Firstly, what do we understand by psychic? When I look online I get supernatural, mystic, occult, and clairvoyant as well as, one who sees ghosts and spirits. Not really much help in a practical way.

So if I am under psychic attack and I want protection, I need to identify what is happening if I am to be able to deflect or neutralize the attack. I will define psychic protection as being able to repel or nullify incoming intense negative emotions and mental images directed at us by others, but also within ourselves.


Psychic attacks may be intentional, ie. Someone hates / envies you.

 Automatic -vampiric someone / something needs to feed on your vitality.

Unintentional, you have empathically opened yourself to another who has transferred intense emotions from their subconscious to you. This is more likely to occur between any type of hands-on and/or talking therapist and client.

Internal, from within our fractured personality.- aided by the critters

Spirit possession

What doesn’t work

Bonus info


Human beings are machines. There is no escaping this fact, we are pre-programmed in our genetic DNA like all other living creatures on this earth. Our minds will also generate programs to dictate our behaviour and safety throughout life. And our emotions are designed to react to our environment.

All Human beings are senders and receivers of emotions, and potentially, feelings and images.

The majority of Human beings are emotional cripples, and imagination-ally challenged.

Most Human beings are by and large filled with fear and/or, self-dislike, and project their inner world onto the people and environment around them.

All Human beings are vehicles for Soul to immerse itself in life experience.

All Human beings have the potential to align with Soul, however, this can only be achieved via our hearts.

Negative emotions can be very strong and insistent, especially when aligned with a strong mental image. If someone truly hates you and makes it their life mission to destroy you. You will be affected. Fighting fire with fire has only ever worked in the bush, not when it comes to emotions.

If someone uses the practice of witchcraft or sorcery to affect you, what they are sending to you is their emotional hate, cruelty, and denial of our inherent communion with the Soul. The same principle will apply to a competitor at work, in business, or neighbour.

Intense negative emotions deliberately sent/focused in your direction can only ‘stick to you’ because there is a part of your personality/ ego that you dislike or hate in yourself, and have not come to terms with.

mirror aura of protection

Learn to release the tensions within your body and see your adversary with compassion, for they are hurting, in pain. Their ego is caught in the mire of illusion, accept their state and your part in it. Let this bubble of acceptance emanate from you towards them.

Firstly, it helps to identify from whom the negativity is emanating, you could imagine yourself surrounded by your aura as though it was a one-way mirror deflecting all emotional energies back to the sender, but this is a temporary solution.

You need to realise that the poisoned dart has found a weakness in your personality, that you need to accept, come to terms with, forgive and accept your flaws.

In an ultimate sense, self-acceptance, generating joy and laughter in ourselves is the only true antidote, aligned with the recognition of the pain and weakness inherent in your attacker’s personality.

The key to success

To be successful we need to be able to separate from, yet be in our bodies, to experience and recognize our emotions, however uncomfortable they may be within us, and to have detachment from the automatic thoughts running through our heads. Many of them are parrot-like and benign, a distraction from our focus on ourselves and the world around us, but only if we indulge them.

This practice of ‘mindfulness’ is a daily prerequisite whatever our activity throughout the day, otherwise, without this background awareness, how would you be able to differentiate what is yours from others?

Intentional Psychic Attacks

This is the worst possible attack, for someone hates you, and/or is envious of you. The attacker could be an individual that has the internal freedom to consciously revel in their negative emotions.  Most of us may be caught in the experience of anger, hate, and envy, but we are uncomfortable and attempt to deny and or suppress the emotion.


Emotions like rage that overtake an individual, can be like a small bomb has gone off, indiscriminately affecting those around us, and usually don’t last long. Whereas this, at the very least, sociopathic individual, nurtures, revels in the cruelty and feels alive whilst being consumed by this ongoing negativity.

Emotions are like electromagnetic pulses emanating from within us. When they are linked to a specific mental image (of a person) the emotion is channelled, and the recipient could be on the other side of the world, it would make no difference to their impact.

People who have trained in meditation, witchcraft /sorcery, and even focused prayer, by learning to focus and connect emotions with images are more likely to be successful in this endeavour.

Simply because we hope for personal improvement and start with good intentions on the journey towards self-liberation, does not make us immune from being overtaken by the dark parts of our nature. Until we have cleared the major suppressed emotions from our subconscious, we are susceptible.


Jenny (my wife), in her younger days, had a relationship with an older charismatic man – Jonny, who had many admirers and, unbeknown to Jenny, other occasional girlfriends on the side. One in particular – named Jean, had a background in witchcraft and had become extremely envious of Jenny.

As soon as Jenny found out Jonny was also seeing Jean, she ended the relationship. However, Jonny was unwilling to let Jenny go, and texted her frequently, proclaiming his love for her. Jean, who had now moved in with Jonny, had access to his phone and messages and was consumed with jealousy and possessiveness.

Jenny who was not a depressive had gone into a psychological black hole out of the blue, motivation for life had deserted her. After a little while, a close friend, much older and wiser, suspected a psychic attack and shared her suspicions with Jenny, this was also later confirmed by a white witch.

Jenny has always been extremely empathetic and emotionally open. The weakness in her character at the time, as well as the emotional scars of an over-domineering father, was a lack of self-worth. And at one level this was a repeating pattern of sociopathic male partners and jealous, cruel women.

For Jenny, the answer to these psychic attacks came as a result of her learning EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Where she learned to love and trust herself and cleared a lot of her own inner daemons. In the process, Jean no longer saw her as a threat and desisted from her emotional onslaught to focus it elsewhere.

So what do we gain from the above? Firstly, Jenny’s unawareness at the time made her very susceptible. Secondly, her subconsciously suppressed anger manifesting as a lack of self-worth acted like a magnet to bring these experiences into her life so that she might wake up to her true potential.

Devoid of self-awareness, we are victims, and we stand little chance of separating our internal darkness from one imposed on us. With some self-awareness, there is a halfway house. We may not have reached full love and acceptance of ourselves, but we can laugh at our condition and alter the dynamics.

Contemplate the perpetrator if we have a valid suspicion, realize that all life has a meaning and purpose and if you are being attacked it is because there is a part of you attempting to heal itself with the help of your enemy. Thank them for the darkness, depression and /or physical disturbance.  

A little exercise:

Extracting negativity

Imagine your pain/negativity /depression as black emotional smoke inside your body. Imagine you have a second pair of imaginary ethereal hands that focus and draw the smoke to seep out of your body via your lower abdomen. Continue to suck the emotional black smoke in front of you and let it grow into a black ball until it’s all out of your body.

Wrap the smoke/emotion/pain with a layer of light and loving energy. Then See a large Sun in front of you and send the emotional ball to the Sun, experience that emotion evaporating in the Sun whilst being replaced within you by a feeling of nurturing compassion for yourself.  Do this often, and don’t neglect compassion for the perpetrator. For ultimately, it is our lack of love and our desperation for it that is behind most human reactions.

Automatic – VampiricHumans, Critters

Unfortunately, this is far too common, the greatest deficiency of Mankind is love for ourselves, and yet, we are desperate for others to love us.  Vampiric humans are filled with self-loathing, this comes out as critical-ness, put-downs, a need to do harm, turn people against people, misplaced anger, envy, jealousy of all and sundry. They are the snake in paradise.

Emotional vampires only come alive when they can ‘dump’ their poison on you, as they infect you with their negativity to be directed at others. Invariably, you will note that the more your emotions are stoked up, the calmer and more relaxed they behave.

The antidote to a vampire is not garlic, but rather self-awareness and distance. If a person like that is your so-called ‘friend’ or acquaintance, the sooner you can move away from their influence the better. Until you can do so, whenever in their company, imagine your energy field shimmering on the outside like a one-way mirror deflecting their barbs, manipulations, and criticisms of others in an attempt to stoke you into an emotional reaction.

Remind yourself that those around us are invariably reflections of our own subconscious tapestry, and the chances are that having a friend like that means you criticize yourself a lot too.

There is another category of Vampires -the Critters

These are low-level soul fragments lost in a cul-de-sac of soul evolution. Whereas the usual Souls manifest God’s Will, and express God’s Love by being vibrationally connected across every part of itself. The critter are, neither vibrating in step nor connected to the river of Soul.

Full moon over a hill

The Critters from within the 9th dimension have a pinpoint connection to the Earth via the Moon and affect primarily those people who have an imbalanced/disturbed 2nd Chakra which is the seat of emotions, sexual drive and relationships. As well as those who also have a disturbed 3rd chakra – the seat of the mind, rules, control, self-critical, fanaticism be it religious, political, spiritual, etc.,

Young souls with a low level of control and integration could be affected at any time. Older souls that have not woken up to their truth yet, are more susceptible coming up to the full Moon (previous 6 days up to the day before the full moon) .. Souls that are in the process of waking up will be impacted by the new Moon (2 days before and the new moon day itself) as well as the full Moon.

Are there any souls that have fully woken up? Sorry! No such being on this planet. Waking up has very many shades (levels of integration) and, however much we may see ourselves as being truly awake to our nature and consciousness, we will always have an active ego. So there will be times when we fall sleep, disconnect from our hearts, and this makes us somewhat susceptible to the critters.

The Critters heighten negative reactive emotions in people. They feed on the fear generated in the second Chakra. Many disruptions in our societies will coincide with the New and full Moon. Be especially aware of your interactions with others around these dates, and do your best to avoid conflicts. At times others will attempt to bring conflict to you. Be vigilant.

Unintentional –Psychic Attacks

Ok, unintentional psychic attacks are not strictly speaking an ‘attack’ as they are the result of our empathetic natures as we help others to process suppressed emotions,  and/or as a result of physical therapy interactions.

Most susceptible are likely to be highly empathetic hands-on therapists of any type, be it Bowen technique, Reflexologist, Cranio-sacral Therapist, Osteopath, Remedial Massage etc. By spending long periods directly focused and connected to another human being, you are more likely to be affected.

We all carry emotional baggage, these can be described as emotional charges that are locked within our muscle structures, kept in place by the mind and relegated to our subconscious.  That emotional charge if it is close to awareness within the client may be shared with the empathetic therapist whilst being hands-on with the client.

In earlier years I used to practise Abdominal massage, and occasionally as I worked with the client I would experience emotions that were so sudden, I knew they were not mine, but rather the client’s. At such moments I would acknowledge the emotion, the recognition that it belonged to my client and via an act of will and emotional sensing, using my kinaesthetic hands as well as bioelectrical awareness of my energy field, I would send this emotional ball of energy back into my client’s lower abdomen.  With a clear mental image and emotional intent.  “This is yours, you experience it!”

Invariably, the client would quietly start crying as they connected to the previously repressed emotion.

Keeping the lid on the pressure

A similar situation can arise with talking therapies when you are in a highly empathetic state. We all project emotions like crazy, and most of them are out of our awareness. For many, it is like a boiling water pot with a lid on, where the mind is applying a lot of pressure to keep the lid down, but the steam still escapes out of the edges of the lid. You’d never guess just by looking at another person. Unless they happen to be extremely emotionally reactive in their behaviour.

In a therapy setting, the client may well connect a little with an emotion with which they are unfamiliar and or uncomfortable. If you are fortunate, the emotion may also be one that reflects your own repressed nature, if so, it can become an opportunity for both of you to deeply experience and release. However, the professional way to respond is to send the emotion back to your client so that they may fully process it. It is not that you are repressing it within yourself, by all means, connect with the emotion, and yet, this is a session for your client, send their almost-out-of-awareness emotional energy back to help them process it.

If you are not so lucky, the emotion may have little to do with your personal emotional baggage.  Yet your empathetic nature engages with this emotion that belongs to your client and there is a chance that your client avoids the full emotional experience and release.

In both cases, regardless of the possible benefit to yourself, you need to send the emotion back to your client for processing, or it will sit in you like a lead weight. In time, many repetitions of emotional events like this will generate trauma in your psyche.

The answer is to recognize that the emotion is not your own and, as in the example with the physical therapies, you send it back to the client, with the clear emotional intent -this is yours, as you imagine/ sense them experiencing the emotion.

Of course, we are not always so aware, so what can we do when we have picked up an emotional charge from our clients?

Transfer emotional charge to the tree left hand

Touch tree or wall with left palm for recently ingested emotion

2. When we take on board emotions that belong to someone else, touch a wall, any wall for at least one minute with the left palm only. Any tree from 6 months old onwards would be preferable but not practicable for many. You could touch a wooden table as long as it is resting on soil or tiles. Metal doesn’t work.  This is good for up to 6 hours after the event.

Touch the tree or wall with the right palm if it’s been more than 6 hours, as the mind will now be involved

Transfer with right palm if more than 6 hours

However, if the emotion has been hanging around for a while, then the mind has become involved in the process, and you need to do the technique with the right palm only

Focus on your lower abdomen and because of the delay also the solar plexus, as you generate an energetic sensation of flow that rises towards the right hand. Then see it being absorbed by the wall or tree, going deep into the earth. Maintain the flow for at least one to two minutes.

Internal, from within our fractured personality.- aided by the critters

In this day and age, many people experience emotional trauma of such intensity that the mind will split its personality as a protective action, to the extent that one side might become completely unaware of the other.

Such a person will have strong dislikes, for what is hidden becomes part of something we don’t like, are disgusted by, or hate, about how we are in the present, or, might be like in the future. It is totally impossible to cut ourselves off 100% from other parts of our personae and there will be bleed-through in our thoughts, and nightmares.

Were this to be the case, one could imagine that one is under psychic attack from others. There are not many ways, to tell the truth of this, apart from perhaps the eyes, such as – the manic intense look that betrays that there is a lot of energy being used to contain oneself. The most that can be done for the suffering of such an individual is to feel compassion for their struggles to experience such pain. Ultimately, growth and psychic integration requires developing the stamina to immerse ourselves in our previously suppressed emotional conflict.

And then we have the sociopaths and psychopaths, all at different degrees of emotional cut-off ness. It is important to bring them into the equation because these are young souls learning the ropes of interacting in a human body and, they have been traumatized, desensitized from their emotions, and ruled by hidden fears from an early age. As a result of their need to avoid punishment they lie, blame everyone else, both manipulate others and in turn are easily manipulated by those they fear, tend to be very beguiling and charming. This makes them both bully predators and obsessed with controlling people and the surrounding environment.

Being emotionally disconnected, and without real morality, their sexuality is out of context with the mores of our culture, which makes them prey to blackmail and control. In a nutshell, they can easily be puppets for hidden forces.  This is the one category that can be, not just the subject of psychic attacks by vampiric low-level souls that feed on fear that I have named ‘the critters’, but also possessed by them.

There is no helping these children in adult bodies who thirst for the levers of power and control of our society, apart from recognizing them for what they are and stopping listening to them. If they are in your circle of acquaintance, keep a wide berth.

Spirit Possession

Dark forces

Lastly, I should mention the realm of spirits, demons and other forces of nature that many are under the impression that an unscrupulous witch or sorcerer could wield for psychic attack purposes.

Human beings are highly suggestible especially when afraid and there is little more frightening than the unknown, death is the ultimate fear for those that can’t accept it. And so all manner of fantasies have been created to make sense of the unknown.

Since I am in direct communication with Soul I have been given insight into what to us is the unknown.

I can categorically share that there are no such entities as Spirits or Demons, although there is a small part of soul, fragments lost in a vibrational cul-de-sac and unconnected with Love – The Critters. This low level souls can possess those whose level of body-Soul integration is so low ‘such as psychopaths’ that the Critters have no problem ‘squatting’ there.

Whilst humans do need to protect themselves in so many ways,  there is no need to protect oneself from what does not exists.

There are only three parts to Creation

The “Maker of All” that has manifested Creation

 Soul -that part of God made manifest within Creation

What we call the 3rd Dimension (our universe)– that contains all matter, as well as the biological machines, all created by Soul to manifest The Maker’s Will as well as being Soul’s playground for the experience.

What doesn’t work

The use of crystals, incense, talismans, and spells for self-protection is a total waste of time. What’s more, they suggest a state of fear and where there is fear love evaporates.

Crystal can have an affinity and resonance with the qualities inherent within our internal organs.  But that is their limit.

The Sun will shine when the dark clouds evaporate

Incantations, prayer, or salt circles won’t help. Better to focus on your internal emotional states, and acknowledge where you are weak, lacking, or cut off.  Look at the world from the perspective of your nemesis. Appreciate we all die much sooner than we imagine. Laugh at how easily you are caught in the mirror of illusions, realize that thunderstorms are temporary and when the dark clouds brake only love, joy, and laughter matter.

Bonus information

This has been a long narrative, I felt compelled to do justice to the subject, for there are many nuances to the subject of psychic protection.

To finish – with self-awareness comes the power to alter our perceived reality. Our imagination when aligned with our emotions and even more so with our feelings can do real magic. Not for ‘things’ but rather for our interactions with other people.

We are all fractured to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes we have emotions and or thoughts that arise within us, and we would rather they did not affect those around us, or us for that matter.

When such a thought or emotion arises, see it expanding outwards to affect others or even alter your self perception, immediately surround it with your bioenergetic field, and use your imaginary hands to isolate and contain it into an energy ball. Using your imagination, and kinaesthetic sense take it down to your lower abdomen, which is your second Chakra, the seat of emotions, and experience /see to be contained that you may consciously process and accept.

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