Meditation Who Am I

Who Am I? – Meditation

Who Am I sitting here?

Long ago I read of Zen meditations where the student would struggle for years meditating on the Question of Who am I?

For whoever the student thought he was  -he wasn’t. Eventually, the day would come when the student would realize that he was neither his thoughts, his emotions nor his body.  So Who was he?

You are in luck, time is short, and we need to reduce our head banging against the wall and expedite our collective awakening! So, in this meditation, I am going to give you plenty of clues.

Without knowing who and what we are, we won’t find the way out of our self-imposed prisons.

Sitting quietly, crossed legs is fine, or lying slightly back on a recliner, whatever is comfortable for you, somewhere with no interruptions for approx, 20 minutes.

Do a quick scan of your body to let go of obvious tensions.

Do a quick smiling to all your organs.

Connect with your heart.

Ask yourself the question. “Who am I?”

The answer is not found in words in our heads., it is not to be found in our emotions, and it is not found in our bodies And yet all these 3 centres or brains are part of the puzzle.

The answer to this riddle is found in our hearts in a feeling of self; we will find self in our feeling of love, and in our inner smile of self. However, within our feeling of self, we also contain the awareness of our mind, the sensations of our emotions as well as our body

Once we have the taste of self (4th chakra – Heart centred) we will note that self is not ‘contained’ within our bodies / 3 brains but rather expands and incorporates our environment.

.mp3  meditation on Who Am I ? (still to come)

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