Collectively, we have been tantalized by the idea of the Third eye for millennia. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it was associated with the 6th Chakra and assumed that it would open after much meditational practice.

Many cultures around the world were fascinated? (not sure whether that is the right word). They certainly acknowledged the faculty of inner sight, Richard Cassaro in his book the Third Eye makes a point that all ancient cultures had a belief in the 3rd eye.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye or inner sight represents the enlightenment that one may achieve through meditation. In theosophy (H.P. Blavatsky) some believed that the third eye is related to the pineal gland in the head. Lobsang Rampa in his book the third eye as a previously incarnated Tibetan monk, claimed that the eye was opened by making an incision on the forehead and inserting a certain sliver of material that would open the psychic faculty.

What all the above have in common is the tantalizing belief and wonder that there is a capability that evades the average human being, which will readily provide us with information of a psychic and/or mystical nature.

The truth of the matter is that the function of the 3rd eye has tantalized us throughout history because we have had glimpses of seers and healers. Unfortunately, this natural faculty of being a human being has for a long time been lost to us.


In Hinduism, women when they married placed a red dot on their foreheads called Bindi, that at one level is meant to signify that in focusing on their families the woman moves beyond ego. These days, the bindi would appear to be more of a fashionable statement.

Regrettably, since the last cataclysm when the Earth, slowly but surely, had a preponderance of younger souls incarnating, we descended back into barbarism. We moved away from love back to ego fear, and the imagination is unavailable when we are trapped in ego.

Why would this be so? Because, Imagination is the language of the subconscious and, when we are in the ego, we are trapped by the conscious mind that is trying to protect the organism from more pain, real or implied, than it can cope with.

What we call the mind is really a set of programs that overlays our interaction with the world around us. An impulse will arise from the depth of our being, the mind is the gatekeeper. If the emotion threatens our stability, it will suppress via the hormonal system the movement of that emotion as it mobilises the muscles of our bodies. We will then develop a muscle spasm that may incapacitate us.

If the impulse gives rise to thoughts that may affect our relationship with others, or our need to belong and feel safe within the group is potentially jeopardised, our mind will suppress the thought and emotions that would be triggered.

The incessant chattering mind

How do our minds have such power over us.? Mainly via negativity, We put ourselves down, criticise unruly thoughts, and cultivate guilt. Think of it, millions of people in a busy city, you see them walking, assured of themselves, you are self-conscious. Perhaps they are making critical comments about your hair, and your clothes, you imagine they can see your loneliness and that you are being judged. The reality is more likely to be that as they walk they are engrossed in their thoughts, criticizing themselves as well as others, and battling with their own inner demons.

The ephemeral creativity that eludes us

The creative impulse that originates deep in us like an air bubble, rising from the depths of the sea, it can’t but surface. At this point, our minds overlay that image, thought, or impulse. It now verbalizes it as words in our heads, and we, don’t have the experience to separate the automatic mental words that have taken over like a parrot, from that deeper impulse. And we assume that the words are who we are.

Who am I?

For in truth, when we are lost in our egos, manipulated and motivated by fear, We may as well be parrots. Our heads a filled with unprocessed thoughts, ideas, and religious instructions to conform and be moral, political, or woke slogans, facts and figures all of this and more, are dumped in our heads by others.

Can you experience the claustrophobia of being inside your own head?

We love Comedians, well at least we used to love comedians before the woke brigade got busy with their torches and pitchforks. The way their unconstrained imagination gave us glimpses of seeing the world from a different perspective as WE, laughed with abandon!

As a consequence of a lifetime of suppression, our subconscious is filled with monsters of our own making seeking freedom, balance, and harmony. We call them nightmares when they surface, and we fear that we may be losing our ‘minds’..… We should be so lucky!!

To allow imagination is to be free from the constraints imposed on us by our culture, religious, and political indoctrination. Any one person, group, or state that uses fear (usually of death, now or eternal) to manipulate your behaviour is attempting to ‘control and enslave you’.

Bearing in mind how the world is today, you might begin to appreciate that imagination is a sought-after currency because of its scarcity.

And yet, imagination as described so far is but the tip of the iceberg. We have very little clue as to the true power inherent within us as human beings. We have been suppressed and downtrodden for so long that our true potential is almost a myth.

Please watch this video carefully and weep with me for the inheritance that was and is being stolen from us.

Children with the inner sight
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After watching this video a couple of times, I asked ~Charley Could I still develop my inner sight to this degree? (I am forever the optimist !) He said, “No, you are too damaged”.

Well, if there is no hope to be like them, why bother? “Because these children exist in the light, and we live in utter darkness”. We may never make it to the sunlight, but we don’t have to remain in the Stygian dark. Dusk and early morning are still better than the total absence of light.

In my life, I have met many people who had varying degrees of ability via their imagination to see into the past, future, and what was going on within others with their ‘psychic’ gift. I have had many moments in my life when my 3rd eye unbidden has opened and shared psychic information with regard to others and me. Presently, I get images and thoughts from ~Charley that guide me. Yet I am touching the tip of the iceberg.

Many people seek psychic development, for there is a thirst for this lost/ suppressed ability inherent within all of us. And it is imperative that we reawaken our birthright.

Those of you that read my articles and watch my podcasts will be aware that I speak of a coming Apocalypse. I also speak of the True Human Aliens (T.H.A.) who are here to help us when the time comes. These T.H.A don’t speak with words. What the children in the video display is, thanks to the splicing of 1.5% of their DNA by T.H.A. 500 million years back with our forebears.

The T.H.A. have powerful mental abilities beyond our present comprehension. Humans who will be uplifted to their motherships will be connected telepathically to be told where to be and when. Your hearts will need to be open sufficiently, that your egos will have taken enough of a back seat to allow your imagination to provide you with the relevant information and then act on it. .

How to help ourselves to awaken and bring back our imagination into our lives

1. Awakening our imagination goes hand in hand with clearing the baggage of suppressed emotions we all carry. (I have spoken about this in numerous other articles).

2. We need to separate memory images that are static, from imagination images that are dream-like and fluid.

Running brook

3. There will be times when we can go into a reverie, say lying by a brook, watching clouds, staring out of the window or listening to a piece of classical music. We are relaxed and memories from our past will surface and connect us with emotions that have been out of awareness, cultivate these moments to explore and release the images and emotions that surface.

4. Whenever you receive a letter or parcel spend a few moments where you relax, place the centre of your attention in your forehead about 1/2” inside your skull. See your letter parcel with your mind’s eye give yourself a little time to receive impressions from your emotions and let the ‘package’ morph and generate images in your mind as you experience the question “what is in here?” – Don’t expect miracles! Practice is all.

5. Pick up items from your environment such as different types of rock, pieces of wood, twigs, personal items of jewellery from others and find a quiet spot. Go into a reverie, as you give yourself permission for images, impressions, and feelings to be evoked within you as regards the life cycle of the object in question.

6. Listen to classical music, allow the music to evoke emotions, feelings and, focus on your 3rd eye – images.

7. To go to sleep cultivate an image, any image in your mind’s eye, and allow the image to morph and be independent of your conscious control, you will enter the dream stage and fall asleep.

You might also enjoy watching /listening to the following podcast in 2 parts on the opening of the third Eye and Imagination as well as a third podcast on opening the third eye with more explicit instructions (to come)



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