In this podcast which is in two parts, Joshua and I have a wide-ranging conversation, such as, what is the third eye, where it is, its role as part of the chakra system, its relationship to ego, and how come so few people have access to their imagination.

We discuss a video (see below) of a few children who have an incredible gift of inner sight. And the value of connecting with our subconscious to inform us of something terribly important when the time comes, in the near future.

We also digress just a little into talking about magic mushrooms -psychotropics- and their value or otherwise to humans because of their potential to open up the subconscious repressed emotions (pandora’s box) . And we talk in passing on asceticism, to which I will devote an article in the near future.

So I have three videos for you to enjoy and inform yourselves.

And there is also an accompanying article on the third eye and imagination

Children with the sight

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Podcast 10 Opening the Third eye, part 1

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Podcast 10 opening the third eye, part 2

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Opening the Third eye part 3 _ Instructions – to come soon


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