Hi all, I am trying to up my game as it were by doing more regular Video podcasts apart from articles. I wanted to have a live weekly Q&A but what a disaster! The truth is that simply because I have accumulated experiences beyond the average person when it comes to what makes us tick does not mean I am good host material when it comes to sharing my perceptions.

I am slightly discouraged by my lack of presentability and ignorance of the know-how to make videos slick so I have to edit my videos which is more time-consuming. Nevertheless, I am determined to continue creating videos with which to share an ongoing narrative on different aspects of what is needed to be a human being rather than a -mere ‘person’.

I will create a section just for all the new videos, and make them manageable by limiting them to 5 per page.

It is my hope and wish that you apply the information I share and that resonates with you in your daily life. We live in a confusing time with a million distractions purposefully designed to maintain our fractured psyches. The only antidote is the daily practice (s) that help to integrate our physical, emotional, and mental centers.

Podcast 1 introduction

Short description of who I am and my experiences as a past alternative Therapist and eventual Channel for a Higher Intelligence. Also an interesting little experiment with healing or Qi or love energy? Seeing is believing?

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Podcast 2Who am I?

In this monologue, I share an overview of the biological dynamics of the human body (ego) and its relationship with the soul dimension.

I briefly mention proper breathing to support the experience and release of suppressed emotions and the ensuing emotional intensity. and the importance of ‘being’ in one’s body. See here: connect-with-emotions-diaphragmatic-breath

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Pod. No.3 The Vitality of Life

Updated version.

Astrid and I continue our conversation after our last podcast with the rice experiment. As we explore the implications with regards to our bodies, our relationships, and our food. The subject extends into Soul, heart, ego Love in relationships, and a bit more.

Rice experiment side view
Rice experiment top view

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Pod. No4 Rigidity and flexibility

In this podcast Astrid and I explore the implications of rigidity and flexibility at the level of the mind, the emotions and the physical body, we explore emotional intensity and the role of breathing and the mind in the suppression of emotions. and a lot more.
There is an article relevant to this podcast “Being real in the ‘now”.

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Podcast No.5 Human Fear

Astrid and I chat about what it is to be human, the innate fears as well as the ones we are subjected to, how emotions via the mind control our self-expression and by and large dictate our behavior

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