. This is happening to people with allergies on a daily basis in many parts of their bodies.

Eventually, the affected individual is saturated with histamine and this is when overreactions such as anaphylactic shocks, Ezcema, skin weals and other allergic reactions can occur.

Well, shouldn’t the body be getting rid of the Histamine? Yes! but the emergency that releases histamine is only meant to happen once in a blue moon, and once over, enzymes created in the nervous system and the guts would work together to neutralize it and disperse the inflammation.

Now imagine that the immune system gets triggered, not once in a blue moon, but numerous times daily in different body parts. You would now have an immune system releasing histamine in so many locations that with some many individuals the tissues would be saturated. And the enzymes, mostly from the guts would be struggling to keep up in creating enough enzymes to neutralise the histamine. At this point, extreme reactions to peanuts, stings, hairs, etc., are likely and may even lead to anaphylactic shock.

Histamine reaction

So what could possibly be triggering the immune system so consistently?

Surprisingly, Western medicine does not appear to be too concerned with causes.  Their approach is to avoid the triggering ingredient (if they can find it) give you some light therapy perhaps, if you are suffering from eczema or steroids, and not least anti-histamine tablets. or in extreme cases a shot of adrenalin.

 So let’s start at the beginning, for to understand allergies it will help to have greater insight into the workings of the immune system.

A balanced immune system will not react disproportionally  to a foreign substance

Pharmaceutical products

It is an unfortunate fact that here in the Western World where The Pharmaceutical industry reigns supreme, just about all human problems can (allegedly) be dealt with, by some drug or other. Pregnant mothers are treated like children.  If we look at the animal world, yes there are occasional problems when the calf, foal, etc., is in the wrong position but this is not the norm. 

With humans when there is a problem giving birth more often than not it is due to unnecessary medical intervention, nutritionally deficient, or, is physically seriously out of condition and, lastly the mother to be is/has been emotionally, seriously discombobulated.

Baby with the placenta in the potty

Unfortunately, there is a considerable lack of education as to how to be healthy and this is compounded in a pregnant mother-to-be.  It can’t be helped, the world is as the world is. And yet,  did you know that the placenta is a filtering system? And, if left attached to the umbilicus for about three days, it will naturally shrivel and dry up, leaving all the toxic matter hovered in the bag for disposal?

Photo Credit: Alexi Sargunas
Taken at the Black Sea in the Crimean area of the Ukraine,
where women choose to birth their babies during the summer months.

Any drugs given to the mother, let’s say for pain?  Stand a good chance of being left behind in the shrivelled placenta, the same might well apply to stress hormones from delivery.  I knew one Russian midwife that would help pregnant women by doing strengthening pelvic exercises during the 9 months as well as some yoga poses. Then she would take a group of them that were ready to give birth, to the black sea. And there, by the waters, they would squat and give birth. The baby would pop to the surface. They each came with a potty into which the placenta would in turn be placed as soon as it came out. And that potty would follow the baby for the next 3 days.  No Doctors or drugs, just knowledgeable and experienced midwives.


The greatest threat to the integrity of the human immune system starts at birth and keeps on going. To begin with, the Immune System is immature and relies on the mother’s colostrum and milk to prop it up.  Once the mother’s milk has stopped and solids are introduced the baby’s immune system takes stock of all the cells and bacteria and gives them an ID tag that says “this is baby” and any germ or pathogen that does not contain “the baby ID” is an enemy, alien to be destroyed, and crucially, our immune system keeps a ledger of how to fight off those pesky illegal immigrants.

So far, so good you might think, and after all, the Immune System works pretty well for the rest of Nature (apart from animals under the direct care of humanity who are fed unsuitable foods for their species type). But humanity is by and large under the impression that God put us in charge of Nature which in turn is there to do our bidding, for clearly – we know best!

In America, the CDC Allegedly insists on babies being immunised by giving them injections (that bypass the surface skin layer) accumulating in number to around 30 of them by age 6 or so, and a few more to come from 7 to 18 yrs of age! What!, Humanity has been around for millions of years and we are still here?… Yes! but look how well-fed and rotund you are now. You wouldn’t have survived without all those jabs!

  The Vaccines are supposed to protect us by strengthening our immune system, yet very few get to talk about the side effects many of which are the result of the adjuvant (to irritate /increase the immune system response by adding toxic aluminium)  and preservatives in the form of Toxic metals such as Mercury that generate damage within the intestinal tract of the digestive system leading to leaky gut (talk more on this later).

More and more often children get Ear infections One of my children got it after 2 doses of the MMR Vaccine. Then the doctors went to town on him with 5 doses of different antibiotics. Then they wanted to give him steroids and antifungal cream. There and then as I read the doctor’s shopping list for my son and noted how he was increasingly sicker, I took over and took him to a homeopath. He’s never been quite the same. The antibiotics had destroyed most of his immune system- skin bacteria and a fungal infection set up home on his skin around and inside his ear.

What damages our immune system?

Mainly, the damage is indirectly caused by lectin proteins found in many seeds as well as the skin of the pod, and to some extent, Oxalates found in leafy vegetables and seeds. However, with a young child who becomes allergic with skin issues such as eczema, it is the mercury and aluminium that does the initial damage to the gut lining. After which the lectins and oxalates have an easy ingress into the bloodstream.

Once the gut lining has been breached. lectins found in all manner of seeds, fish, birds, and even lamb. will enter and circulate with the blood to every corner of the body, the result is a bit of a lottery.

Lectins are ring proteins that are difficult to break down in the stomach although they can be destroyed by heat. They do have an affinity for carbohydrate molecules, often they will bond with sugars in the food and most of them will be passed away in the stools. However, if unlucky, the lectin protein will be picked up in the blood (having passed through the “leak” in the gut barrier).

short concise explanation on plant poisons we have been programmed to believe are good for us
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Part of the Nightshade family red/yellow/green peppers

Here is a list of possible lectins: The nightshade family (tomatoes, red peppers, eggplant, potatoes) condiments (grounded seeds) like black pepper, the nut family almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, gluten in wheat and lactose in milk products

And here is a short list of the worst oxalate culprits: Rubbah, spinach, chard, beetroot and beet leaves, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pretty much all the nut family, with the worst being almonds and peanuts.

.pdf of the most common oxalate foods with milligrams per portion

Once you have damaged the intestines, you are more than likely to be ingesting lectins most days, as a result of which, internal inflammations will arise and histamine will increasingly be released into your tissues.

Helping our children who suffer from allergies

If your child develops allergies then their guts have been damaged and they have a surfeit of histamine. You need to change their diet for as long as it takes, this could be from months to years depending on how strict you are with what you feed your child.

There are two processes the first is to clear the histamine backlog from the tissues which could take up to 3 months. The second is to repair the leaky gut damage this could take anywhere from one to two years depending on diet and nutrients. But, bear in mind that every time you feed your child lectins and they get an inflamed response you move the goalpost further back into the future. Similarly with oxalic acid and the guts.

One of my past bullocks, he had a good life and a stress-free demise. I remember him fondly and I ate him.

Many parents have been seduced into the belief that meat is bad and vegetables are good, nothing could be further from the truth. Red meat is the one meat that is closest to us and contains everything we need, well, pretty much. These days it is difficult to get a totally healthy animal since most soils are deficient in some sort of trace mineral or other. Eggs, chicken, and lamb should be ok if they haven’t eaten them before, otherwise, wait 3 months (for the histamine to be cleared from the body) and introduce them once every couple of weeks in turn, and note if there are any reactions.

If you must give them vegetables, a bit of salad, a carrot, squashes, essentially low-level oxalate foods, no vegetable (seed) oils, nor foods developed from flour (gluten is a lectin, as well as containing oxalic acid.) and you can give them some white rice, slightly undercooked is better as the carbohydrate would be released more slowly in the body. They say brown rice is good for you it isn’t, lectins are in the outer fibres as much as the kernel.

I would also suggest staying away from fermented cheeses, for histamine can be created by bacteria, which is likely to be found in larger quantities in fermented foods. And the least favourite to give up is Dark Chocolate which is also made from a seed and is high in lectins and oxalates.

If you are concerned for your child there is no other option if you want to help them to heal from their eczema and other allergies. I appreciate it is a tough regime, and in case it is not obvious – you will need to stop all processed foods, especially breakfast cereals and spreads. Avoid gluten-free flour /breads, they are put together with Almond flour which is heavy with both lectins and oxalates, nor porridge which is also a grass seed and contains lectins.

Baby Eczema http://doktermudatrader.blogspot.com/2010/06/atopic-dermatitis-eczema-in-children.html

As You read this I can easily imagine your concern. What do I feed my child for breakfast? The Myth of cereals for breakfast is less than 150 years old, (apart from perhaps Scotland with porridge?) People would eat whatever they could, soups, cold meats, cheeses, eggs, and yes, bread -but you got to cut that one out. There is nothing wrong with some mince or meat and dripping for fat, later you can add eggs, not sausages, as the manufacturers usually put rusks in them (gluten).

Milk and all its products are a contentious issue, even formula milk needs to be treated with caution, I would also suggest staying away from them for the first 3 months of the new diet regardless, then, if you feel compelled to reintroduce do one item and wait two weeks before introducing the next item whilst observing your child’s response.

Lastly nutrients, at the very least I would recommend Zinc citrate to help with healing the epithelial cells in the guts, as well as one drop of Iodine daily, one drop of Trace minerals every other day, and one capsule of Selenium every 2-3 days ( you can take the powder out of the capsule and sprinkle content on the food to be ingested).

Plants and the immune system

There are two ways for a person to react allergically one is external via skin, eyes nose mouth, and lungs, and the other internal via ingested food getting into the bloodstream.

The immune system invariably reacts appropriately to a threat, if it didn’t we would have died a long time ago as a species. So why is the immune system in so many children and adults increasingly working on overdrive? What has changed over the past 100-odd years in our environment, our food, our medicines, our air, and our culture?

One of the causes as we physically grow up is to do with our emotional and mental world. Here, as a result of intense unexpressed emotions, our hormonal system gets destabilised, our internal organs and or glands become constricted and/or structurally distorted and we lose connection with our bodies and their needs. As a result, we end up eating pre-manufactured and highly addictive combinations of sugar, salt, cheap oils, wheat, chemical additives and preservatives, which we turn to at the slightest sign of internal emotional distress. These, in turn, will in time, damage us internally.

Alternatively and or conjunctly,  When we are born and raised on formula milk, given jabs with toxic metals, our immune systems get overstressed, and the lining of our guts becomes damaged. We are fed foods rich in lectins and oxalates that get into our bloodstream, the lectins once inside the mitochondria of our cells (energy motors) confuse our immune system which then attacks parts of itself and generates inflammation.

If we get any skin infections, antibiotics to be taken internally are given. For some very strange reason, topical antibiotics as a cream or powder are not given any more, and the ingested antibiotics go on to kill most of the friendly bacteria in our guts and possibly eyes, ears, nose, throat etc,  creating gaps in our external defence system. And now we are all set to be train wrecks waiting to happen.

Clearly, we are all different and have received varying medication levels and quality foods as we grew up.   The gut’s defence will improve over time. Will the good bacteria repopulate the epithelial lining of the intestines? That is debatable, as it depends on how well entrenched the bad bacteria and possible fungi have taken hold, as well as whether the foods you continue to eat – feed them or starve them.

Understanding and Dealing with allergies

If you have read all the above you will appreciate that Allergies are ultimately the result of the immune system’s reaction whereby histamine is released to generate inflammation, amongst other defensive tactics. The problem arises because we are not talking about just one case of immune system defensive action, but rather daily multiple reactions in many parts of the body. Eventually, there is more histamine saturating the tissues than the body can disperse.

The body has a good mechanism for dispersing the histamine, it is composed of two separate enzymes that when they come together with the histamine break it down. One is created by the nervous system, the other by the guts. Even with the enzymes in full production, it can take from a week to a few months for the complete breakdown of the histamine in one site.


Unfortunately, too many constant inflammations lead to a shortfall of enzymes, invariably it is the guts that end up in short supply leading to histamine saturation ie. when it is under the skin we get eczema responses, and at times hives reactions.

There is no way around this one, If you want to be free of allergies, you will have to go cold turkey and give up all the damaging foods long enough to clear the histamine overload from your body, about three months give or take. However, if you have leaky gut damage in the intestines you may need to be very disciplined and abstain completely for up to 3 years depending on the cause, and how often you relapse from your strict diet.

Occasionally the major reason for the allergic reaction is based on your emotional stresses. As I shared half of the enzymes are generated in the nervous system which in turn is affected by suppressed emotions, usually grief or anger.

There is a third category that relates to eczema and this is due to eating fresh milk products (lactose intolerance). Some people react with an overabundance of phlegm/mucus in the large intestine, where the bacteria gets trapped between the phlegm and the colon wall. The ongoing overproduction of phlegm gradually solidifies first into a jelly-like substance and eventually, into a rubbery sheath, coating the inner wall of the transverse and descending colon and in time triggering an immune system response. more on this topic here Can eczema, psoriasis be caused by diet?

solidified colon mucus


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